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I will only let Sam cut my hair there. She's great. If she leaves this location I won't be going back. Great for an in and out haircut. The app to book an appointment is so convenient and the staff is really friendly. I went in to get a hair cut. They ended up cutting them all for the same price. Went there on a previous day and asked for a zero on the sides with a high blend. I thought it was ok until I went home and noticed it was not what I had asked for.

I went back in the following day and dealt with the manager Erin who was very happy to fix me up at no cost, not only did she fix what was wrong she went over the rest of my hair to make sure I was happy. Very high level of customer service and satisfaction, I will be going back for sure. Have been going there for the past 13 years. The turnover of staff has not really affected the quality of the service.

I do have to mention that I get a basic mens haircut and its not really that special. The online check in is a wonderful feature and helps avoid wait times. The staff is always friendly and pay attention to cleanliness. Fast and friendly. Skill level is generally good but every once in awhile I get someone that isn't very thorough or consistent.

Keep your eye out for coupons. My 10 year old gets good cuts here. For simple cuts this is a decent place. While waiting to get my hair cut I was a walk-in but didn't have to wait long , I happened to look at the bad reviews here. Needless to say, I was just getting ready to walk out the door when Marissa called me.

She was friendly and cut my hair exactly the way I asked. I am very happy, and I'm sorry to have doubted you guys! Thanks for the great cut; I will be back again! A cheaper option to go here. If you check in online, you'll get a seat right away. You'll have to let them know specifically what you want if you haven't been here before.

I have been there several times, and have always been satisfied with the haircut and service. But my cut on the 21st was great. Thanks , Chelsea. This place is awesome. If you don't care about a scalp massage or a hot towel on your face and just want a good haircut i highly recommend. They do a decent job for the price. Ashely is really good. Usually not busy as well.

Walkins are accepted. I have big long curly hair and I got an excellent cut for an excellent price. Probably my best cut ever. She checked with me before cutting to ensure that when my hair bounced up the length was still ok. I won't be getting ripped off at other salons because I have hair that is longer and thicker so they up the price. Thanks Amy! Dosh is great she cuts it like you want it cut. She has me for a regular customer. Friendly, funny, and fast. The building is clean and looks well kept. Highly recommend this location! I had Jasmine and she was awesome!

Very friendly and I loved my hair. Also bought some hair products cause they have great sales going on right now. Clean, no wait, but staff has no sense of humor. Tried to joke around while checking in and stylist was very brusque. Not like they are super busy, watching another stylist state out the window, waiting for a client.

All the girls were friendly and professional, I received a great cut! Very friendly atmosphere. Stopped here for a haircut after not having one in months. Very helpful staff saw me right away. Haircut looked great and they put everything into their system so it will be easy to explain what I want next time. Got my hair cut here this afternoon and I had a really good experience. They were very quick, did what I asked for, and my cut looks great, all at a very affordable price. I will definitely be going back. Friendly staff. They write down your haircut preference so you won't have to explain next time you come in..

I haven't had my hair cut by a pro in a long, long time. Well, Amber listened to me, and didn't try to think she knew better, and trimmed my bangs beautifully! I'm so happy! I'm afraid of hairstylists, too. Been butchered way too often. I want to keep my long hair even if my ends may be dry. I've bleached my hair for over 30 years, so, of course they are! LOL I'll be back in a month, and this time, I think I 'll even trust her enough to trim my whole head! Thank you so much, Amber! I have been going there for my haircut for many years and very satisfied with any hairdresser to do my hair as requests with no problems!!!!!

I once got a terrible haircut from a man here but he is fired now. I recommend Irina she is very professional and actually knows how to cut hair. Very sweet lady and does an excellent job. Stick with her, the others are not professional and does a bad job. Very good place but I only go to one person, Irine, she is so amazing and wonderful, very sweet lady. She's the only person I trust. I always check in online using the great clips smartphone app.

