Is it legal to sell coupons on ebay

As of right now I have over boxes of Brillo I got with coupons, all for free.

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When asked whether he was worried that what he was doing was illegal, he declined to say. But he did agree that boxes is an awful lot of Brillo. Big Retailers Squeeze FatWallet. EBay Bidders Sold on Sniping.

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Author: Sara Harrison Sara Harrison. Coupon policy overview What are the guidelines? Additional information Why does eBay have this policy? While you can sell valid coupons on eBay, we restrict both the volume and type of coupons that can be sold. This is to reduce the risk of fraud for both our buyers and the original issuers of the coupon.

Buying store coupons on Ebay. BUYER BEWARE!!! : Ebay

Frequently Asked Questions. Read our full policy Coupon policy overview You can sell valid coupons on eBay, but there are a few limitations. What are the guidelines? See additional information below for more guidelines. But not legal. Because beyond the wording on coupons, coupon sellers wouldn't have a booming business if they obtained coupons the normal way. Even if it were legal, it's not really mathematically worth it.

Someone might make a few dollars a week, getting coupons fully legally, and taking hours and hours clipping, sorting, addressing and sending, but they would have a reasonably limited supply. But most coupon sellers have a huge supply, often hundreds of the same coupon — both regular coupon inserts from the newspaper and printed internet coupons.

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And many offer inserts from all over the country. How are they getting them? They certainly aren't driving there every Sunday morning.

Not only that but how can sellers offer coupons that haven't even been distributed yet? Just a couple weeks ago, Quotient Technology, whose lead business is Coupons. Her crime? Illegally tricking the print limit detector on Coupons.

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That limit is designed to keep any one person from taking all the available prints a manufacturer has authorized. Earlier this year, a Providence Rhode Island police officer was charged with stealing coupon inserts from a newspaper distribution factory.

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Then in November his wife was charged with selling all those stolen inserts on Instagram. These are just two actual lawsuits in progress, and over the past couple of years, numerous arrests have been made around the country involving stolen coupons. admin