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How many times, just before placing an online order, have you noticed the Coupon Code option and wondered — Could I get it cheaper if I had a coupon code?

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Most of us will drop the order to go and look for an available coupon code. Some will skip this thought and continue with the purchase, feeling a bit gullible. A hacker, on the other hand, will probably have other ideas in mind Coupons have been used for over a decade by online retailers as a powerful advertising tool. As eCommerce rapidly expands, so does the number of online coupon codes offered to customers to attract their attention and replace the old printed ones. Today we can no longer ignore it; coupons have become an integral part of eCommerce. Despite this most online retailers take the security aspect of the coupon code mechanism for granted, keeping it too simple to abuse.

And as long as easy money is up for grabs - hackers will be there to collect it. In this post, we summarize why coupon codes are an easy target for hackers, what techniques hackers might apply to abuse the coupon code mechanism, and finally, what coupon code management policies should eCommerce retailers implement to stay protected.

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As you can see, there are plenty of sources where consumers are exposed to coupon codes. These sources are legitimate and do a good job persuading consumers that deals are worthwhile.

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A typical consumer, exposed to all these data sources, will be satisfied with the variety of discount opportunities and redeem the desired coupon for personal use. A hacker, however, will search for a way to benefit from all this easily accessible data.

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You will probably ask yourself, why do hackers need coupons? Will they go e-shopping with them? Or will they try to get them just because they can? They will try to use the available information and resources to escalate to the "next level" and reveal some major discounts. Once they get what they are looking for, they can use it as barter on the black market. A hacker can brute force the coupon code field value by trying all combinations of alphanumeric values of a certain length usually 4 to 10 characters. Guessing a character long string can be a time-consuming task.

A much more efficient technique would be to use all available data to create a list of coupon code phrases, eventually defining a dictionary to brute force with: This could be a general dictionary that contains the most common coupon code patterns. For example, the 30 most used code phrases by retailers are:. With a few intuitive assumptions, a hacker can easily build a nice dictionary out of these, including some obvious patterns such as "SaveXX", or "extraXX".

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For example, "SAVE25" and "save25" are typically interpreted as the same coupon code, making it easier to guess. Another option is to compile a custom dictionary, targeting a specific website, based on common patterns that were previously disclosed by the retailer. A hacker may try to exploit coupon code input validation by injecting SQL queries and obtaining sensitive information, resulting in extracting valid coupon codes or, if they get lucky, the entire coupon code database and more!

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  • Guess what? While most leading e-brands may have good input validation and strong anti-Brute Force protection, small online retailers may be unaware of the importance of safe coupon code mechanism management and stay vulnerable to the imposed threats.

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    • Here are some general guidelines that should be implemented to stay protected against such attacks:. Choose your eCommerce platform wisely: When using 3 rd party eCommerce platform, make sure that the platform is secure, and keep track of existing vulnerabilities.