Saves me a wait, competent staff, fast haircuts. So far good results. I get a basic men's haircut, nothing fancy. They do not always give you what you ask for, their walk-In and reservation procedure is weird, and the barbers are pretty pompous. Go somewhere else. I had a "Great" experience today with Teresa.

She did a cut and highlight, and I absolutely "Love it"! Would highly recommend her. Does a wonderful job for my mother!! I have a great cut every time. I have been going there for 2 years now and very enjoyable experience. They keep track of the cut I want so super job done every time.

The staff treat me like a valuable customer. I've been going to the Orchard park location for a few years now and haven't had any issues. They always do a good job on my hair for the price and I always get compliments on it. I have had some horrible cuts, and some very good cuts. Right now I wait for Ashley. She knows what she is doing. Service is prompt consistent and cordial.

They get to know your name and keep you coming back with great service. The Cuts card is a nice added convenience. I love the way the caring staff helped calm my son with his first haircut.. Always professional and timely service by the staff. Also, they have the ability to check in online via mobile app. Dosh is the best!!

I' ve had hair cuts from lots of places. And they never could get it right. Dosh did and i dont ever want to loose her!! Thank you Dosh! These guys do great work. They save your haircut in their system for next time you come in. Sadly it is hard to get the same hairdresser each time you come in as it seems there are different people in there each time.

I have no complaints as everyone always does a great job when I go in. My boyfriend goes there and it's always hit and miss he always gets the same cut very simple a fade with a not difficult but most the time he comes home he has a line and he's always gotta take the trimmers to his new hair. But we have always delt with very nice girls. It's still the only place we go bc when they get it right they get it right lol. I fill this is how it is where ever you go some ppl are better then others and some are worse then others so just find the right person for your needs and wants and once you find that one person that does your hair flawless take the name and just always go to her.

Great clips has good variety when it comes to the P's and Q's of all the different cuts out there so find the right fit for you and it will all work out great. Excuse me to talk your awful Comments. But I work at Great Clips south common, and although you may have bad experiences in past our team now is very great with all our certificates and either trust one hundred percent if you have a problem with your haircut you may come back let us know and we will fix it for you.

However I know that me and the girls that are with me on my team will do a hundred percent right haircut for you and you will come back as many of our customers do. Thank you very much. Brian is amazing. Very professional and does an awesome job. Always leave happy. Nice ladies who don't mind cutting men's hair and minimal chit chat. Quick too. I have noticed a few negative reviews for this location and have to say from my personal experience, never have I had a bad experience or results.

All personal have treated me kindly and with respect. I travel on occasion and in some cases I am away from home on extended visits to other states and have Great Clips haircuts while there. Allways treated well with good hair cut results. After a stylist at another salon damaged my hair terribly with some ill-advised foils, Laura did a great job of coming up with a cut that would remove most of the damage but be easy to grow out. A year later, I'm back to my regular length, with much healthier hair, thanks to a good cut and some helpful tips for keeping it conditioned.

Super nice people! They have literally watched our kids grow and have begun to cut their hair. As a guy who gets as basic of a haircut as possible they do a great job for a reasonable price. Thanks for the great cuts! They do a good job at the right price. I recommend using the mobile app to check in. Friendly beautiful young ladies. And a great haircut. It doesn't get better then that. This was my first visit ever to a Great Clips salon. It was clean, neat and gave you the feeling of a Hair Cuttery salon just a little smaller and they had 3 ladies in there working hard with chairs full and a list full of clients waiting to be seen approximately a 1hr wait is what I was advised of when I walked in.

I was greeted by a lady at the first chair whom appeared to be the one assigned to cutting as well as checking in customers , informed of the wait time and then my information was taken. Jenna trimmed my hair. She listened to what I wanted and asked appropriate questions, she was very nice, personable, quick and gave me exactly what I wanted.

