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The Galaxy Note 9 has garnered a lot of hype for good reason. The huge 6. It's expensive, but we think the Note 9 is well worth the money.

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Motorola has been making our very cheap smartphones for a few years now, and the Moto G6 doesn't disappoint. And it's not just the size of the screen that we like the Moto G6 Plus is even bigger , it's also the colours and clarity. With its 12MP main camera, 1.

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If you're after a really good phone but don't want to spend too much money it's always a great option. There's no doubt about it, the OnePlus 6T is one of the very best Android phones on the market. If you choose your mobiles based on the quality of the camera, then the incredible dual-lens snapper will float your boat. The design and performance is in the same echelons as the Google Pixel 3 and some Huawei devces, and yet the price is so much better.

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Screen size: 5. The iPhone XS is by far one of Apple's greatest products to date. It has a very smart camera, is about as powerful an iPhone as you can get and has really impressive speakers. However, with all of these advancements and the bigger size of the handsets it carries a pretty hefty price tag which is why it has featured so far down this list. Apart from the price though it is an all round winner. By now the Google Pixel brand and camera quality have become synonymous with each other, Google manages to win on cameras every time and this is what they have done again with the Google Pixel 3.

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Along with the incredible camera, the phone also has a good feel and a nice screen to pull it all together. This is a definite choice for the photography fanatics out there. Usually we herald LG's flagship G series as the go to smartphone from the brand, but the LG V30 that it brought out in is so damn good that we have to point you in its direction instead.

The dazzling x screen is a particular strength and you immediately feel on first use that your handling an Android device no less premium than something of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's ilk. Get Started at Verizon's site. At a glance: Unlimited talk and text, 5GB of data per line.

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Why we like it: A no-frills family plan with an affordable price tag. At a glance: Includes any combination of 30 minutes or texts; 10 cents per minute or message over the limit. Why we like it: Bare-bones plan with a price to match. Get started at T-Mobile's site.

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Get started at Cricket Wireless's site. Get started at Sprint's site. New smartphone releases are generally on the pricey side. If you aren't dying to have the latest device as soon as it comes out, waiting a few months for the price to drop can really pay off. Apple products typically take around a year to decrease in price.

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Most new Sony, LG and Samsung products become substantially more affordable within three to six months after release. Amazon and eBay usually have good selections of these products, and both frequently offer cell phone promo codes and coupons. If you're a dedicated early adopter, look for presales, which might offer an opportunity to save some cash.

If you don't want to drop money on a new release, shop for a prior model. Do some research into when your preferred model line is due for a new release, and then a month before the new phone drops, be on the lookout for sales on previous generations. It's during this time that manufacturers mark down previous models to make room for the newest ones, allowing you to score a great cell phone deal. Save even more by opting for an even older model; just make sure the phone's specs meet your needs.

Alternately, you can try out a used or refurbished device. You can find both older and preowned devices at eBay and Amazon. What to Consider When Purchasing a Cell Phone When you're purchasing a cell phone, make sure the device you select has sufficient memory, speed, camera precision and general functionality to meet your needs.

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