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This greater capacity means more devices, from self-driving cars to home sensors, can be connected more of the time. The radio waves that 5G uses to ferry 1s and 0s through the air are more compact than those used by 4G, which means more data packed into a tighter space. Even better, 5G chips and antennas should be more compact and lightweight than their 4G predecessors, thanks to improvements in manufacturing technology.

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To take advantage of these ultra-fast speeds, you're going to need to upgrade your handset — a new 5G modem inside your phone is required to connect to 5G networks, and in we're starting to see the first 5G phones hit the UK. These phones will fall back to 4G or slower connection speeds whenever 5G isn't available.

5G UK: the phones, networks, and deals you need for 5G in the UK

At the moment the choice of 5G phones is rather slim, but more and more of these phones will start to appear over time. Plenty more 5G phones are on the way: the OnePlus 7 and the Huawei P30 are expected to come with 5G on board, while Sony's next flagship the follow up to the Xperia 1 is also being tipped to come with the next-gen technology.

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Unfortunately for Apple fans, 5G might not hit the iPhone until This reveal means that it will technically beat Vodafone's UK 5G launch by a matter of days. According to EE, it will focus on outdoors 5G coverage before moving inside, with the four capital cities of London, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast, joined by Birmingham and Manchester as the first beneficiaries. All of these 5G devices are available to pre-order from EE today.

Vodafone being one of the first UK networks to switch on its 5G service makes sense as it was one of the first major players to start testing 5G technologies, bringing 5G to Manchester Airport earlier this year. More "travel hotspots" are going to be popping up around the country throughout the year as 5G becomes more widespread, too, Vodafone has said.

Three: The UK's best value mobile network?

Even when you've got a 5G phone in your possession, you still need a 5G network to connect it to. At this stage though, it may well be worth switching. Want some pointers? You can boost your chances of getting a discount on your mobile phone contract by using our tried and tested haggling script. Wait for the initial response as you may be put through to a specialist cancellation team.

If you are put through, or even if you are still with the original provider, next say:. Here, it's better to flag a specific deal that you've seen offered elsewhere. Even if you are offered some incentives by the provider to stay at this point, it's worth pushing a little harder. Select which incentive suits you best.

If you're happy with the deal offered to you, you can sign up then and there. If all else fails, it may be time to switch. Outside the big four - O2, Vodafone, EE and Three, a wide range of operators are now competing for your business, and some of them offer great value for money on Sim-only deals. Switching is easy, and you should be able to keep your old number:. Ready to switch? Check our mobile phone provider reviews to see which come out on top. How to haggle for the best mobile phone deals By Jon Barrow.

Put us to the test Our Test Labs compare features and prices on a range of products. Sign up now or login. You can store data up to 3 years. An added benefit to all this comes if you have multiple plans on one account with Sky Mobile. Because then any of the users on the account can take data out of a joint Piggybank that everyone can access.

So if you have one person not using all their data but someone else who is, it all evens out across the group.

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Useful link: Read our full Sky Mobile review. What we like: Chance to offload and not waste surplus data Full control over what each user gets. What we don't like: No longer available to new customers Pricing hard to calculate up front Pain to manage and administer. Vodafone review. Change your cookie settings Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer when you visit some websites.

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Shared mobile plans for family and friends: each UK network compared. Shared mobile plans explained There are two types of mobile sharer or family plans Here's how they work and their benefits. Family plans that give you discounts on extra deals.

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This type of shared mobile plan is easiest to understand and probably the most beneficial: You take out one main phone contract or a SIM only deal. Sharer plans that let you split and share data. Our ranking: 1st. Max extra plans on one account: 4x extra, 5 in total. Our ranking: 2nd. Our ranking: 3rd. Max extra plans on one account: 9 extra, 10 in total.

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Our ranking: 4th. Max extra plans on one account: 4 extra, 5 in total. Our ranking: 5th. Our ranking: 6th. Max extra plans on one account: 20 extra, 21 in total. One-off rewards for taking multiple deals These networks offer rewards for getting people to join them. Last: Every other mobile network in the UK!

If you're specifically interested in additional SIM only plans, we'd recommend doing a check on all providers' prices first using our comparison tool: Useful link: Compare SIM only deals using our comparison tool. Plans that let you share data 1st: EE's Data Gifting is the simplest data-sharing system. Networks ranked by other features Data rollover plans.

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