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The Scheme may also display notices detailing any variation to the points earning ratio instore.

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The number of points issued may vary between qualifying purchases. The Scheme reserves the right to offer bonus points on certain products as selected by Camden Garden Centre from time to time in its sole discretion. The Scheme reserves the right to terminate any points offers, including but not limited to such points offers referred to in sections 3e above, at its sole discretion. The Scheme will give Cardholders as much notice as it reasonably can of any decision to terminate or vary any points offers.

The Scheme may also display notices detailing any termination or variation to any points offers instore.

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The Scheme reserves the right to vary the rates at any time on reasonable notice. The Scheme may also display notices detailing any variation to the points redemption value instore. All points awarded and all mailing vouchers issued have no monetary value. The Scheme shall not be responsible for vouchers lost in the post or bounced via email. The Scheme is entitled to vary the qualifying points balance and the number of mailings a year, from time to time at its sole discretion.

When points are redeemed for vouchers carrying a specific cash discount or benefit, the voucher will have an expiry date specified on it and will be subject to any other terms and conditions stated on the voucher or otherwise publicised. Vouchers will need to be redeemed in full Any unallocated points remaining will not be carried forward. Points are lost if the relevant Card account is closed or the Scheme ends, noted in section 2e. You may not rely on any human or software error which results in the award of points or vouchers to which you are not entitled under these Conditions.

Vouchers are personal to you, non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.

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They can only be used when presented with the registered Card. Vouchers that the Scheme deems to be damaged, defaced or photocopied will not be accepted. General Terms a. The Scheme may vary these Conditions and will give Cardholders as much notice as it reasonably can.

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The Scheme may also display notices detailing any variations to these Conditions in-store. Earning further points or using vouchers following such variation shall constitute acceptance of the changes the Scheme makes. Cardholders should check our website and specifically these Conditions frequently in order to ensure they are aware of any changes that the Scheme has made to these Conditions.

If the Scheme decides to transfer the scheme to another legal entity, it may transfer all of its rights and obligations under these Conditions without your consent and may disclose information about you to any potential or new owner. The Scheme will not be liable to Cardholders for losses suffered by Cardholders.

These Conditions prevail if they conflict with any other material issued by the Scheme to Cardholders in connection with the operation of the Scheme.

Ix Center Christmas Connection Coupon

Read on for some proven ways to dramatically increase your income by creating effective promotions and deals for your massage practice. While the Holidays are a great reason for a discount or other promotion, creating an offer that speaks to a specific customer need, or triggers a strong psychological "buy" signal, can be successful any time of year and can help separate your practice from the competition.

In addition, don't underestimate the power of a promotion to promote customer loyalty that drives repeat full-price sales for years to come. Everyone likes to think they're getting a bargain and saving money. As long as you've established a baseline value for your products and services, you can use a discount—whether a sale price, a percentage off, or a set-dollar amount off—to lead a customer to believe that they are scooping up a great deal.

The trade off is more sales for less profit margin. The very best sale is one in which your customer perceives value in a way that does not significantly affect your bottom line. My very first experience with this as a massage therapist was such a huge success that I continued using it effectively throughout my bodywork career. The concept is simple—people are attracted by the term "two-fer" and think "two for one". However, the offer is actually selling two services for one price, which can be discounted a small amount or a large one.

When you craft a promotion, remember that it's only as effective as its ability to attract someone's attention. Make yours stand out by making it look a little different. Who doesn't love free. Free gifts, free refills, or free services - free sells. One powerful free offers you may have succombed to: free shipping for online orders, as evidenced by multiple studies where respondents highlight it as the most important factor in making a purchase decision. Other ways to utilize "free" in your promotions include:.

As a massage therapist, you may already offer a "Series" of the same service to your clients.

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An example would be selling a series of five 60 minute massages at the list price of four 60 minute sessions. Some use this same technique to help drive repeat business by charging significantly more for a single session than they do for a series of multiple sessions. The financially savvy client will naturally gravitate towards a series of multiple services when they can save money by doing so. It almost doesn't matter what it is. Many times, offering a free gift is all it takes to move a wavering prospect to a paying customer. If the gift is something that is both attractive to your customer and helps promote your practice, it's an even bigger win.

A perfect example of this is giving away a free t-shirt with your logo and web address on it with any purchase. Just make sure the "free gift" however small is of high quality—a flimsy chachki, malfunctioning water bottle, or t-shirt that disintegrates after the first wash is likely to destroy any good will created by the gift,. Whether your coupon offers something free, or some type of discount, here are some ways to disseminate the offer:.

The Forrester study above found that email was by far the most popular way for people to receive coupons. Once they get them, they're used online, over the phone, or in stores.

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So make sure that your offers are shopping-channel neutral and that it's as easy for a customer to buy online as it is for them to purchase the coupon in your office or over the phone. It's known that the perception or reality of scarcity increases the perception of value. A famous experiment asked folks to rate the value of 12 identical cookies where 10 were placed in one jar and 2 in the other. The cookies in the "2" jar were given values significantly higher than the ones in the "10" jar. The explanation offered for why this happens is that shoppers with incomplete information think that if the supply of something is limited, it's because other shoppers with more information snapped it up first.

MassageBook practice management software's promotion feature cleverly offers practice owners the ability to limit the quantity available to take advantage of this psychological trigger. Imagine you're someplace new and are trying to decide where to eat. Two restaurants sit next to each.

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One's full and the other virtually empty. When you create a promotion, strategically assign a restricted block of available times to the offer to make it look like your schedule is almost full. There seem to be more smiles. I take some of it home. It was a three hour drive from our homes in northeast Ohio to Columbus.

The Morgan House is a charming cabin structure built from the logs of a dismantled civil war home. The original structure has been greatly expanded to 18, square feet, and now includes large areas of restaurant tables plus a multi-floor gift shop of exposed beams and bare wood, built to fit the rustic look and feel of the original home.

Christmas Connection « Discount Drug Mart

This is no place for a wheelchair and not a place to bring small children. Multiple stairs and steps lead from one shop section to the next. The gift shop is so packed with merchandise that getting around the narrow pathways becomes a challenge, especially on crowded days. We needed to watch our feet so as not to step on items displayed on the floor.

There was a Vera Bradley section, plus beautiful woven apparel, jewelry, candles, bath and body, dishes, stationary and cards, toys, baby gift items… all surrounded by holiday sparkle. It was a fantastic selection put together by someone who obviously knows what they are doing. But an hour later we were back to the restaurant side of the building where two large rooms were filled with seating. Our name was called right on schedule and we were led to a table in the back room near the windows.

I saw a few men while we were here. But a very few. Every table in the restaurant was filled with women. Displays of ornaments and home decor kept us browsing for over an hour. I bought a crocheted hat with a pretty crocheted and beaded flower. Mostly, I came away with lots of decorating ideas and a plan to build outdoor reindeer out of logs.

After checking into the nearby La Quinta, we drove to Easton Town Square, a large outdoor shopping mall, where the annual Christmas lighting ceremony and parade were set to begin at 6 PM. Parking was easy in one of the free garages. At the information booth we were given a map and a book filled with coupons. We browsed shops and fought our way down crowded sidewalks where people watched multi-storied balloons parading down the street.

The map was a necessity. The next morning we drove though spitting snow to the Franklin Park Conservatory.

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