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Close up slow motion video of Bluebird pair. Posted by terry 4 days ago. Posted by Lacomo February 1, Apr 05, DansDeals. New around these parts?

Poll: Was Your Serve Or Bluebird Card Closed?

Learn more by starting here. Read through the threads in this board before attempting to post elsewhere. Posts 9 Topics Last post by ludmila in Re dansdeals forums bluebird I see this everywhere that one of the best ways currently to MS is by using vanilla reload cards on bluebird, then pay off the CC bill with. It has now been 10 years since I turned 18 and 8 years since I started blogging and Ive opened over cards building a nest egg of over 10 million miles and points so that I can always hop on a plane, fly in first class somewhere, and stay in a 5 star resort without having to pay for it.

Dans Deals LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon. BB at wm max 4 swipes total per transaction? Where is self service at Edison store located? Mo red flag at bank. Serve Question : Subaccounts can not add money. So the total is I just did and the REP gave me a fax to send this to:. Im in brooklyn and want to do the redbird card reload using a cc and if possible get points.

If i travel to a state that offers the card and obtain one, is there a way to load it from a cc once im back in brooklyn. Dan : the displayed phones never have full postpaid service. Its a display only with limited features. I tried it, doesnt work. Is the in-store loading limit on the Amex Serve Card also 5K? Do you know if Bluebird has the status of a credit card or a bank account in regard to whether or not agencies ex.

Govorment agencies can check on it? As of now, goverment agencies are not allowed to ask you for your credit card statements or ask your bank for them , but they can ask for your bank statements, and even get them directly from the bank. What about Bluebird? Dan, what do you think? Redbird credit card load for points : Loaded at Gateway Target with no problem from my Visa gift cards. Dan, Thanks for everything i cant believe i missed this!! Flying to Chicago to purchase a couple right now!!

Is there such a thing s s a prepaid debit card or any other type of card that I can earn miles with but without a credit check?

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Dave :. The prepaid debit cards such as REDcard and Serve come to play because they allow you to spend more money with the credit cards, hence earn more points. Currently, the best vehicle bar none! Can you use Serve to meet min spending for citi american airlines card?

For those with Everyday cards, will purchases count toward the 20 or 30 monthly purchases required for the bonus? Hi Dan, is it true that it has to be activated by a store that you can get the Red card as well? Does anyone know if any targets will take a credit card load in or around brooklyn? I was told Atlantic will only take cash.

Except for the exceptions. I tried to load my redcard and I was told as of last week that target will nomeore accept credit cards to reload redcard only with cash or debit card. Is that all stores or certain stores? Can they both have the same account holder? Dan : Why do you think FIA will start charging cash advance fees now, just cause they are getting more of these charges?? Chana target at flatbush and ave i will load with a cc but they change the rules every time I go so good luck….

And they ID you to make sure the CC, prepaid card and drivers license all match up. It used to be easy to swipe for me and my wife and get an easy 10k a month for 2 trips. Now it will take 5 trips and my wife has to be there. Starting to be too much of a hassle. These 3 targets are valley stream , westbury and spring valley.

BB still ok, correct? I have 50k amex points. I wanted to know which airline i can use it for a one way in business class from Tlv to jfk. Dan how do I purchase more than 1 card? I am here And the customer service lady will only sell me one. I told her I need for my Brothers and sisters but she said they have to be here. So let me understand the dynamics of this. First, am I personally able to purchase 4 temp cards at Target one for me, spouse, and each of my parents even though the credit card will be in my name? Second, once I register them to each individual person and their SS , will I be able to load those of my parents with my credit card or will it be like Serve, where you can only load with a credit card of the same name?

Chase, Citi etc are out. After April 16th will u still be able to refill your red card with any credit card or also red card will only be able to be refilled with amex? You can have it instantly. Some sellers will email you the card immediately. Great price and great service.

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Thanks all. Walmart dos both, Serve has also other load locations. You cannot, you can only have one prepaid Amex product at a time, either Redbird, Serve or Bluebird. If so what is my option to get the other 3k out. Shlomo : You can transfer funds to your checking account, pay off any bill, etc. Alex : 1 per SSN. Amusch : Sure as long as they are 18, have a US address, and have a social security. Believe it or not Amex has the same rules for your kids as every other person! Phone is I got it at the register.

Dan, I called 4 stores in Maryland that sell the red card. They all said I am NOT allowed to purchase a card for someone else with their social security number and the person must be present. Bluebird is not available for sale to Vermont residents and we do not have a single Target in our entire state… Are there any reasonable workarounds? Is that correct?

Hope you can find THE store as well. If you want to know which one just ask me. Or maybe I should not have called and just driven around Maryland looking for the needle in the haystack. Good luck. As I used to have the red card and now no longer alive ,! So if u can please write back dan , thanks dan!!

Bluebird Card Direct Deposit - Best Deposit Donate Money In The World

Does anyone know if you could reload your red card in New York I know you cant buy a prepaid redcard in New York but if you bought it in a different state can we reload in New York in target??? Yes wake up and smell the coffee. Just be careful if you are using the temp card, some ppl had problems not going into the details now just wait until you get the permeant card. Hi Did nt see this answered above. If you load the serve from citi debit card, do you get thank you points? Is there fee they flag you with? Ends Tonight!

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  4. Hide expired deals Use legacy view. Advertiser Disclosure. A Recap Of All Notify of new replies to this comment. December 18, pm. Eli Willner. Is it safe to transfer funds to my checking account? David R. I have a redbird and a serve for me and my spouse.

    But it is really easy. When it actually posts it should be a purchase. If you buy red card out of state can it be funded at a target that is not yet selling red cards? Can I use serve then cancel mid-month open right away Redcard same month? Can I guess what credit card the pics are from??? You need to have the cash advance limit on your card exceed the amount of funding in order for the transaction to go through What does that mean?

    Dan, Thank you for the info round up. I think used to be able to load gc to serve at dollAR store? No more? Jason Smith. Dan's the man. December 19, am. Why am I unable to see the option to move my money to my bank account on Serve? December 19, pm. December 21, am. December 21, pm. December 22, am. Serve Question. December 22, pm. Iz : Thanks! December 23, am. December 23, pm. I just did and the REP gave me a fax to send this to: Fax: Phone: dansdealseffect?

    December 31, pm. Redbird credit card load for points. January 1, pm.

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    January 4, am. January 4, pm. January 12, am. January 20, pm.

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    Joseph L Sutton. February 5, am. February 15, pm. February 18, am. February 19, pm. February 24, pm. March 5, pm. March 9, am. March 11, pm. March 15, pm. As of today March 16, am. Reb Yid. Thanks, Doug. March 16, pm. March 17, pm. March 18, pm. March 31, am. April 14, pm. Dan seperate topic.. I am builidng house I pay material — what CC?