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I of course, have to say that BJ's has amazIng prices after coupons and all the clearance items they have. I used to shop a lot at Aldi but have found that BJ's is the same and many times cheaper because of the amazing coupon policy! The coupon matchup list makes it even easier on the blog MyBJsWholesale.

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Comments 3 Published Jun 16, Location Marker Bath and Body Works. Comments 1 Published Jun 14, Graph Trending. Store: Walmart Online Deals. Share 21 Comments 12 Published May 22, Store: Amazon Online Deals. Share 14 Comments 11 Published Jun 14, Share Comments 97 Published Jun 6, Bj's Customer Service could not see a transaction for the offer but did see a transaction for me for a lesser amount and this transaction had a confirmation number, but I had no record of this mystery transaction.

This raised additional concerns. BJ's or whoever was in their system, was able to charge my credit card and make other strange charges.

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The bottom line is that they would not honor the offer and did not care about the issues that were experienced in their online order system. I feel my information was compromised and this should be a concern for BJ's but they do not care. People, I cannot stress this strongly enough.

Tires degrade even when not being used and rubber has a finite shelf life. The lifespan of a tire is years now even if the tire has never seen the road. It doesn't matter about the mileage rating or the mileage you've done, if the tire has sat in a climate controlled warehouse for 48 months it's about as far along in its lifespan as one that's been on your car for 48 months, it's almost dead and has very little time left before it becomes useless.

And BJ's doesn't care. This is all verified, direct from BJ's employees. I had an appointment to have tires installed today. Placed the order through BJ's, paid BJ's, got confirmation from BJ's, went to BJ's and the tires that were waiting to be put on my car were almost four years old. They had been manufactured in January and had, at most, months of life left before the rubber started to crack from age. And it could have been a lot less than that. I of course refused to have them installed and contacted BJ's about what seems to be a pretty significant problem, one that is dangerous to BJ's customers and borderline illegal to pass off 4-year-old product as "new" when BJ's knows the lifespan of tires is 5 years.

BJ's response floored me. I had hoped that maybe BJ's wasn't aware of the problem, but they are. The CSR knew and the guy at the tire center knew. I was told point blank to shut up and go away, that it's not their problem and that even if I order from them, pay them and have the tires installed at their stores by their employees its Simple Tire LLC's fault and BJ's refuses to do anything to rectify it or help customers who get screwed by their tires having a reduced lifespan. They're knowingly allowing their customers to buy old, worn out, dangerous tires that are advertised as "New".

Simple Tire LLC is essentially a tire clearinghouse that buys the garbage that other more ethical businesses won't sell. That's the truly infuriating part of this sleazy relationship. You are paying to belong to BJ's and you get treated worse than Tire Rack and Town Fair tires treat people who walk in off the street. BJ's is plenty big enough and has enough clout and buying power to source tires from anywhere. They can set up deals directly with the manufacturer. They can source from legit national distributors or resellers like Tire Rack.

But they don't. They intentionally source the tires from the sleaziest re-seller they can find because those are the ones they can buy cheapest and resell to you at the best margin. Simple Tire claims that what they're doing is okay because they "disclose" it on their site. That much at least is true, it's on their site 22 clicks deep if you know where to look. But the buyer who goes through BJ's is not given that information. BJ's does not tell people they're dealing with Simple Tire LLC, BJ's does not tell people they're getting 3 or 4-year-old tires with a short shelf life and the customer has no way to know if they're not familiar with DOT codes.

This is an ongoing case of fraud on a very large scale.

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To make matters worse, even when caught out, both BJ's and Simple Tire LLC throw up a joint smoke screen to keep the customer spinning around without recourse. I have correspondence from both companies trying to resolve this issue. Simple Tire flatly refuses to get involved because BJ's buys the tires from them and knows what they're getting and therefore, according to some rather sketchy ethical justifications, it's BJ's fault for not stopping them from sending out old tires.

That can go on forever unless somebody else gets involved. How about you? If you got involved maybe a little public pressure might force them to stop tag-teaming the consumer to rob them. BJ's needs to disclose the source of its tires, BJ's needs to warn consumers that they're accepting tires that are far older than what is acceptable by industry standards and that those tires would have a vastly shorter lifespan than a new one. And maybe someone should audit the tires that have already gone out the door at BJ's Tire Centers to see how many customers have already been fooled into thinking they were getting new tires and instead got tires that are worth far less than they paid.

And while you're at it, look into how this marriage took place in the first place. Simple Tire LLC is known to do stuff like this and it's hard to believe that BJ's could fail on such an epic scale to properly vet a business partner. Follow the money. If you have already bought tires from BJ's, check them or have them checked by a legit tire dealer or installer. Every passenger car tire sold in the US has what is called a D. Most people don't know it's there and BJ's wants to keep it that way.

