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The blueberries are great for tossing into pancakes, smoothies or my kiddos love frozen blueberries as an after school snack. Again just watch the per lb price on the price tag so be sure you really are getting a good deal most likely you are. The Kirkland Margarita Mix is awesome as well.

Just add ice- no tequila needed. And those are just some of the things I love to buy at Costco. Unfortunately the only way to tell is to do the research- for example as of posting Costco has a coupon for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Now that sounds good right? I can see a standard size box and see that it is 12oz. That is a great price and if this was on my list I would grab it for sure. I also love to stock up on garbage bags, Ziploc bags, scrubbing pads, paper towels and toilet paper at Costco.

I usually find the best prices when there is a coupon in the coupon book. Again this is just my opinion and for sure there is something to be said for saving yourself some time shopping.

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Fresh Meats. The prices at Costco on boneless, skinless chicken, ground beef and steaks in particular tend to be FAR more than I would pay at the grocery store. Note with these items it is very important to watch for sales at your grocery store and stock up and freeze the items. You will save a ton of money and save yourself the hassle of always trying to buy this stuff week after week.

If you want something fancy, Costco might be the place for you to buy but for the basic staples I tend to buy at Sprouts or another grocery store on sale. Lots of people argue the steaks and beef at Costco are amazing deals.

19 Unbeatable Deals You Can Only Find at Costco

Our family has been consistently disappointed so I can only speak from my personal experience. You might take a look and see what you think. Exception: The rotisserie chicken is always a great deal at Costco and a nice easy dinner! Often they are actually a lot more expensive than just watching for sales at Target or the drugstores. One exception is that I tend to buy Nexxus shampoo liters when there is a coupon at Costco. Note: even for salon haircare I tend to buy it at Ulta when they run a big sale.

27 Things You Should Never Buy at Costco

I grab two shampoo and two conditioner at Ulta and that will easily last until the next sale. A significant savings. I always check out the books at Costco and I snap photos of any books that catch my eye. I will usually keep them on my phone and when the time comes for me to buy a new Kindle book, I pull up the picture and buy the book. I find that Amazon frequently beats the Costco prices on books- especially if you like Kindle versions or paperbacks.

Not always but it might be worth checking- you can download the Amazon app for free and actually just scan the bar code on the book to check quickly in store. Otherwise usually my grocery store has better prices even without coupons. Household Cleaners. Not all the household cleaning items are a great deal at Costco plus you are buying in huge packages. Here is an example of the prices I tend to see at Costco on cleaning products:.

Worst Things to Buy in Bulk at Costco

And you might be saying- well they offer coupons for Tide so that could be a better deal. Candy and Treats. I love the chocolate covered raisins at Costco they are seriously the best anywhere but I find that I eat the entire vat of chocolate covered raisins so I tend to stay away :.

Diapers and Wipes. Yikes this is a controversial one and some people absolutely love the Costco brand wipes no matter the price. I have personally compared prices many many times and I always find Costco to be higher then a sale and a coupon at Target. A sale at Target is typically going to get you a better deal. Office Supplies. The best bet is typically to watch for sales from office supply stores in the weekly ads or to just stock up on your supplies during the dirt cheap back to school sales in July and August every year. Fresh Flowers.

This is another controversial one. I will never buy flowers again myself but I am sure this can vary by local provider. You can also return the flowers to Costco for a refund if they die but really who wants to hold on to a dead bouquet and then go to the trouble of fighting your way back into the store for a refund. No thanks.

AND if you do have a gas station at your Costco that alone can be worth the price of membership. When we lived in Seattle I exclusively bought gas at Costco because they always beat out everyone else in price. The deli at Costco is awesome. I am a vegetarian myself but I know people love the hot dogs! Gift cards can be awesome deals at Costco if you can use them for restaurants, activities and vacations! These can be great gifts during the holidays. The Pharmacy and the Eye Glass center are also huge perks.

If you do need glasses, watch those monthly coupon books. They occasionally offer savings on prescription glasses.

Buy: Rotisserie chicken

And now it is your turn! What are your favorite deals at Costco and the things you tend to avoid? They used to carry niacin too, but no more. Great suggestions GH! I used to buy Aleve there and it was way cheaper.

Buy: Kirkland bacon

Agree on the beans and rice for sure and the potato salad is delicious! Honestly, the design of the jug is just impossible to deal with. Costco Chicken Mini-Taco from mildlyinfuriating.

The 10 Best Things to Buy at Costco for Keto... And What to Avoid!

If you like to live life dangerously, then by all means, ignore the list and continue to live in your Costco hoard. Come here often? Subscribe to our newsletter. By: Olivia Harvey. No one likes to throw away expired food and beauty products you never got around to. With this in mind, here are 17 items Costco employees and warehouse shopping professionals say you should steer clear from. Take notes. Click here to load earlier stories. Yummy Recipes. So Yummy. Pauline Lacsamana.

2. A year’s supply of cooking spray for under five bucks.

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