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Drivers Ed Discount Code, Coupons & Promo Codes

On the second Saturday of every month, with the next one on June 8th at pm at the Artful Dodger Pub 10 Isabella Street on the second floor. Message the moderators to submit your own! How much of a discount did the Young Drivers of Canada program get you on insurance?

Just wondering what the difference is between having gone to regular driving school and Young Drivers. When I got my insurance the first time they just asked if I have the certificate and that's it. They are really good at teaching 'defensive driving' techniques, such as collision avoidance, and aren't much more expensive than the sketch local noname companies.

Drivers Ed Discount Code, Coupons & Promo Codes

Can't argue whether they are better at teaching defensive driving or not, but they are definitely A LOT more expensive the the "local noname" schools. Now it looks like Allstar is and YD is still for the package that includes the road test. Yes I'd recommend them even if you didn't get an insurance break.

Drivers Ed Discount Code, Coupons & Promo Codes

Obviously I didn't take anything else to compare them to, but I don't have any complaints. I also think their defensive-driving techniques are good to learn and practice unlike MorboKat's comment. They give you the confidence to drive defensively even if other people aren't.

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And they give you perspective and a reminder to yourself on how to make yourself safer. One of the techniques they teach is to stop car lengths yep, back from a traffic light. I don't usually do this when I drive--most people don't. But because I practiced it I can do it confidently, even if other people look at me funny or honk or do whatever they want, and I'm also aware of the added risk I'm taking by not leaving that much space.

These are the packages available at all of this school's locations

If you're getting your license for the first time at 26 or older your rates will see less of a drop based on a driver training course. I'm pretty sure as long as your driving school is on this list somewhere, you'll get discounted on your car insurance. I work for a top 5 Ontario insurance company. Here is the exact answer at least for our company :.

A copy of the certificate showing that the principle operator completed and graduated from the course is required prior to the discount being applied. The instructor would cross stuff off, saying you learned it, then when you took their exit test, you'd fail for not knowing something in my case, parallel parking.

But it's ok! A student must be 15 years old to apply for a permit at the DMV. Again, once the student has a permit they may begin scheduling drives at our locations and driving with parents. This package is for those students who have already completed an online course and just need to complete their six drives. We will need proof of your online class completion before we will be able to sign proof of completion form. You may begin your drives once you have received your permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

We offer individual drives for those adults looking to take lessons. You may schedule as many drives as you like, but if you are looking to take six drives we recommend purchasing the six drive package.

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During these drives we can work on any skills the student requests, including parallel parking, interstate driving, and lane changes. Each drive will be approximately minutes in length. Driving Instruction Only 6 drives 5 drives 4 drives 3 drives 2 drives 1 drives.

General Packages and Services These are the packages available at all of this school's locations.

How to Ace Your Michigan Road Test!

State Approved Online Course. Leisure Class Registration Please Note: If using the online registration form, you must register at least one 1 week in advance of the class you wish to take using the instructions below.

What Is The BEST Ohio Driver’s Ed Online Course?

Complete the registration form. After you have submitted your form, there will be a link on the confirmation page to PaySchools. Pay for your class to complete the registration process. Classes are on a first come, first served basis. In the event a class is filled or dropped, you will be notified by phone.

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