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Studies have shown that refractive error in children causes up to The burden of refractive error is set to grow alarmingly due to an increase in myopia in both the developed and developing world, especially in urbanised East Asians, such as the Chinese populations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. The impact and importance of uncorrected refractive error has now been recognised by Vision The REWG is now developing international strategic plans and policies to eliminate uncorrected refractive error.

Refractive error can be simply diagnosed, measured and corrected, and the provision of spectacles is an extremely cost-effective intervention, providing immediate correction of the problem.

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Throughout the world optometry has been the major provider of vision correction, but usually from a private practice setting. Public health optometry has not reached the communities that are in most need in any organised way. Despite this, on their own initiative, thousands of private optometrists worldwide have regularly visited communities in need to provide vision care and dispense spectacles. The opportunity now is for optometry to develop a concerted effort to create local capacity in these communities, in collaboration with its partners in Vision , through service delivery, by creating human resources and by helping to develop the infrastructure needed, the three cornerstones of the Vision programme.

The way to eliminate uncorrected refractive error is through the development of all these aspects of a self-sustaining system, including personnel to provide eyecare services; and spectacles, to correct vision. In most developed countries the optometrist to population ratio is approximately , However, in developing countries the ratio is ,, and much worse in many rural areas, up to millions of people per optometrist.

This lack of practitioners is the main reason for high rates of vision problems due to uncorrected refractive error in developing countries. In order to deliver good quality eyecare to countries where the need is greatest, there needs to be a steady but substantial increase in the number of eyecare personnel trained in refraction and vision correction. The current desperate situation in many countries cannot wait for advanced optometry to develop but requires optometry to take a major role in training mid-level personnel in refractive care.

Whether it is the world's newest country, East Timor, or Ethiopia with its 70 million people, both without any optometrists, interim measures using nurse-refractionists or ophthalmic or optometric technicians that refract are essential. Many make the issue of refraction and vision correction too simple. Why not just use subjective trial and error? The main reason is that it does not work. Children accommodate, myopia is overcorrected, and hyperopia is undercorrected.

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It is a waste of time, resources and money to do it the wrong way. International optometry and opticianry have important roles to play in this task. Traditionally, these groups have been primarily involved in the private sector, generally looking after wealthier people in the community. But progressive leadership in optometry sees an ever-increasing role in the development of training and continuing education programmes for all levels of available eyecare personnel; in the establishment of infrastructure; in the development of effective models and programmes; in the delivery of eyecare services to meet community needs, and in the funding needed for the provision of training and low cost spectacles.

The need for glasses is also a public eye health opportunity not to be missed. Refractive care provides excellent access to the population for screening of more serious eye problems, such as cataract and diabetes. For every 1,, people the team has:. As the previous statistics show, there is a significant problem to be faced in addressing uncorrected refractive error. But understanding the scope of the problem, and most importantly, planning how to solve it, requires much more information than these simple numbers.

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Adequate prevalence data are necessary to determine the regions, population groups and age cohorts most in need of intervention, and, also, to provide the basis from which interventions in the future can be evaluated. As part of the front line of the eyecare team, optometry has a role to play in research as diverse as the aetiology of the epidemic of myopia in East Asia, to collecting the data needed to design effective eyecare interventions, both in refractive error and for other eyecare needs.

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Optometry can significantly contribute to the understanding of:. A series of studies around the world have begun to fill in the gaps in our knowledge of the burden of blindness and impaired vision in children caused by refractive error. The studies address the variation of refractive error with age, gender, race and geographic region, the extent to which it is being corrected, and how the prevalence is changing over time. At the completion of the African study, data will have been collected on approximately 30, children worldwide. Two other important contributions that optometry and the optical industry can make to the worldwide fight to eliminate avoidable blindness and impaired vision due to refractive error are:.

Developing the logistics and economics of self-sustaining eyecare at the community and institutional levels. Many ophthalmologists are also involved in scientific research into the causes of, and cures for, eye diseases and vision problems. How is an ophthalmologist educated and trained? In addition to four years of medical school and one year of internship, all ophthalmologists spend a minimum of three years of residency hospital-based training in ophthalmology.

During residency, ophthalmologists receive specialized training in all aspects of eye care, including prevention, diagnosis, and medical and surgical treatment of eye conditions and diseases. Often, an ophthalmologist spends an additional one to two years training in a subspecialty, or a specific area of eye care, such as glaucoma or pediatric ophthalmology.

All ophthalmologists are required to fulfill continuing education requirements to stay current regarding the latest standards of care. More Information about Ophthalmology For more information, you can visit the American Academy of Ophthalmology website. SmartSight is a resource from the American Academy of Ophthalmology that provides essential tips for making the most of remaining vision.

SmartSight also provides information resources for ophthalmologists to use in referring patients who need low vision rehabilitation services. Rosenthal and vision rehabilitation services: Empowering Doctors and Patients: Taking Charge of Diabetes What are vision rehabilitation services? What is a comprehensive low vision examination?

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Check out our Getting Started Kit for more ideas to help you live well with low vision. Sign up with VisionAware to receive free weekly email alerts for more helpful information and tips for everyday living with vision loss. Vision Rehabilitation Services. Meet Dr. The Low Vision Examination. There are contact lenses for almost all types of vision problems but only an eye care professional with proper training and experience can provide you with the right one for you. Seeing well is important, but the lenses also have to be safe, comfortable, and not impact on the long term health of your eyes.

Our Optometrists have extensive training and expertise in all types of contact lenses and will be happy to answer any question you might have about vision correction with contact lenses.

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Our Optometrists can also provide specialty contact lens fittings for keratoconus, severe dry eye, post corneal graft or transplant, among many other conditions. Our optometrists are fully qualified to provide LASER vision correction consultations, as well as complete before and after surgical care.

All children should have an eye exam before starting kindergarten. Undetected vision problems can lead to children being labelled as having behavioral or learning problems.

Children usually do not realize or complain of vision difficulties - they just assume that their vision is normal. All children deserve to see well; seeing an optometrist for a comprehensive eye exam is the best way to ensure they do. If you are a patient of Downtown Optometry Clinic and would like to purchase more contact lenses simply fill out the following page and click submit order! Payment is required at time of pick-up.

An order confirmation and invoice will be sent to you via email. Your contact lens prescription is valid for one year. If your prescription has expired we will contact you.

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