Best coupon filing system

What way works for you may be different than mine. First, put the Index Tabs that came with your folders to the top of the folder and load them in your file box. Write or label the index tabs with the Sunday date for the first coupon insert you have or will get soon.

Labeling Helps Keep the Coupon and Refund Clutter Under Control

When you get your newspaper and you find the coupon inserts inside, write the Sunday Date on the outside of the insert. That way you can easily identify it later when you have multiple inserts on your table. Take the stack of inserts and place them into that dates file folder.

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This is what makes my method so fantastic and a super time saver! I tell you which file folders no longer have any good coupons in them. You can simply recycle them or send them to the Military living overseas to use them for the remaining six months. Choose a binder that is a good fit for your couponing needs.

There are so many different sizes and styles, but try to pick something simple, yet durable.

Coupon Organization: Binder vs. Filing

Next, you will need to categorize your coupons. How you organize them should be based on your shopping style.

Briliant Ways to Quickly Organize Your Coupons In Minutes

These are just a few ways you can organize them:. The easiest method I have found to cut all your coupons is to take apart your inserts and assemble a stack of each page from each insert. So if you get four SmartSource inserts one week, take off the first page from all four inserts and staple them together, all four of page two and so on. Then take the stapled pages and cut each coupon out or only the coupons you will or might use.

2. The file box system

Repeat this method for the rest of the pages and inserts. This is a time saver as you are only cutting out one time for each page of each insert.

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  • 3 Proven Ways For Storing Coupons For Quick Cutting.
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  • The Quick Start Guide to Coupon Organization!
  • The staples help keep the pages together while you are cutting them out. Using your baseball card sleeves or sheet protectors, put your cut coupons in each slot. Each week repeat the process and clean out any expired coupons.

    Coupon System & ORGANIZATION!! ✂️ Using Classic Happy Planner OLD VS NEW?! WHICH SYSTEM IS BEST?!

    You can organize the coupons you cut out in any of the ways listed above. But as I mentioned, I feel the easiest way is to take apart each insert, stack them and staple each coupon.

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    • Organize Your Coupons With These Labeling Tips?
    • 2. The file box system;
    • That way you can still quickly find a coupon when you see it listed on a sale list because it is filed the Sunday Date. This method saves you time from cutting each coupon AS the sale comes up. While keeping your coupons organized may seem like a daunting task there are many tools and tricks to not only help you save time but to keep you organized too.

      Let me introduce you to the Coupon Cutter! Watch this short video on how it works! Heading to the store with a stack of coupons? Organize your cut coupons with this handy Mini Organizer!

      Organizational Idea #2: Folders/Filing

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      How to Organize Coupons

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      How to Organize Your Coupons in Minutes

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