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No Yes. More information. Check out our charges for calls, texts and data that are NOT included in your plan. Fair is fair, so a fair usage policy applies to our Unlimited Plan. Any usage over 40GB will result in limited speeds. Price plans and offer are available to Virgin Media broadband or TV customers. A 30 day rolling contract applies.

Which includes 50 Minutes and 50 text messages to 27 European countries. We aim to make life easier for our customers, not lock them in.

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Your phone is on a separate contract to your minutes, texts and data. You can pay off the outstanding phone balance whenever you choose. So once the phone is paid off in full, you can upgrade to a new model, whenever you fancy. You just need an active Virgin Mobile plan to buy a Virgin Media phone. We split the cost of the plan and the phone on your bill. This means if you buy a phone from us on a 12 month contract, by month 13 the phone is paid off.

The cost of your phone will then drop off the bill and all you pay for is the plan. Happy days! Switching is super easy - and you can even bring your current mobile number with you! With just a few simple steps we'll have you switched over in a matter of minutes! With As we are using the Three network, our coverage is the same as theirs. Connect up to 10 devices. Includes Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. You are getting a Huawei Mobile Wi-Fi with your tablet.

Just swipe up to go Home. Work on a creative project, message with a friend, search the web for inspiration and make a FaceTime call. You can use our Coverage Checker to find out about coverage in your area. We offer next day delivery unless otherwise stated on phones, tablets and Mobile Wi-Fi devices ordered before 4pm. Orders placed after 4pm will be delivered in 2 working days.

You can have your device delivered either to your home, or to a Three Store.

As you mostly don't have connection in that period to receive system SMS, it's essential to check tariff plans from time to time online on your account, as long as you have standing balance on the SIM card. The expiry policies of the major network providers is as follows: SIM will stay active for months from activation or its last recharge. Then it falls in passive mode with credit frozen for up to 12 more months. During this time you can re-activate it by going to a service center of the provider showing your passport again. After 24 months from the last top-up your number will be suspended forever and the remaining credit is lost.

Have in mind that many MVNOs have adopted a more rigid validity policy instead. Fastweb has issued clear caps, Lycamobile gives out only some packages for roaming and Digi Mobile and Ringo skip the rules by not offering data roaming at all. So stay away from them when you want to use data outside Italy. Thus a year suddenly becomes 13 "months" or cycles. This policy was banned by the Italian parliament in a new law and all providers now have to go back to the billing of "lunar months".

This transition happened in the spring of and led to a slightly different pricing as mentioned in the article.

That's why the numbers in some offers are so odd with some providers. From May all billing will be in "true" months meaning the re start date of the plan stays on the same day of the month regardless how many days the current month has. For all Italian plans you are on a base rate, that runs together with your add-on options. Italian operators try to make money as they put you on a payable base rate after activation of a new SIM card by default. It's recommended to change your base plan to a free base plan. This can be done already at the point of activation sometimes for a fee , but must also be possible by law anytime through your online account or app for free.

This change of base rates is especially suggested when you like to pause your plan for a while, because the base rate can't be stopped and SIM cards of some Italian providers can even run into negative balance. Online many Italian providers decline credit or debit cards from out of the country on their website or through their app.

This has now made illegal in the EU and at least EU-issued cards should be accepted, but it remains to be seen whether this new EU regulation has any effect. But trying to top-up from outside while roaming in Europe or keeping your SIM alive, you may run into high surcharges of 3rd party agencies. It needs to be linked to a different email address, if you already have a PayPal account in your country and will be verified through your Italian phone number. This Italian PayPal account can be used to top-up without any fees as long as currency stays in Euro else only conversion fees apply.

You can transfer funds from your local PayPal to the Italian or link it to most international credit or debit cards. The Italian market is one of the most competitive in Europe. On this list many temporary offers are not listed as they change by the week. There are online offers that can only be ordered to an Italian postal address which is not so convenient for travellers.

Offers for customers whose SIM cards haven't been actively used for a while called Win Back and for porting customers from other providers called Operator Attack are not listed too as they don't apply to most visitors. Always ask for promotions when you look around at the shops. TIM owned by Telecom Italia is still the biggest operator in the country. TIM now seems to accept foreign credit cards topping up online on their website select "Ricarica online" when you tick the "Carta estero" box.

In Italy you can top-up by going to certain tobacconists, supermarkets, newsagents or bars, where the clerk behind the counter either does the recharge on his terminal for cash, or sells you a card with a digit code you can SMS to in order to redeem the top-up.

No upsize or extensions possible. Some shops may not like to sell you this offer, as they don't get any benefits from it. Be firm and polite. You may show them a print-out of the offer or let them call Head Office. Numerous users reported problems in getting this official offer by going to more than one TIM store, but it's possible. If you are not interested in their special promotional add-ons, it's better to go with TIM Base New or Semplice base plans, as no weekly or monthly base rate is debited. Change for free in store already, on your online profile, by app or by calling or This is reset at midnight, when a new daily bundly is charged.

No other data packages are offered with these tariffs. You have to switch to a combo, data or tourist plan instead. So the base plan is only an option for data users, when you park your plan while don't use it. They have introduced prepaid SIMs with combined packages, all valid for a month. All plans have automatic renewal on the same calendar day of activation.

If there's no credit left, the plan will be renewed, but you have to top up, otherwise you won't be able to use the allowances.

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The plans available are listed below:. For data overuse without an add-on 1. You can activate it online, but it's better to do it in a TIM store. Night data is valid Tethering and hotspot use are allowed. TIM international is a series of plans only given out to everyone born outside Italy. You will be asked for proof that you were not born in Italy. Any official document that shows your place of birth will suffice.

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A foreign passport or ID card is generally accepted. These plans need to be activated on an existing or new SIM either by calling customer service or or online on your TIM account. All plans auto-renew. Use the same methods to suspend. TIM has implemented Roam like at Home mostly without restrictions on all prepaid plans. Alternatively, they still offer these add-on packages on top of your allowance instead of taking it from your domestic bundle:.

Vodafone is Italy's 2nd network and according to tests in it has surpassed TIM in 4G speeds and coverage. SIM cards are sold in their stores store locator , or online to be sent to an Italian postal address. Vouchers can be redeemed by texting the digit-code to , or by using My Vodafone. It seems to be possible to top it up online on a third-party-site using international Mastercard or VISA without surcharge, even though it says in the conditions that only Italian cards would work. On mobile devices, the browser has to be switched to the desktop version.

To check credit, dial default voice rates apply, not included in bundles , or open My Vodafone app or online. Be aware that Vodafone is the only network that charges calls to check the balance. That's why their other plans may be a better deal. You can change plans in your online account. These prices are discounted as shown, if you link it to auto-pay through a credit card or an EU bank account. EU roaming is capped as specified.

You can disable these services online or by calling To all offers Vodafone's social and chat pass is added for free. Activation can be made online or by calling Base rate and data package will auto-renew after 28 days. All add-ons will also renew after 28 days, if not stopped before.

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All allowances can be used in the EU for roaming without surcharges. Vodafone offers a special plan to foreigners without Italian citizenship showing an ID document from abroad. Night data is valid from midnight to 8am. Vodafone has implemented roaming at domestic prices on all of their plans.

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It does not auto-renew. Make sure to cancel all domestic plans immidiately when they hit their FUP SMS-notification , if neccessary by contacting customer service.

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Otherwise the domestic plan could be preferred over this option and drain the balance. In January WindTre was born. This newly merged company has now 27 million mobile customers. In summer Hutchison former owner of Tre wants to take over the rest of the company and to buy out Veon former owner of Wind pending approval. admin