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Ring in the new year in a gorgeous alpine setting, with plenty of resorts offering glitzy parties. If that's not your scene, check out some live jazz or attend one of the many cocktail parties at area hotels and clubs. Who needs to see the ball drop when you can see Atlanta's famous peach drop? Gather in Woodruff Park for all-day entertainment and festivities, and ring in the new year with a pound peach drop from the historic Flatiron Building. If you're more into New Year's Eve parties, you won't be disappointed.

Atlanta hosts dozens of parties, balls, and concerts. This elegant ball is held on the Roof at Ponce City Market and encourages guests to wear masks and their most "decadent" clothing. Plus, for the Disney fans out there, this is one of the only times to see Disney so alive at night. Epcot, the Magic Kingdom, and Disney's Hollywood Studios all feature special events—like dance parties, live music, and fireworks.

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Don't miss Epcot's Celebrations Around The World Showcase, where you'll get to celebrate the New Year multiple times as each respective country's clock strikes midnight. We think the more celebrations, the better. Music lovers in particular will love Nashville on New Year's Eve. The biggest event is Jack Daniel's Music City Midnight, a star-studded music festival held every year on December 31st. The best part?

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It's free! Not only will you see live music, you'll get to enjoy fireworks and a "Music Note Drop" at midnight. But that's not all. Nashville hosts tons of parties and balls, most of which include live music. Do you want to travel more frequently?

6 Last-Minute New Year’s Eve Getaways to Book Right Now

Explore destinations that may not be on your radar? Try different traveling methods? There are plenty of ways to save money on travel and earn travel points through loyalty programs and using certain credit cards. If you already have a credit card, take a second look at the fine print and see if there are any rewards elements you may have overlooked. If you are thinking of getting a credit card, there are plenty of articles explaining which cards give you the best returns for travel.

While tourism is the economic backbone of many locales, it can also negatively affect the local population through pollution, overcrowding, rising rent prices, and strains on public works. As a thank-you to the community for allowing tourists to visit, it is nice to give something back, in the form of volunteer time, charitable donations, or patronizing local businesses.

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When you are traveling to new destinations this year, search for local organizations that are doing good in the community, and aim to contribute what you can. Is it expensive? Consider visiting in the off-season, when prices are lower and there are fewer tourists. Is it far away? Save up more vacation days for your journey by taking shorter weekend trips throughout the year instead of a longer trip.

If you are patient and flexible, you should be able to tick at least one bucket list destination off your list in the new year. Sometimes the journey can be just as rewarding as the trip itself. Try hopping on a train or bus and give yourself the opportunity to watch the world go by from the window.

26 Last-Minute Deals to Buy and Wear on New Year’s Eve

This is a particularly good option in Europe, but there are gorgeous train journeys in pretty much every part of the world for example, the trip from Anchorage, AK to Fairbanks, AK with breathtaking views of Denali National Park. Having a cool place to stay can round out your trip and change the way you experience a destination. If you usually book a room at a standard hotel, you may be missing out on other types of accommodation that can offer you something different.

Browse our latest deals to find offers for unusual accommodations, like this Airbnb in a refurbished airplane hangar or this spherical treehouse in the Pacific Northwest. Do you find yourself more focused on taking the perfect selfie than taking in the views on your travels? Do you have countless vacation photos you barely ever look at?

Resolve to stay in the moment on your next trip by giving up your cell phone, digital camera, and other tech gear. Buy a local map, grab a disposable camera, and explore the city on foot. You may be surprised how different your travel experience can be when you have nothing to distract you. Reduce travel stress, save money, diminish your carbon footprint, and explore unexpected destinations by resolving to travel more locally this year.

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Big trips to popular destinations in the Caribbean or Europe are certainly worth doing, but this year try looking into nearby destinations that can be reached by car, bus, or train. Instead of planning a massive road trip to the national parks of the Southwest, book an overnight camping trip at a nearby state park. Rather than fly to Italy to sample the food and wine, look in your area for farms specializing in agrotourism. This year, resolve to only do the things that interest you. Instead, focus on spending your time and money on the things that will make you the happiest.

Do you usually just take one long vacation a year? This year, break out of that vacation routine and try taking more frequent, shorter trips. Bonus—this will push you to think more creatively about where you vacation and encourage you to visit nearby destinations that you may have normally overlooked. Haven't picked anyone to kiss at midnight this year? Our favorite finds are listed below:. Leading up to New Year's Eve, Ecuadorians build monigotes , which are effigies meant to symbolize the ups and downs of the past year.

Sometimes the effigies are of celebrities, fictional characters, and politicians. It's all about the money! Round food, round clothes, round decorations. The shape represents coins and is meant to ensure prosperity in the coming year. Round bellies count as well, so feel free to dig into a heart New Year's feast while you're visiting. Who would have thought that the color of your underwear could determine your future? Yearning to meet your true love? Go for red undies. More interested in getting rich quick? Gold should be your color. Just hoping for a peaceful year to come? Don't foget your white underwear, then.

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Although the festival is usually earlier in December, the purpose is to let friends and neighbors resolve disputes from the past year through physical fights while the rest of community looks on. After the fighting is over, the opponents must shake hands or hug to symbolize that the disagreement will be left in the past and they will greet the new year as friends. Ice cream lovers beware. In Switzerland, the New Year's Eve celebrations are culminated by throwing ice cream on the ground.

We can only hope you get to eat some ice cream first. Supposedly, those who follow this tradition are certain to travel in the new year. Now that's a tradition we can get on board with! If your friends and family have ever complained that you have a "big mouth", then Spain's New Years Eve tradition is perfect for you.


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