I didn't feel there was anything unprofessional or inappropriate during my time in the salon. The other two ladies as well as Jenna seemed to interact kindly and well with every customer that they encountered. During my wait, I witnessed each of them work on men, women and children with different hair types and lengths with ease. I would definitely return. One thing to know is that you can sign in online prior to your arrival and this will help cut your wait time in the salon.

Had I known this, I would've definitely done it. Love comeing to great clips in Jacksonville the services are amazing an the stylist are alsome an the wait time is always on point. My haircuts have ranged the whole gamut from stellar to disappointing I want to commend Julie for my experience on Saturday, April She listened carefully to my description of what I hoped to achieve, and she made it happen. All of the Great Clips hair stylists know how to cut hair, but they don't all know how to listen. I commend Julie for being excellent at both. Loving my new cut, A Satisfied Customer.

Always treat me well and do a great job on my hair. Also, I strongly recommend downloading the great clips app and checking in when you're on your way. I've been coming to this location since I was 17yrs old I'm 34 now. Chrissy is the only one that's ever cut my hair but all the girls I would trust. They are professional and easy to work with to get what you want.

I will not go anywhere else. Never gotten anything less than what I asked for. Have been going here for 6 years whenever its time. Been going to this place for a while now, when I was younger and out of town, I would come to the city every time I needed a haircut I would come from elk city because Norma is the only one I trust to cut my hair, and now that I'm a bit older and have kids, she cuts their hair and is so good with them, I would definitely recommend her.

Great experience with Norma. She's so great with our son and makes him so comfortable. She's the only one we go there for! It was my first time goin and after i read every one rating i said oh what i got to loose nothing but first time i love it maria oviedo was the name of my stylist she did.

I loved my haircut Alexis did an amazing job i couldnt have gotten a better experience than the one i got there. She listened and was very helpful and friendly.

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Great haircut for a great price. Watch out for coupons and specials. My kids and I go here. I have been going there for one year; it's one barbershop I have ever been to. I come to Great Clips every two weeks and never had a bad experience! I highly recommend getting your haircut here. Request Karen, she is great! I just had a hair cut today. I simply overwhelmed by the service. They are too good. I had best hair cut ever in my 30 years. Highly recommended. They are pro Quickest haircut I've ever had.

Buzzed my sides and trimmed my Mohawk in 20 mins. Awesome service!

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Absolutely the best customer service. Love this atmosphere. Very fast and efficient. They do a good job on cutting my hair an they listen to the customers in what they want. Get my haircut here from Bin bi-weekly. Love her attitude and attention to detail. The manager "Norma", I believe is her name is very rude. Don't get onto the other women openly and loud enough for customers to hear. It makes it awkward for us and them.

I come specifically for one person. Don't be angry because a customer prefers one over the other. Maybe if you were better at your job, someone would come specifically for you. The manager here is less than amiable. Having said that, the rest of the team is pleasant to deal with and I go here if the Hefner store is just crazy busy. Enrique is the Michael Angelo of the Hair Salon. He is respectful and kind as well as a fantastic stylist! Suggest him next time you need a trim. Sharon has done an amazing job doing my hair.

I had the same haircut by Sharon couple of weeks ago and received too many compliments from my workplace. This time around when I came back, it was Sharon who again did my hair and she had done another yet exceptional job, consistent from last time. She made me feel confident about my haircut as well, which is a good thing to put magic on your haircut.

I've always gotten great haircuts here, far better than most other places in Corvallis and they even fixed a terrible haircut I had gotten elsewhere! Highly recommend.

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I only know the names of two of the hairdressers Leslie and Susan, who I believe is the owner. Both of these ladies give fantastic haircuts, for both my husband and myself. Even though we've moved to Abbotsford, we come back to this location for our haircuts. We haven't had a bad cut ever, and my husband has whoever is available cut his hair. Love these guys! I stinking love this place its the best place to get your hair in Logan ohio Its clean the girls are awesome! Absolutely wonderful staff. This is the only place I come when I need a haircut.

