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Where we can use sodexo meal coupans?

Fino Paytech Ltd. Idea Mobile Commerce Services Ltd. Pyro Networks Pvt. The President Visa Worldwide Pte. O Box Manama, Bahrain. If it is clean and hygienic and has a certain amount of reputation among people in that area. We look for the proof of address and proof of identity of the owner and last we take their bank account details to remit to their bank accounts. In Navi Mumbai, we got some request from their employees saying that they frequent a couple of outlets which were not on our network.

So it took us about two weeks to do the paperwork and install the machine etc. We charge a very small marketing fee to the merchant. Non-Sodexo part of the transaction, they anyway make the entire amount of money. The fee for the merchant varies from different categories.

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The volume of transactions from the merchant determines the fee we charge. The three most important features are, firstly, a mobile payment option where you can link a meal card to the app and you can scan a QR code and make a payment. Secondly, there is a global outlet locator. Wherever you are, you press the button, it will tell you how far it is and gives you directions to go there. Thirdly, because we are such a large company, we get a lot of deals and discounts from merchants. We have around 2.

The app was launched in June And the mobile payment solution was launched in January this year. For mobile payments, we have made it simple for any user. In any transaction, you need to know who you are paying so the QR code, it is a merchant identifier. Or you can also type the name of the merchant, or you could type the mobile number of the owner. The user enters the amount. Once it is done, it checks in the server if there is balance in the card. It is an added layer of security we have put.

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Once the transaction is completed, you get a confirmation and the merchant gets a text message. The transaction takes less than 10 seconds. Some companies offer card on delivery, so they already carry the POS terminal. So you order a pizza, the delivery person swipes the Sodexo card. On delivery payments are far greater than online payments. We are in the process of integration. And some of the biggest merchants accept the Sodexo gift voucher.

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A lot of companies give, for example, our company itself during Diwali gets an X amount of vouchers as Diwali gift. A lot of companies give gift vouchers instead of cash as incentives. Some companies give it to their dealers and distributors as well. They can then use that money in the true spirit of gifting rather than cash.

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We have about 11, outlets who have signed on our gift voucher network. And we are launching a gift card as well very soon. This will also have a separate acceptance network as well. But there will be some overlaps with the meal voucher solution. We have a back end processor which identifies that this is a Sodexo transaction and processes it. The stores who come on our network comes from the clients itself and they identify which shops they would like to be part of our network. So we know the pulse of our client and the kind of outlets they want.

The big difference between something like an Amazon gift card is that we are very inclusive.

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In the sense, the Sodexo gift card can be used across multiple stores. A lot of these single brand cards are very restrictive and you can use it only at a single portal or just one store. Ours is a multi brand multistore card. The freedom of choice is much bigger. The core part of the business is still employee benefits incentives recognition. The core part of the business meal benefits, gifting solution. So for example, in our company, we have an intranet and we get points for various behaviours.

On completing some tasks, employees get points. If you fill in two surveys, you get 10 points. Tip Off Advertise Support Us.