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With this big dog bathtub, you can forget the problem of wriggle, escaping dogs. The unit has a patented, adjustable, three-point restraint system with a quick-snap removable collar. The system keeps the dog facing forward in the bathtub so that he cannot back out, jump out or turn around.

At three feet off the ground, the bathtub eliminates back strain for the owner. You can use the bathtub indoors or outdoors. As a cheaper option for bathing small dogs indoors or outdoors, you might want to consider the Pet Gear Pro Pawty dog bathtub. This plastic dog bathtub will accommodate small dogs up to 20 pounds in weight. The tub can be placed on a countertop or on the ground, and has a rubberized bottom to prevent the tub from slipping. Two storage trays are built into the dog bathtub so that you can have your shampoo, sponges, etc. The dog bathtub has stainless steel fittings, including a removable overhead arm complete with handy loops for maximum adjustability and configuration.

You can remove the side-splash and back-splashes for easy cleaning and to allow hassle-free moving of the unit when required. Adjustable floor grates can be set to suit both small and large dogs, saving you from back pain when leaning over the tub. A handy shampoo rack allows you to keep everything you need readily on hand.

The top-grade stainless steel dog bathtub can hold dogs up to pounds in weight. The floor grates can be adjusted to accommodate dogs of different heights, saving you from back injury. The entry door is lockable and secure so you can be confident that none of your clients will escape. Dogs with skin conditions may need regular baths too. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. In this article, we ask why owners might want or need to bathe their dogs. Why Bathe Your Dog? Bathing helps to get rid of loose hair and dead skin.

Bathing can reduce shedding in some breeds. Bathing can help to highlight problems such as flea and tick infestations. How often you bathe your dog will depend on each individual dog and their own specific needs. Bathing Your Dog Indoors If you have a suitable area such as a utility room with a tiled floor, you might want to bathe a small dog indoors. Always use a proper dog bathtub rather than your own tub. Some even have built-in shower attachments to make your job easier and less messy. Bathing Your Dog Outside If you have a large dog or a particularly boisterous one, you may find it easier and less messy to set up your best dog bathtub outside in your backyard, resting directly on the ground.

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Dog Bathing Safety Tips When bathing your dog, never leave him unattended in the tub—even for a moment. Use a shower head attached to the dog bathtub rather than buckets. The best dog bathtub will allow you to bathe your pet without sustaining backache. It is Day 1 today and he wanted more than his dose rate. Great start! I wanted to add a cat review for other cat owners who doubt its palatability to cats.

I did cut them in half to feed. This may not be necessary but he seemed quite happy to think he was getting twice as many treats.

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Much easier for me to give a treat than try to feed it to one cat out of three. Paws up from my cat. Great product. Excellent value for money. This litter lasts about twice as long as my usual brand. Cats took to it fine and it performed exactly as advertised. The smell is a little odd but not overpowering. Happy to know the product is environmentally friendly. Will be ordering more. I use the 1mL syringes for medicating and feeding sick guinea pigs; they are just the right size for the guinea pig's mouth.

My order was filled very quickly, and I was very happy with both the service and the product. Oh my goodness! I am just about to purchase a Canny collar from VetnPet after borrowing a friend's to trial. We both have Dobermans, both pull like crazy and consequently we both have sore left shoulders. After 4 walks on the Canny collar my Dobe is a breeze to walk.

It is as if my Dobe is stuck on my left knee. The past 4 walks have been so enjoyable and easy we are walking an extra half to one hour each morning. Cannot believe the difference. This is far better for Dobermans and other long necked dogs who are prone to neck alignment damage. Highly recommend Impact, it really is a lifesaver! We started feeding our ridge back Narla Balanced Life about 3 months ago and am so impressed with this product!

I've been blending it in with her Leaps and Bounds dry food as i didn't want to change completely but its great to know that she is getting a good balance of some raw nutrients in her daily diet. We're currently feeding the the salmon recipe and her coat looks amazing. I cant recommend Balanced Life highly enough! I'm not a big user of supplements, but one of my seniors is on a lot of medication so tried this multi and was pleasantly surprised.

The tablet is very palatable and, unlike some other powdered supplements, has not upset his sensitive tummy.

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I've seen no difference in my other senior, who is much healthier and not on meds. But she thinks this is a treat and doesn't want to miss out! Best treat dispensing toy ever. Squeaks and chewable and indestructible. Quality tested by our staffy who has the jaws of a hyena.

All staffys should be given one. Good muzzle. Stops our rock eating labradoodle needing any more operations to remove rocks. He can stil drink and bark and it stays on well. We have tried a couple of other muzzles that weren't very good. He's a medium standard and Size 6 was perfect size 7 was way too big.

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We feed our dogs a raw diet and use this mixed with a variety of different meats and other protein sources to top off the nutrition profile. We also feed a variety of raw, meaty bones but find this acts as a nice back-up to ensure they are getting everything they need. It took a couple of weeks for them to really get used to the taste, but now they wolf it down no problem. We pre-soak it for around 24 hours prior to mixing with the meat and have found that adding a little extra water or stock can make the mixing with meat process a bit easier as it forms quite a thick paste.

We have a little anxiety kid dog and she's had anxiety since she was a pup 7yo now. We tried her on Complete Calm and well While her in-breed anxiety will never be completely gone, she no longer does 'happy' anxiety wee's when we have visitors and is a lot calmer overall. Complete Calm is her morning and only treat, and she does the happiest feet when we pull the container out!

She goes ga-ga for it! So for any food oriented, anxious dogs, its the best 'treat' you could ask for. This bed is extremely comfortable and very stylish. Not just a dog bed but a piece of furniture. It is the perfect height to gaze out of the window or sleep the day away. Our 15 year old Border Collie x Cattledog started having sagging back legs for about 3 months and figured it was part of ageing, was getting really concerned and didn't know what to do; my mum sent me some rose hip vital to see how it works and after being on rose hip vital for over a week he has not had the sagging back legs as much, his coat is so shiny!

It was a beautiful sight to see and so I have purchased more. We used it on our vets advice for a rotational wormer. Was given these by my vet. I can only imagine how many people rinse these tiny micro beads of plastic down the drain once they have collected their samples. Their use should be banned. My Account.

Login Create Account. Shopping Cart. You and your pets will love:. Instagram: follow us vetnpet. Here's what our customers have been loving or loathing! Quality product. Nelson Alvarez. Ezydog express harness. Love it. Yanna Kneebone. Pleasant fragrance.

The combination of these frangences is pleasant for the People and the puppies. Susie Davies. Ivory Coat Deodorising Fragrance mL.

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My dog has had no trouble switching to vegan with this product. Great brush for a fine coat. admin