Loved my bangs! I didn't like how blunt the woman cut it so all I did was tell her and she fixed it! Good customer service. The fact that this place is often busy should tell you something. I've gotten several haircuts here and never had any problems. They don't take American Express which is a little annoying, but from having several stylists cut my hair, they typically do a great job and quickly. Depending on who you get sometimes you get a great cut Sometimes its not so great. Way better than the expensive salons. Jessica has always became such a great friend and she knows what I like better than myself.

Great Clips Employee Reviews

She knows how to make you feel comfortable and at peace while getting your hair done. I trust her to point I don't really have look in the mirror, very professional. Ashley did an amazing job, my hair was a mess, way too long! In no time it was cut and I was on my way, got compliments on the cut from a couple of ladies! Thanks Ashley! I will be back, it will be a little shorter this time, lol! Great Clips - Great Service Mary did an excellent job managing my hobo hair.

Now I look clean and professional! Mary was kind, professional, and had a great personality. I would recommend this location to anyone! Great Job Great Clips! Out of town hair emergency! I walked in without an appointment. The salon was busy but my wait was short. I have lots of thick difficult hair.

Linda gave me an excellent hair cut in no time at all. Very pleased with my visit. All of the employees here are very friendly and professional. I have never gotten a bad haircut here and will travel across town for this place. Use the online login and save time. I couldn't be happier with their service. There is a few hairdressers that are extremely rude but I've been going there for a few years and there is 2 ladies I like going to, always a great cut and good conversation, I'll only go there for a cut if 1 of these 2 ladies are there Wonderful place with great ppl!!

Friendly experienced stylist! Online check in helps reduce waiting long too! Came here yesterday in need of a haircut in order to meet an important client. A Stylist was just starting her shift at pm. She gave me an awesome cut , in a short time. Truly amazing service. Maybe one of the most effective hair cuts ever. The stylist used a razor to cut my hair. Very kind and polite staff! I've been coming to see Marcus for many years now, and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. Entire staff is wonderful and I don't hesitate to recommend them to my friends.

After years of not being able to have my hair cut without feeling worried, I've found my happy place! Used to just get trims, now I get hair cuts and styles done every couple months. Absolutely love it! I like Shirley It's a great store and the employees care. I've been going to this Great Clips for 4 years now.

I always go when Richard is working and he has never cut my hair badly once. I wouldn't dare going anywhere else because, why risk it? Richard is the best. I even sent my Dad to get his haircut with Richard and he was not disappointed. I can't speak for all Great Clips, but Richard at the Berkeley location is by far the best hair cutter I've ever had. Get my hair cut here on a fairly regular basis, only had one time that it looked little off - uneven - but it grew back and all was well the next cut.

Never have waited longer than 15 minutes and if I was to use the online signup it would be walk in and sit down. Always tip the person that cuts your hair the way you like it done. Friendly staff and great prices for simple haircuts. To avoid waiting, check in online. Quick and easy. Only cut my hair less than 15 minutes, nothing fancy, just simple. And good price!! Love that lady who cut my hair just right! I have always gotten a great haircut from the ladies at this location. Granted, my haircut is very easy for them to do, but still I'm usually in and out within 20 minutes. I'm soon moving and will have to go to another Great Clips location.

I hope they do as good of a job as the ladies at this location. Oh yes they are savage! Only thing is they ain't in Toronto! I hope they expand their franchise in Toronto! I've been going here for quite a while and their system of hair cutting is p impressive! I won't leave them for my hair cuts. Great experience here. Michelle is Aveda trained, but unlike the Aveda salon, doesn't take almost two hours for a simple trim.

The Aveda people can't even get rid of the split ends while they're messing around with your hair doing who knows what. Michelle is also super nice as well as having an amazing cut of her own. Look for the younger lady with black hair who looks like she should be having brunch at a Paris bistro.

