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I think it is a five star book for men to give to women. Most men aren't as romantic as women would like, and this gives women the opportunity to communicate when they would like a little more romance. On the other hand, many women would not feel comfortable giving this book to a man because of some of the intimate coupons involved. So I graded it as a three star book for women.

Women can turn this into a five star book by simply cutting out the coupons they are not comfortable giving out to the man in their life. Averaging the two, I arrived at a four-star rating for the book. I hope that's clear.

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The coupons in the book entitle the recipient to hand them to the giver, with no expiration date. There are 60 coupons in all, enough for one a week for over a year. But most couples would use them more slowly than that.

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The coupon book opens with these words, "This coupon book is my gift to you to thank you for being my friend and my lover. A lot of the items are pure romance, such as candle-lit dinners for two, an evening of dancing, a second honeymoon, hours of cuddling, and week-end getaways.

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Some are more symbolic, like ten or eleven pounds of chocolate. Others connect to intimate relations such as having the gratification of your fantasy, instant satisfaction, and doing something you both consider naughty. It is these coupons that will make many women uncomfortable giving the book to men.

The final category are coupons for just being considerate such as money for a shopping spree, sleeping in late, breakfast in bed, and a day to goof off. For the more expensive coupons for the giver , the recipient of the book gets to pick part of how it will be done like where while the coupon book giver gets to pick something else like when or how much is spent. I think those coupons will lead to the most happiness, because both people will be enjoying them.

One of the benefits that a man will get from giving this book is that he will find out what the lady in his life finds romantic. One of the coupons even lets the recipient pick an item from one of the author's books on this subject. You also get instructions for how to get a free on-line newsletter about romantic ideas. Then, you can simply offer to do those things you get coupons for in the future, or you can make make up additional coupons to give out.

For women, undoubtedly many men will favor the intimate coupons, but you may be surprised to find you have a secret romantic who likes some of the more feminine things as well.

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Who knows? You may even open up some new doors to romance that neither of you would have considered before buying this book. I suspect that many people have ideas about romance that are not contained in these coupons. And even more, I love doing it for cheap.

Romantic Idea for a Tight Budget - DIY Love Coupons & How To Use Them!

And by cheap I mean free… or as close to it as I can get. Your email address will not be published. Did you make this recipe?


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You Might Also Like Print out the coupon sheet and cut out each individual coupon. I like to use a cutting board, ruler and sharp blade, but scissors are just fine too! Cut out a long narrow strip of coloured card that is just a bit wider than your coupons, and over double the length. It should measure approximately 6 inches Here instead of using colored card I'm using our word-art heart cover. Staple to secure the coupons in place.

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  • Now take the other end of the cover and tuck it in under the flap too, pressing down to flatten it in place. If you'd like to edit the messages on the coupons on your own computer, then check out our personalizable romantic coupons. If you're looking for more valentine craft projects, take a peek at these other easy tutorials:.

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