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The Wheat halwa or Tirunelveli halwa is famous for the Tirunelveli Iruttu Kadai halwa is one of the famous sweet in South Indian cuisine that is known for its Unique, exotic and in, comparable taste. The line begins to shape an hour prior to the shop opens and generally, individuals outside the town involves it. I would state that this uniqueness in taste could be for the most part credited to "Thamirabarani" sweet waters.

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Halwa is typically produced using pulverized juice taken out from very much doused new wheat berries. The taste changes regardless of whether it isn't drenched well or not bubbled legitimately.

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Iruttu Kadai is one that painstakingly takes care of both. The most imperative thing about halwa is how it is blended. Numerous halwa shops, in light of the fact that for its mass generation they go for apparatus pounding and mixing of wheat squeeze yet Iruttu Kadai dependably, picks manual mixing, however, it's dull, Who knows, this could likewise be one reason behind the puzzling taste.

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Authenticity : When you purchase a large portion of a kg of Iruttu Kadai Halwa, safeguard it in the fridge for around 24 hours; you will have the capacity to see a period of unadulterated ghee stored over the best layer of halwa, which will get ingested into the halwa by warming tenderly. This is an extremely uncommon sight to be seen in the halwa purchased from different celebrated shops of a similar city.

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A great deal of endeavors fizzled in light of the fact that, their quality gets declined when request increments as they wind up expanding the amount of yield trading off the quality at the same time, Iruttu Kadai Halwa has been conveying its quality and keeping up its legitimacy for quite a long time with no imperfection. Tirunelveli Iruttu Kadai halwa shop timings are from evening 5pm to nearly 7pm only 2 hours.

Iruttu Kadai Halwa Prepared by wheat milk and pure ghee in a traditional way. You can see the crispy coating on the halwa on next day which we can not see on other types of halwa. Iruttu Kadai Halwa is most popularly known for the best tasting Halwa made anywhere!

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The shop used to operate on Candlelight and hence the name "Iruttu Kadai" Means Dark Shop in Tamil as it used to operate with minimal lighting. The Taste secret is as mysterious as Coke's ingredient secrets Maybe an exaggeration. Any visitor who comes to the Nellai City would hear about its unique taste and that you can get Halwa from that Shop only between PM to PM, anyone hearing that story would insist on buying this Master Piece of Tirunelveli for its uniqueness and agelessness.

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  • Delivery Details : For Iruttu Kadai halwa we need 48 hrs to 72 hrs delivery time as the shop will be open only on evening 2 hours. Note : We are not manufacturing any type of halwa which we are selling.

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    We are just sourcing the halwas from top branded shops in Tirunelveli and sending to our customers. Product life: 25 days without refrigerating. Instructions: After receiving the product heat the halwa at low temperature for 5 min. This would make the Halwa fresh.

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    Tirunelveli Halwa is the most favorite sweet in south India. This would make Tirunelveli Iruttu Kadai Halwa. Reference: Warning: Last items in stock!