But that code is very important to the consumer, it's the date of manufacture. If it says that means the tire was made during the 22nd week of , means that it was made 2nd week of You should check that code on every tire you buy or plan to buy, it's as important as the sell-by date on milk or ground beef. If you got hosed, go back and raise hell.

BJ's ethics or lack of ethics on this matter means the only way they're going to stop is if their members stop them. You're a "member" at BJ's and that should mean something to you because it doesn't seem to mean much to them. Don't trust BJ's and heck, don't even trust me. I ask you to not take what I've told you on faith. Research it yourself. And ask them what they think of anyone in their business who sells three and four-year-old tires as "new". Tell them that's what BJ's does and they'll tell you exactly what I'm telling you, word for word.

Real Business Owners,

When I contacted customer service I was then told there's nothing that they can do. That's ridiculous. If I knew there was going to be a charge I would have never taken part in that promo. I had a fraudulent charge on my checking account from BJ's. I've never heard of this company until today. I notified my bank and started the fraud process. I was instructed to call BJ's as well. I spoke with a customer service agent who told me he couldn't look up the purchase because I wasn't a member.

I asked to speak to fraud or accounts department and he said there is no such department. He said my bank will handle it on their end then contact BJ's. I said, "What's the number to that department they would call. Then who would they contact. He said, "The dispute team. He wasn't listening. He was just scripting! I was told by BJ's that they have an option called "Add to card" online where you can clip the coupons to your membership card.

That's nice, but still why? Are you kidding me? Come on. Do you know how ridiculous this sounds, almost as if BJ's does not want to give the sale price to the members if they do not do any extra work--clipping coupons or preload coupons to their membership card? What's the point of being an annual paid member there? We have to clip coupons or load coupons electronically in order to get the sale? If we do that, we can go to supermarkets for shopping.

Why bother to pay to join BJ's? What is the upper management of BJ's thinking? They ought to spring into the action of getting rid of this ridiculous policy. I cannot believe all the BJ's customers are allowing this coupon thing to happen, to continue to happen I don't get it I will not continue my membership if they do not stop this nonsense. I will join Costco instead. No coupon clipping there, all sale is automatically given to the customers at the checkup. It is really a false company who just advertises to get customers but they provide zero service to you.

My husband ordered for a Whirlpool Dishwasher 1 month back. I Would really advise you do not buy any products especially any appliances with the so called BJ's as they take your money but provide you nothing on time. I purchased a Generac gas pressure washer from BJ's and after first use I was not at all happy with the product. It's so hard to start and the soap dispenser not working and lot smoke coming and I want to return that product and Bj's don't take it back since they don't take back any product with gas.

I never experience any issue with them. Now I am stuck with this product so read the fine print before you buy something from Bj's and I never want shop place like this. Pray that you never need customer service because they don't have any and they are not there for you. Don't ever think of using their auto buying program, they will work real hard at denying you the promised and advertised perk. After weeks of emails they say they will make a bad situation right and mail me a gift card within two week. They never sent the gift card. Now they don't respond.

Terrible customer service. BJ's card was refused at the gas pump 3 different times. I saw others have the same problem. Attendant said there was nothing he can do. When you get started couponing and learning how to stack coupons you may be tempted to buy more than you really need. Be sure to change your settings to black and white to lower your printing costs. The best part about printing online is you can get 2 prints per device.

When you buy the Sunday newspaper you would have to buy multiple papers to use multiple coupons per product with more than one barcode. You can always find discounts on printers on Amazon as well. Many couponers think in the beginning they have to grab every deal that comes around.

As a blogger I see many of the same deals come around every weeks. Sure that sounds like a long time but when you grab a few of the items while they are at a stock up price they should last you until the next rock bottom price. But you can also go broke grabbing every deal.

Remember that we have sale cycles meaning every weeks the same items will be on sale again. We have all been there. Ready to use our coupons one per barcode and the coupons beep. So many cashiers do not know the policy and many of the supervisors as well. They need to follow their policy and we do too. Be firm in your knowledge of the policy and knowing if each item has an individual barcode. In my pricebook the number of barcodes are listed next to the item for your convenience.

That my dear is a thing of the past.

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There is no more searching through the ad yourself then searching through your coupons, trying to match the items up. This is all done for you, by me and many other wonderful bloggers. Each week you can easily scan through the items to find the best deal and add it to a printable shopping list. If you are not familiar with these lists- please do yourself a huge favor and check them out!

Getting the best deal shopping at BJ's and beyond has allowed my family to experience financial freedom. Sign up for tips and ways to save a ton. I have been deal hunting for years.

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