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This set of flashcards by Kaplan is perfect for tactile learners who want something interactive to study with. They are organized by different categories with color coding, making it easy to study different aspects at a time. This may have something to do with the added convenience of digital media, but for those who are more suited to physical learning, this is a terrific deal!

Having a solid plan is the key to success, whether you are approaching an exam or a real-world scenario. Because of this, it is incredibly important to understand the test you are about to take and formulate a plan around it.

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These details on the tests and plans for preparing are a must-read. This guide made by nursing officials on the State Board is designed to ease you through the process of preparing for the exam, right up to the big day. This study plan is designed to help you make the most of your time with these materials, helping you figure out a hour study schedule. Use this free PDF guide as a companion to your other study materials to maximize your mileage with them. This guide provides you with a three month plan for taking the NCLEX, based on nursing school curriculum strategies.

It has tips for studying three months before, a few weeks before, a few days before, and even some advice for what to do during the exam. Some apps can be really terrible. Why did I even download? However, the right app can be an excellent tool to help you study throughout the day. Whether you are using an iPhone or Android device, there are quality apps you can use during some downtime in order to reinforce your knowledge of key exam materialHere is a list of the best NCLEX-RN apps to help you prepare yourself for the test. Accessible from the Amazon App Store, this free set of flashcards can be accessed on your Android smartphone.

This app was designed by professionals at the NCSBN, meaning it was created by individuals who have experience with the exam and have passed it. For an effective mobile study tool, look no further.

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This app works terrifically as a study tool in conjunction with other Kaplan studying resources. If you have an iPhone and spend a lot of time commuting, this review questions app from Saunders can help you brush up on your nursing knowledge. It includes several word problems based on real-life situations to help you evaluate how you would perform as an actual practicing nurse. Tools are implemented that allow you to determine your strong and weak points, and you can use that data to create custom tests that will help to improve on your shortcomings.

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Another highly customizable quiz app for the iPhone, the ATI Mentor app allows you to set up quizzes as big as you like, covering whatever subjects you choose. The flexible nature of this app makes it convenient to use whenever you have free time and will allow you to focus on the most important subjects easily.

This Android app is more of a small textbook than a quiz program, although it does feature some practice questions. Notes are divided in different sections which can be accessed quickly through a table of contents. There are a lot of great flashcard apps for iOS, but it can be much harder to find quality ones on Android. Fortunately, this Google Play app is a reputable study source with over digital flashcards and an average rating of 4 stars.

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It features customizable learning plans and is available on both Android and iOS. In addition to a plethora of learning materials geared to maximize your chances of success, they also tout an exam pass guarantee. This guarantee offers you either an additional three months of enrollment or a full refund: your choice.

This is a more laid-back nursing exam prep course than Kaplan with a focus on learning at your own pace. The Hurst review course involves three different learning methods. The first is a three-day lecture that covers 20 aspects of the exam at an accelerated pace. The second method is their online Q Review platform, which incorporates eBooks and specialized lectures, available for nine months. The third aspect is a customizable quiz program with 1, questions.


This NCLEX review course offers a virtual coach to help guide you through the entire nursing exam preparation process. This is a free alternative to the more expensive premium online test prep resources.

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  • What could possible be a better study tool than the one designed by the people who help design the NCLEX? Standardized tests like the NCLEX exam may be a bit frustrating, yet are still a necessary rite of passage into the nursing profession. If flash cards and practice questions are starting to wear you down, try thinking outside the box with some of these alternative test prep strategies.

    Mnemonics are a terrific memorization tool that teaches you to associate acronyms and phrases with key concepts. This book incorporates mnemonic learning strategies to cover complex nursing concepts with the intent of reinforcing your memory of them. This companion article to a popular NCLEX study app offers some insightful strategies to help you make the most of your study time. This quick guide from the Ameritech College of Healthcare covers some quick tips for making the most of your study sessions. The eight steps outlined in this article should help you approach each question, understand it, and answer it, all within a reasonable amount of time.

    Preparing yourself thoroughly is the best way to quell your pre-test jitters. Participate in the NCLEX webinars listed below and get an opportunity to interact and ask questions with live instructors. This free online course incorporates several video lectures, broken up with some practice tests. This is perfect for students on a budget who learn best through lectures. This program has a flexible price point depending on what areas of the exam you want to cover. They involve a video lecture breaking down 11 key points to consider when taking nursing exams, and they guarantee these tips will help you pass any exam required to be a nurse.

    ATI offers a live webinar to accompany their free and premium testing materials. The webinars offered by Wolters Kluwer vary depending on the season. You can find schedules for each lecture on their website. This is a free 7 page printable PDF that can be used as a cram sheet for the exam. This cram sheet is far shorter than the previous one on this list, only encompassing two pages. For nursing students with a short attention span and literal minutes before the test begins, this is a helpful resource for quickly reminding yourself about important concepts.

    This website has a few resources for you to implement in your last-minute study sessions. A few short videos can offer a refresher on pharmacology and cardiac diagnoses, and key terms and medicines are listed in bullet points. admin