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The best US 4K TV deals if you want to buy an LED, OLED or QLED display

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Score these 2018 Super Bowl TV deals ahead of game day

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Best LED TV Under 50000 in India 2019 Sony, Samsung and LG (Hindi)

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But it's far from the most important feature. You can buy a inexpensive dongle like a Chromecast, Roku or Amazon Fire stick that will turn any "dumb" TV into a streaming powerhouse.

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Skip the extended warranty, especially if you have a credit card that offers warranty coverage, Meyers says. If your TV does have any issues, they will probably happen in the first year, when it's still covered by the manufacturer's warranty. Meyers also recommends checking any return policies to make sure you aren't stuck with an unexpected bill for return shipping or restocking fees. The biggest sales come from the usual suspects. Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, and Costco all have major sales on their websites.

Check out the manufacturer sites, as well. Samsung has number of discounted televisions on its own page.

You need a new 65" TV, right?

Definitely do some comparison shopping. However, we noticed a lot of the sale prices are the same within a few dollars across the major sites. A tool like Google Shopping will list prices for a specific model from various retailers so you can see how the deals stack up. Companies pay to have their listings appear in Google Shopping results. Watch this 65" TV roll up like a yoga mat.