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See details for additional description. An exciting high octane game with beautiful graphics, but one that you can just pick up and play anytime without it being overly complicated.

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They just don't seem to make them like this anymore. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: New. I'm a fan of racing games.

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Especially ones that do something different. Since the 90's, kids. The game play sadly is horrible. About every ten seconds you will crash. You might not even know why. You hit a rock going not even boost speed and totaled your car.. It's almost impossible not to crash even with practice. Most games I get better at if I don't connect with it right away. It's almost cruel because you WANT to like it so much! This is going to sit on my shelf until yard sale day. Verified purchase: Yes Condition: Pre-owned. Motorstorm is an exciting and fast paced off-road racing game exclusively for the Playstation 3.

This game features nice graphics, fun gameplay, and competitive courses. The game is set in the Desert at a made up festival. You race several types of vehicles in this game. From dirtbikes and ATVs, through buggies, onto cars and trucks and really large trucks and semi-trucks as well , there are plenty of options Each race is set up by a "Card. Therein lies the first problem with the game. It lacks a quick play option.

Motorstorm coupon

There is also no dual screen multiplayer. This game has several courses which are fun and using different vehicles on them makes them unique as well , and some feature mud, others more dust, and all feature exciting races. The races themselves are dramatic affairs. You race at high speeds utilizing an accelerator and a boost method. Your boost is temporary, and if it is overloaded, your vehicle will explode. If you crash into other vehicles, parts will fly off, and along the way your vehicle will garner more dust and mud.

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Crashes are spectacular affairs, as they spray metal all over, oftentimes involve many vehicles, and even drivers go flying from the smaller vehicles. This game features excellent graphics, a loud soundtrack, and spectacular fun. However, it lacks some depth with online updates this game gets better , and the lack of a quickplay option is also a problem. Also one must note that the loading times are long for this title.

So grab popcorn while waiting to play. Graphics: Spectacular, and the physics in the game are also well done. The music is good for racing, and the explosion sounds are also good. Gameplay: The gameplay in this game is the best part. If you own a PS3, download the demo to get a small taste of the fast paced action. Presentation: This game lacks in some basic features, and has a long loading time as well. Replay Value: High, with online multiplayer, as well as more options for expansions to the game.

Contacted them this morning and found out the shipping label was prepared, but the package was never delivered to FedEx. Needless to say, I cancelled my order with these thieves, and am stopping payment on the CC. Never again.

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Caveat Emptor regarding Motostorm. Joined: Jan 3, Oddometer: 2. It's not our policy to reply to letters. People are free to comment as they see fit. We appreciate comments from people who have bought from us and those who have just visited our site.

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  • When we get unjust criticisms we are obliged to respond. The problem here is that we don't always have every product in stock at the same time, which means that we have to order them ourselves. In this case the boots were actually being manufactured in Italy and it took the mother company 3 weeks from manufacture to delivery to Motostorm.

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    Unfortunately the second problem arose when the delivery company mislaid the parcel between our company and the destination. We do our best to satisfy our clients, we don't appreciate being called thieves as we're always honest and as soon as we found out that the order was lost we refunded our client the full amount. Your reply makes sense, and I probably might end up buying from you the next time I am looking at some hard to acquire items. Jhawkins , Jul 19, I ordered a helmet and coms from Motostorm on July 11th, it was shipped on July 17th and I had prompt and professional communication throughout.

    I just tracked the package and it said it was delivered today I bought some spidi gear from them, everything went smoothly. DFWBo , Jul 21, Got my boots for a great price from them. Joined: Jul 26, Oddometer: 12, Location: over yonder on the north coast of ca. I had a positive experience buying spidi gear from them.

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    Product Information. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Please log in to reply Link Posts Only new! Posted 21 June - PM I haven't seen this posted so i figure I would put it up in case anybody waned to use this coupon. To get use the coupon you will need a reward zone card. Posted 21 June - PM You will also need to sign up for the Gamers club free , which I imagine most of us already have done. Posted 21 June - PM nice, wish I didn't just spend my rz certs the other day.

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