This is my new favorite place for a cut. I only let Candace cut my hair from here on out. She does a great job!! Everyone else is taking a gamble. Went in for a trim, it was low priced and the stylist was focused on my hair the whole time. I like the online check in and the fact that they keep my preferences on file. I was told there could be a wait of 30 mins but I was in a chair in It was spring break Friday so they were busy.

I will certainly go back for my next cut!

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I really love this salon! Julia has been my stylist for years and does a great job on my hair cuts. Great price too. I like the check in system so I don't have to wait. On line check in is awesome. It simply cuts the time I have to wait dramatically.

A computer history helps them track what your preference is. Do ask that the stylist update it if you make a change Price is in the lower range. That aside, I think they do a good job here and I've frequented the one on May as well but prefer the folks here. Clean environment, clean equipment, friendly stuff , more care for their work. Huge shout out to Libby.

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She has cut my hair three times now. My first with her was after a truly horrible cut at the Walmart Family Salon just before Thanksgiving. She evened out my hair and has been coaxing it into a well coiffed hair do. My hair is finally growing in and looks fantastic! Thank you, thank you, Libby!! She listened to me and cut it just the way I wanted it.

Their seasoned staff is courteous, intelligent, down to earth, yet humble lady's that listen to you, as they each pay attention to detail. You want a great experience? This IS the place to go, I wouldn't go anywhere else!! Mine was looking awful. I have long, thin, curly hair ad Angelina gave me a fantastic layered cut and trimmed my side bangs. She took her time and talked me through every single step. I could not be more happy with the cut and the price! I will be back! I love these ladies! Super nice and super patient. My daughter is special needs and they are great with her!!

I have fine hair with a very specific style and she did an amazing job. She listened to what I had to say and cut it perfectly. Great job. Great Clips is a select service, that way you only pay for the services you want! We guarantee all of our services and products as well as offer a online check in to save time, simply download the free app to your smart phone or check in on a computer, very user friendly and so convenient! I usually get good service all the time just wish they will sent more Cupons.

Like any other great clips. I would ask for the Arab lady if possible, she's the best out of the bunch. My girl Tera was so nice and I know my hair is a hopeless struggle but she did an amazing job!! My hair looks so healthy and bouncy: very happy with my experience!! Contrary to other reviewers, I have only had good haircuts and friendly service here. Generally not busy unless you show up during a rush without signing in online. I usually get my hair cut by Lisa and Julia. They always are respectfull and give me a decent cut or sharp up. Friendly knowledgeable staff. Fast and affordable.

They do a nice men's cut. Love this location. Online check in keeps the wait to a minimum when you arrive and they always know how you cut your hair so you don't have to keep explaining each visit. Online check-in cuts the time I spend on this errand in half. Stylists at this location are generally very easy to tell to.

We brought our 3 boys in ages 6,3,3 yes twins and had a great experience. We were told we would probably have to wait because of previous call in appointments, but we had to wait less than 10 minutes. Andrea and Kayla were so patient and gave them the best haircuts we have had. I will definitely go back for the rest of my kids cuts. Awesome service. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. Great hair cut as well!

Excellent personable staff and very hard working. I like the people there and that they do a good job on all our family members hair. Everyone there is friendly, got my hair done just the way i want it, no complaints at all. Jamie cut my hair and she did the best hair cut i have ever had Denise gave me a great cut. Such a sweet girl.

Staff was friendly too. Great experience.

Great Clips in Sullivan, MO

Its great for what it is. Ive had no issues with my cuts. Tell them what you want, and they deliver. If they are doing it wrong, tell them. We have always received fast and friendly service here. Even when I'm not very specific, the stylists know the questions to ask that get me just the hair cut I am looking for!

Great service, short wait time. Always parking available. Last three times I've gotten my hair cut at this great clips location I have been very happy. Stylists are friendly and make the time enjoyable. Good price, can't ask for more. I much prefer this Petaluma Great clips over the Petaluma Supercuts. Only drawback at the time of writing this review; they close at 3pm on Sundays. I've been going here for years. I get my haircut the way I want. The staff is friendly. Friendly staff and never a long wait! Especially thanks to the Great Clips app!

