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This store in across from our hospital, that is exposure enough, from visitors, and yes, the hospital staff can you imagine eating hospital food for your lunch everyday?

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I believe you have the number 1 chicken, and now the number one location. Thanks for finally listening, and I sure you will be happy here. I ordered 2 legs, a breast, and a large order of rice. It took thirty minutes to get my food and the order was wrong on top of that. Also churches breast peice is only a bit larger than the leg peice.

I wont be going back anytime soon. My Churchs is good. Of course, every franchise has problems. It depends on who is running that particular location.

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Dirty and unorganized people run dirty locations and clean and organized people run clean and organized locations. Dont blame in on Churchs. Most of the time they have no idea that their restuarants are being run in that way. Shall I say more? Dont complain about Churchs. Complain about the employees. When consumers get service for money Spent then the customer should get what they pay for. They are not putting money into our pockets, we are putting millions into theirs. The whole store is dirty and the employees are rude.

I left and have no plans of ever going back. My first and last visit.

I ordered a family size coleslaw and she gave me 2 smalls. When I asked I was told it was the same amount. The Chicken was tasteless. I will go back to Chicken Express or Popeyes next time. My first time was a place called Westend near Birmingham Ala. Then Found them in Bessemer,Ala. I am 63 years old now and moved to a little place called Fredonia,Kentucky 4and a half years ago. So now we get out and ride to Clarksville,Tenn.

How do I remember the first place my son is 43 and it was before I had him. Second time their employees have attempted to pull this same scam on me. I refrained from telling her what I thought of her inept ability to take a simple order, but I did say she still had the price wrong, and I left.

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Yeah, I seem to always have the same issue, but choose to wait for it to be ready. Every time I go to my local store at east main in whitehall ohio There is always an issue I have never had a good experience at this store. The prices are always different. I have been charged 80 cents more for a 3 piece combo and I once complained to the company.

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I got a call from the store manager that I could get 2 free meals and to call her when I was ready to get them. She never answered my calls so never got the free meals. She always says have a blessed day. Really at 7PM?? Once again KFC was right across the street and had chicken ready they got my 20 dollars and most likely I will not be stopping at the churches until they get a new manager.

Great location!! Time limit is exhausted. Skip to content. Menu Nutrition. Join the Conversation 47 Comments Attempting to respond to request for feedback. Okra has been added to the menu. Thanks for your suggestion. The young lady at the window was very nice. With us, you never have to worry about quality. We strive to be environmentally conscious by using cardboard boxes to serve our meals and are actively seeking other ways to deliver our food products without using any Styrofoam or plastic.

A local favourite, we're one of the best and quickest spots in town. We provide several delicious menu options and treats for the younger ones including chicken, fries and other tasty items.

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Next time you're in need of place that offers a quality family dinner, head on over to our place and grab a meal for the whole gang. Are you looking for a local restaurant to provide professional catering at your next event?

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