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Old Mother Hubbard uses all-natural, fresh ingredients such as chicken, cheddar cheese, sweet potatoes, apples, and oatmeal to create heart-warmingly delicious dog treats. Every treat is slowly oven-baked to make sure your dog isn't losing out on any of the great health benefits. So when it comes time to reward your dog for a job well done, you don't need to think twice about grabbing these wholesome treats!

Home Brands Old Mother Hubbard. Old Mother Hubbard Old Mother Hubbard uses all-natural, fresh ingredients such as chicken, cheddar cheese, sweet potatoes, apples, and oatmeal to create heart-warmingly delicious dog treats. Show 16 32 Get Ajax Info. Add to Cart. This line of food is supposed to be good for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. The crude protein and fat in these foods are lower than in many dog foods 21 to 26 percent crude protein and 11 to 12 percent crude fat , but this is true of many of the Wellness dog foods.

According to Wellness, these foods have only five main ingredients chosen for their quality and nutritional value. Wellness TruFoods are baked or dehydrated and made in smaller batches than its other lines. Each recipe is created with loads of nutritional value and can be fed to your dog as a meal, or you can use it as an ingredient in your own homemade dog food. While this formula is advertised as a limited ingredient diet, this is not technically the case. As previously mentioned, the Simple line of foods is supposed to only have five main ingredients, chosen for their quality and nutrition.

However, there are more than 20 ingredients in total. When your vet tells you to feed your dog a limited ingredient diet, that means one protein, one fat, and one carbohydrate. So, if your dog does have food allergies or food sensitivities , a commercial limited ingredient diet may not solve the problem.

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However, this formula avoids many of the major ingredients that cause problems for dogs, so it should not be overlooked. The Simple line of foods has no wheat, gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, or soy. It is also void of artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Note: The first ingredient in this recipe, lamb, is one of the most frequent causes of food allergies in dogs. At one time it was a novel protein but it has been used in dog food so much in the last 20 years that many dogs have developed an allergy to it. As with many other Wellness foods, we think the protein and fat percentages are a little low, while the carb percentage is rather high.

The first five ingredients in the food are lamb, lamb meal, oatmeal, peas, and ground rice. We note that the food uses proteinated or chelated minerals , which are easier for dogs to digest. These are usually seen in better dog foods since they cost more for the manufacturer to purchase. The food also has several fermentation products to help dogs digest the food. This is becoming more common today, especially in foods with peas and other unusual grain substitutes because dogs can have trouble digesting these ingredients.

However, we like the natural prebiotic chicory root extract. This food might be helpful for some dogs who have food sensitivities or allergies. Wellness is an established brand, and you can find it just about anywhere premium dog foods are sold, as well as from online dog food retailers like Chewy. One of our dogs has is severely allergic to chicken.

We have had a very hard time finding a food that does not contain some sort of chicken, chicken fat…ect…. Besides the fact that he absolutely loves it!! He had horrible allergeric reactions to any food with chicken. I love Wellness food. Starting our new Boston on Wellness Core this week.

I hope this helps. Hi, my yorkie cross has been on the small breed wellness and I wanted to know if the adult lamb barley wellness would have any negative reactions with her as the products were close together on the shelf and i didn. I went to the large bag which was closed fully and opened it for a second to peek inside and OMG the bag was crawling with moths………. I love this product for my Shih Tzu and will continue to buy more and exchange the problematic bag.

Has anyone else reported this problem? The bag was completely sealed. When I opened it, moths flew out of the bag and were crawling in the food. Since this is Sunday, I will be contacting Wellness during business hours tomorrow. I really want an explanation. I would question the sanitation practices at the store you purchased the food from more than the food itself. I work at Petco and can tell you the problem comes from purina foods. Mainy proplan. Gets shipped to us with moths.

Definitely unsettling. My dog is a very picky eater, and I have bought numerous brands trying go get her to eat something. What recommendations do you have? Most dogs are semi excited to eat.. But not mine. I really want to feed her what is best for her, and the wishy washy is driving me crazy!

The food smells like what it is! Salmon a la Veg smells like salmon, Duck and Sweet potato like duck, etc. I always add a topper hard boiled eggs, cooked meat-my dogs cannot handle the raw-, and even yogurt. Hope this helps! I will add a few tbsps of that to their kibble with meat, and they love it!

I have three dogs, all different ages and breeds all over 50 lbs. Thinking they either are using inferior products now or another company is making this food with inferior products.


Here are some that have been bought out lately by Mars hope this helps! We have 2 Great Pyrenees and feed Fromm — family owned company, never outsource and are very responsive to customer questions — call and talk to them before you buy 4. I spent probably hours researching dog foods for large breed puppies when we got our first rescue GP because I realized I knew nothing about the specific needs of large breed dogs — there are many veterinary sites you can access.

Hope you and your dog are well. I have been having similar problems finding bags of the Simple, Had to return because it was full of worms. Just horrifying and extremely disappointed in the company. Its been a great food for my dogs who are sensitive to many foods and has left me scrambling to figure out my next step. The same thing happened to me with 4 Senoir Dog Food Formula large bags where there were moths and larvae when we opened up the sealed tight bsgs. Some of the moths were coming out from the side holes that are now featured with newly designed bags for the food to breathe.

I immediately called my pet food store who Ofcourse exchanged all of the bags, opened new ones to check if they were moth free and they re-closed them tight with tape. This happened in August I have never experiences this moth issue until I put him on the senior food and since they changed the bag design. I have a 2 year old Aussie on Wellness Low Fat Core formula and checked his bags and his have never had any infestation problems.