Definitely felt welcomed. My son loves this place! They pay attention to what they are doing and give very nice haircuts. It's the only place hes gotten a haircut at and hasn't left crying. Hes Incredible staff and well managed! I haven't changed my hair in 20 years, thanks to Katlyn she convinced me after my third visit to try something else and she nailed it.

Consistency is what men want in a hair cut. Every time I walk in I get the same cut and the same quality as the last. The haircut was good, the woman was very nice and the price very affordable. I have had a positive experience with every visit. If I may let me give a nod to Sarah. Although all these other reviews calls into question my sanity. Am I crazy or are these other people?

They cut hair. They do a good job. They don't get all 5 stars because of the small talk. I don't know why but I absolutely hate the fact they try and make small talk with you. I go there about once a month and have always been pleased with the service. Friendly staff, quick service, good haircut. Good service, good pricing. I love the online check in system that allows me to see anticipated wait times and check in ahead of time to minimize time left sitting. I was worried because of a bad review I saw on here, but I had a great experience.

Maybe the difference was that I showed the stylist a picture of what I wanted, but she did a very good job.

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I'm very happy with my cut and she was very nice. I'll definitely be back for the service and definitely the price! Daughter wanted a short cut. Did great job. Lots of compliments. Find a stylist there you like and request - makes a big difference. While oldest got a great haircut with the one we usually request, youngest with another stylist got uneven bangs.

I think she didn't do the part right and i had to fix at home. I have been going here for my entire life and they never did anything wrong. I don't know what happened to you. My wife and I have come here for years. I haven't had a bad haircut here, and my wife is usually satisfied. The cost is reasonable and the wait isn't bad if you sign on line first. I recommend it. I've used different barbers over time, they've all been good.

Great place to get your hair cut. Download their app so you can check in before you get there. You can even see the estimated wait time for your favorite location from the app! Hope they stay around. We've never had a bad experience here. I have only worked with Sarah and will only work with Sarah. I tell her what I want and that is exactly what I get. Not saying the other girls are bad, I have just never had any of them cut my hair. My first time there I forgot my debit card and didn't realize until she was done. I told her I would be right back and she said not to worry I could pay the next time.

I did go right back and pay but just that she was ok with me wait for my next cut was enough to bring me back in. Got my haircut there, the staff are all so nice, and the hair cut is perfect. Thanks guys! Great stylists. They always listen to what I want and make it a fun experience.

Great place to be. Welcoming environment. And awesome service, did exactly what I asked for, plus my kids love it. Thank you. I had a great experience. Just a trim and reshape. Very efficient, helpful, personable, and fast. I usually go to the Oshawa North location but when I'm down this end of the city I come to this one. I get a fade and can always count on the girls to do it right.

My clip notes go between salons too so they know if I change it up or keep it the same. Great idea! Also, love the online check-in! This is my usual Great Clips. I check in online, never have to wait long and always get a killer fade! Quick service, staff had a great attitude, pleasant experience. Kids love going here, the stylists are personable and quick, know what to do and how to keep our youngest still during a cut. They cut my hair good and save the info in the computer so I don't have to remember what kind of haircut I like!

Followed Mary Beth from one location to another three times because of the great haircut and personality. I was told today she no longer works here. Does anyone know where she is working? I have been going here for a couple of years now. They all seem to do a good job but Shasta is who I look for. She always does a great job and is the most consistent from my experiences anyway.

I hope they keep her for a long time. I love it, so does my husband. Really worth the money, especially when you need a quick but nice haircut. Sanka and Helen are so nice, love them. Never miss another great coupon. Save more than before with savings alerts and new offers delivered right to your inbox. Save effortlessly with paperless coupons! Link your store loyalty cards, add coupons, then shop and save. Shop online with coupon codes from top retailers. Get Sears coupons, Best Buy coupons, and enjoy great savings with a Nordstrom promo code.

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