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How can I pay my annual renewal? You can pay your annual renewal using any of the following methods:. Can I put my membership on hold? How can I unfreeze my account? Where can I learn about any 24 Hour Fitness policies that may apply to my membership? Membership policies can be found online on our Membership Policies page. What are my options for paying my dues? How do I set up or make a change to my bank account information for my monthly payment membership? If you purchased your monthly payment membership online, the automatic payment is arranged using your debit card or credit card.

You may also call and one of our customer service representatives will be happy to help you. Can I make a payment online? Can I add friends or family members to my 24 Hour Fitness membership? How can I cancel my membership? Prepaid Limited Term memberships: Where you have a prepaid limited term membership, you are not entitled to cancel your membership nor are you entitled to receive a refund of fees paid.

Can I transfer my membership to another individual? How can I get a copy of my membership agreement? How long will it take to receive a copy of my membership agreement? Agreements ordered online will be received within 5 business days.

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How do I cancel a membership purchased at Costco? How else does 24 Hour Fitness Support the military? Keep an eye on your inbox, the lastest consumer news is on it's way! A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. Automatically charging a credit card for a non-refundable fee without any type of notification or alert to the consumer is unacceptable.

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Did I sign a document 4 years ago authorizing my monthly membership? Yes but how am I to remember a yearly non-refundable fee would be charged from a document I signed years ago. It should at least be a courtesy every time they bill your account. It is not very old but everything is broken. The pool heater does not work. The hot tub does not work. The hot tub has been down for 2 weeks already. Then they raised their prices The management does not seem to care. It's all just funny to them. I'm a customer for more than 5 or even 7 years, so long that I don't even remember.

I had auto-payment set up monthly so I wouldn't miss a payment. So today I noticed that they haven't been collecting payment since January which is about 6 months from now. I called them to verify if my account is active, and they told me it was temporarily terminated but can be reactivated only if I pay what I owe. I am perfectly fine with paying for the payment they didn't collect. They can't bridge me because it has been more than 90 days. She asked me what happen to the card that was set on auto payment.

Then it hit me it was declared stolen because I was robbed and ended up in the hospital for a month cervical spinal injury, which left me immobile from neck down. She asked didn't I get notification from them, after I explained the reason. I gave a "No" answer. She apologized then offer to check on it for me. She came back and apologized to me that they didn't reach out to me and that there is nothing they can do. It's customer responsibility to keep up with payment, and they don't notify patient on late payment.

They are so fast on terminating my contract to make me pay more for a new contract, and on top of that they want me to pay off the balance that is pending. She told me she have a manager to talk to me and to place me on hold. Guess what, they hanged me up in less than a minute.

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I call them back, but the wait time is 20 minutes now. My cousin told me, you can get cheaper deal getting it through Costco. I told her this is principle. Why should I even sign up again when they want me to pay the balance which I agreed to because it's fair, but you can't raise the monthly rate on me.

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They remove the towel service members pay for claiming in their environmental impact conscientiousness. All that does is switch the laundry to the members. There is no difference in impact to the environment. It's either 24 Hour Fitness does the laundry or the members do the laundry. For myself who works out early in the morning and then goes and works at 10 plus our shift, now I have to keep a wet towel in my car all day long.

Probably going to have mold issues now thanks to hours business model failure. Lessening services is never successful. It just makes a competition look that much more appealing and of value. First, you have no way to sign up online because your request will be under review which will never be completed. We asked for a personal trainer session and when we showed up, the trainer was not there because he was not aware of having a session and no one could notify him or us to coordinate it.

For each detail, you need to actually come to the club where you got your membership which is ridiculous in the 21st century. Customer service over the phone is a joke, it took the representative 30 min to understand that I want to cancel my membership, I was on hold when she needed to process every question and as a result, she did not help to find the way to solve the problem. A personal trainer was not very professional, I left with pounding headache every time. Yoga classes are either in the morning or late in the evening with "digital experience" classes at more convenient times.

There is not enough place to stretch and exercise before you go to the machines. Also, when we signed up, we were told that we can go to any 24 Hour Fitness club. In fact, there are different types of memberships and I found out about it when I was stopped at the front desk at one of the clubs going to a class that I attended a week ago without any problems. Feels like the only thing 24 Hour Fitness cares about is money. Information about memberships being withheld, there is a complex process to discontinue the membership even when a year membership is over.

Customers have no power or control over their memberships or any matters with 24 Hour Fitness. Please, save your money, time and energy and go to a more decent place. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. The discontinuation of the towels at the 24 Hour Fitnesses in Pelham Manor is really upsetting.

I rather join Planet Fitness for less money and take my own towel. Hope every member at Pelham Manor can file a complaint regarding the discontinuation of the towels. Reps are trained to deceive you. They only tell you parts of the policy. The club showers are not maintained well. And the equipment is also poorly maintained. They are good at taking your money though. And when you call customer service, be ready to be on hold for a long time. I have had a great experience as a member of 24 Hour Fitness. I love the Zumba and Yoga classes. For me, it has been great!

However, I feel that the gym was dishonest about bringing a guest to Zumba for the week after Cinco De Mayo. The instructors said that you could bring a guest for free to the Inspire Dance Festival Zumba classes.

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What the GYM didn't say, was that you can bring a friend as long as that friend signs up for the free one week trial. I thought that was very sneaky and dishonest of them. I had even called to make sure that I could bring a guest to Zumba and they said yes. They should have been more forthcoming saying, yes, as long as they sign up for the free one week trial.

And they should have communicated that with the Zumba instructors as well so that they weren't unintentionally giving false information. Anyway, I am overall satisfied with this gym and love the classes, but I don't appreciate dishonesty. They harassed you every single day, I was ONLY looking to see about a price for myself and someone else in which "Josh" asked me about her name and phone number, they were NOT supposed to call her but then guess what!!!

They were harassing her too! Like WTF? Who does that? Just for a damn sale? Instant disappointment as I walked in the building. While I enjoyed the camaraderie with them on the court, I was disgusted by the greed that is my only impression of the business.


A caregiver for a family member has little opportunity to see the outside world, but this surprise gave me one less thing to look forward to when I can ever get away. I signed up for a year membership and made very clear it should not extend past the year as I was moving out of state. They charged me for 6 months after that point.

When I caught this on my bill, I called in. Initially the person said they would refund me and cancel the membership. Then a GM called me and said they would not refund any of it because it's their policy to be month to month. I told them "I haven't been once in over 6 months and you won't refund me any of that? Get a free fitness consultation, state of the art training equipment, free studio and cycle classes and more with a 24 Hour Fitness Membership. Use this 24 Hour Fitness printable coupon to get a free trial pass for a location near you.

Receive a free month or training session at 24 Hour Fitness when you refer a friend of family member. Don't sleep on these money-saving opportunities! Current 24 Hour Fitness Coupons Last updated about 15 hours ago. View 24 Hour Fitness Deals. Tip: Come back to this page to copy the coupon code, and then paste it on the store's payment page.