I called Wellness this past August to report the issue and they explained this type of moth tends to infest bags during stays in facilities or when the food is transported from facility to stores. I would expect places like Petco, Petsmart or chain stores to have this problem because of how they store their food. This is Jan 11, ! I called the store just to warn them I think there is something wrong with the Senior Formula since we were just there last week to buy the Low Fat Core grain free bag for my other dog and again, that was larvae free and always has been.

I had the same problem.

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It had a lot of holes and worms. Its interesting that while my dogs were eating the wellness dog food all 3 of my them would have intermittent diarrhea. Once I switched I have not had a problem. I am concerned how long this has been going on? I am currently having the same issue. My Scottish terrier now has diarrhea. I contacted Wellness so we will see if they have any answers. I was thinking about starting my pug on the same thing. I was just about to buy this for the new puppy I am bringing home next week.

Looks like I need to change direction. Had the same issue. Bought two bags of large puppy breed food supposed to be good till dec Opened and used one bag and it was fine, opened second bag and it was infested with moths. Returned it to store and filed complaint with FDA. It was disgusting. I have had that issue and thought it was the petshops moths, never crossed my mind that it could have happens to others as well.

My moths came in the vegetarian treats. Purchased in Miami fl. Happened with 2 different types of Wellness and over the course of months from two different stores, Petco and PetSmart. Plus, there were no holes in the bag, indicating the moths entered. It appears that the infestation occured at the point of manufacturing. I will no longer purchase Wellness until they resolve the infestation. Were any of these from the CORE grain-free line? I usually feed him Orijen but no one sells it locally and I wanted to have a reliable local brand as a back-up.

The Core line looked good and we just started the bag — he loves it. I have no idea if I would recognize moth larvae or not, however, and I wonder now if the risk is worth it. The moths are meal moths and can infest ANY animal food.

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I worked at a Petsmart DC and meal moths are a serious issue they fight. If you see small brown moths or what look like maggots in or around any food let the distributor know or the whole store can be infested. I have been buying Wellness dog food for 17 years and never have had moths in the bag.

I suspect the store has a problem. Meal worms can get into what seem to be a sealed bag.

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Rescued dog in feb that had severe digestive and nerve problems.. Am concerned though where does the salmon come from as many salmon farms spray their fish with a preservative that is considered carcinogenic…anyone have thoughts on this? I have been buying small breed for a long time and opened a bag full of ants. If you look at the bottom of all of your small breed bags there are 2 small holes that occur in manufacturing.

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This is VERY dangerous. Not only can it allow pests into your bags it can also allow chemicals of any kind into your bags that can be harmful to your pet. Wellness has not answered my calls, but I found this to be true of ALL dog foods I found at 4 different stores. We switched from Science Diet which we used for my now 17 year old Doxxie.. This last batch I picked up seemed different, as it had no odor.. Usually this canned food drives both dogs crazy and smalls just like Chicken! Not this batch.. It just had no odor but we fed the dogs anyway..

After a few cans we noticed that my Doxxie was gassy and eventually his stool became loose.. So we discontinued using the canned food.. We are concerned that perhaps this batch is bad! Please advise as I dread having to do any further investigation on this food.. I threw away several cans thinking the batch was bad but have purchased others with the same result. What are the calories per cup in the Wellness adult small dog food????? Can not find listed anywhere on bag or on line.

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What are the calories in Wellness adult small dog. Not listed on bag or on line. Please somebody reply. I have been feeding my 3 small dogs both the Wellness grain free small bites and mixing it with the grain free canned food for about 1 year. I was about halfway thru a bag of kibbles and noticed some small holes in the kibbles.

I immediately returned the bag where I had purchased and they informed me they had not had a problem but gave me another bag. I thought maybe it was something contacted in my pantry at home. I opened the new bag and the kibbles were full of small holes. I further examined and found that some of the kibbles had small worms. I have no idea how many bags that I purchased might have been infected with worms. The holes in the kibbles are not that easy to see.

By the other posts it looks like this is an ongoing problem with the dog food. Why is the manufacturer not returning calls? Today, after being on for 3 weeks on this product, he had diarrhea 3 times! Every bag i buy is super fresh! Been feeding my dog the small breed and he loves it! His stools have also gotten a lot firmer! Love this food brand! I just started my dogs on it and have not had any trouble yet either.

I sure will watch now but will not stop feeding them the food. Been using wellness small breed for years. Have never gotten a bad bag. This is really alarming.

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  6. Can anyone be trusted? We buy the large bags, keep them in the house sealed in a drawer in a bedroom not garage. They stay fresh for months. We keep bags sealed completely. Hope all your pets are ok and no longer sick. At WellPet we are committed to providing the highest quality pet foods and treats available. Yes, the cupboard is bare, so Mother Hubbard picks up her purple purse and goes shopping to try to make it up to the poor dog. Each time she returns home, she finds him up to all kinds of mischief. The big, close-up pictures, with thick black lines and blazing color combine slapstick and coziness, whether the dog is washing the cat or reading the news or wearing his new blue wig.

    As in Cabrera's Over in the Meadow , the chanting rhymes and exuberant illustrations make a great read-aloud for young preschoolers. They will enjoy the switch each time from Mother Hubbard's silliness in the store to the dog's trouble at home, until, finally, the pooch discards all the stuff and gets his great big white bone, "Bow-Wow! All rights reserved. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we'll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

    Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Light-hearted illustrations accompany this zany version of the familiar nursery rhyme about an old woman and her playful dog as she sets off on a wacky shopping spree to buy him everything but the bone he craves. Read more Read less. From Booklist Ages To get the free app, enter mobile phone number.

    See all free Kindle reading apps.