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After you've entered your basic pick-up and drop-off information on our booking engine, the next screen will populate with results that match your request. Next to each car rental category example there will be a link that says "rate details. You'll notice the minimum age for a car rental, the young driver surcharge and the maximum payment required varies between all three examples. The young driver surcharge is a daily fee that is applied to your credit card locally by the car rental supplier at the conclusion of your rental.

There is often, although not always, a maximum cap on how much a rental car suppli er will charge you for being a young driver. They are not a comprehensive representation of the applicable fees for the wide array of worldwide car rental companies that partner with Auto Europe. These vary between countries and states. Most local fees are not based on a car rental minimum age, but are required from all eligible car rental clients. This includes the additional driver fees. As noted in the samples above, this is another daily charge that can vary in cost.

For each under 25 car rental driver that wants to be added as an additional driver, both fees will apply individually. The best way to minimize your cost is for one of you to volunteer to be the sole driver while your trusty co-pilot takes the important role of navigator,. While you may be imagining doing this on your trip, there are many rental car companies who prefer that you gain a little bit more experience as a driver before renting one of their luxury or sports vehicles.

If you are hoping for a more head-turning car rental, for even just a segment of your trip, we recommend you contact our prestige department as opposed to creating your booking online. This way, our knowledgeable specialty car rental agents can readily assist with your inquiry. The toll-free number to reach Auto Europe's luxury car department is ! Are you between the ages of 18 and 25 and traveling in Europe for at least 21 days? Gain a new level of independence and avoid car rental age-based fees with a Peugeot monthly car rental! The car rental minimum age is 18 years and there are no fees applied for being a young driver, or for additional drivers!

Think of how much you're already saving just by these two costs being negated! What you need to know in addition to these facts is how insurance requirements can also vary if you're an under 25 car rental driver.

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For instance, your deductibles on collision damage waiver CDW and theft protection TP may be higher than someone over the age of With many suppliers, older drivers are permitted to opt into using available credit card insurance, as opposed to purchasing the inclusive insurance coverage along with their car rental. However, as an under 25 car rental client, you may be required to take the inclusive rate, regardless of rental car insurance coverage availability elsewhere.

FAQs About Renting a Car Under the Age of 25

Adding car rental insurance while you are creating your rental car reservation on Auto Europe's website is the best way to maximize your savings as a packaged deal! Something that travelers don't often consider is that the date of their driver's license issue can affect their ability to rent a car. By and large, car rental companies require you driver's license to show that it's been held for at least one year, two years if you're renting a car in Ireland.

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Just as with car rental age restrictions, this is presumed to show a level of driving aptitude. A paper license is also not going to fly. If you've got a temporary, paper license for any reason, it is not going to be accepted. An international driving permit may also be required to rent a car abroad. You can purchase one easily through your local Canadian Automobile Association.

Thanks to our more than 60 years of experience in the industry, we at Auto Europe can answer any questions you may have when looking to rent a car under 25! If you're a hands-on travel planner, create your car rental reservation using our secure online booking engine. Statistics of auto accidents involving drivers ages 25 and up are dramatically lower than the accident rates of young drivers.

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However, safe and qualifying drivers who are between the ages of 20 and 24 or ages in Michigan and New York are able to rent cars with Thrifty. In order to do so, young renters will be subject to a Young Renter Fee. Interested in booking a rental car with Thrifty? Fee varies based on renting location and car class. Car class restrictions apply. Additional terms and conditions apply, see Policies and Fee Information for full details.

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