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With hundreds of different VPN providers out there, choosing the right one often means searching around to strike the right balance between services, ease of use and pricing. Those looking for a solid VPN service will obviously want to do their due diligence to find the best match - and luckily for you, ITProPortal has surveyed the market for our pick of the best VPNs out there today.

Our guide will also be constantly be updated with all the newest VPN information, providing everything you need to know, so keep checking back for all the latest details! ExpressVPN also offers routers with custom firmware and VPN browser extensions, making it an all-around great service. A wide variety of simple and useful web-based tutorials will make sure you're up and running in no time. This includes P2P support, a kill switch and generally good performance. The only negative here is that only three connections can be supported at the same time, and it's hardly the cheapest service out there.

There's no demo, but there is a day money-back guarantee. You can choose from these packages:. It can support up to six devices at the same time, and the data gets a bit encryption. Features like DNS leak protection, killswitch, dedicated IP address and being able to pay with cryptocurrency are also very worth mentioning. Even when it came to the most important part — performance — NordVPN stood strong. Its speeds for short connections were commendable, long-term ones — delicious. The downside is the privacy policy — its stance on session logging is somewhat unclear.

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If the price is your main concern you might want to look elsewhere, but in other case, IPVanish is a serious contender with fast speeds, plenty locations to choose from and a well-built client even though its latest Windows client could use a bit more work — it suffers from the odd network issue. A VPN can help ensure your privacy and security, and allow you to move past content barriers that local networks may have, including the blocking of certain websites and bandwidth throttling. VPNs offer freedom and privacy, but with so many on the market, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options available.

If so, keep reading…. When shopping for a VPN, I would encourage you to keep the following in mind as you evaluate your options:. IPVanish has more than servers in over 60 countries, and comes standard with features like a kill-switch and automatic IP cycling. Installation and setup is simple, and the user interface is super intuitive.

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You can even filter the servers you want to connect to. IPVanish has 3 different pricing plans, all which allow for up to five simultaneous connections:.

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Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, and Bitcoin. No free trials are available, but each subscription does come with a seven-day money back guarantee. Performance-wise, IPvanish is a bit of a mixed bag. Other tests actually cut download speeds by half.

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Results were inconsistent, yet the connection was always fast enough to be useable. Unfortunately, the company is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and subject to US legislation regarding privacy. With over 1, servers in 60 countries, NordVPN is a user-friendly service that comes packed full of features like a kill-switch, ad blocking, malware blocking, P2P support, streaming tools and DNS leak blocking. The user interface is straightforward, with customization options neatly organized.

NordVPN has four subscription options, each of which allows for 6 devices to be connected at the same time. This is perfect for families and tech geeks like me. All plans come with a day money back guarantee. Nord accepts Bitcoin payments, as well as PayPal and credit card. NordVPN delivers consistent, but slightly slow performance. Ping dropped considerably when connecting to remote servers in placed like in India and Australia, yet download and upload speeds were fairly consistent overall. NordVPN has a strict no log policy, and does not record time stamps, IP addresses, traffic logs or bandwidth.

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And since the company is based in Panama, it falls outside the jurisdiction of US and European data collection agencies. A kill switch comes standard with all their plans, the UI is extremely easy to use, and there are apps for many different types of devices including Playstation, Xbox, AppleTV, and Kindle Fire. ExpressVPN has 3 different pricing plans to choose from:. There's no free trial, but there is a day money back guarantee. Bitcoin is also accepted. The reason being that it is a highly secure service that is packed with security features such as DNS leak protection, stealth mode, a killswitch, double-hop and VPN into Tor.

Add to that a zero-logs policy and well implemented OpenVPN encryption military grade and you start to understand why. The result is a reliable and trustworthy VPN that is good enough to do even the most data-intensive of tasks such as streaming in HD. With NordVPN you get freedom and digital privacy, and users are free to do anything they wish including torrenting. You have the several options for paymentment plans including monthly, 6 months, 1 year, 2 year or 3 year plans. Finally, this VPN has a day money back guarantee, so that you can test it without risking your hard earned cash, win!

Not only do you get a full-service VPN at an affordable price, but you get 60 server locations, excellent customer service, super fast streaming speeds, and great encryption. PrivateVPN also offers six simultaneous connections, WiFi protection, and a day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. Ivacy VPN has stormed onto the scene in recent years by providing an excellent service at a cheap rate. Subscribers can pay either monthly, every 2 years, or every 5 years; committing for a longer period of time makes it much cheaper! Servers are available in over 50 countries, which makes it excellent for unblocking.

That means it can provide fantastic levels of data privacy.

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A great up and coming VPN with a day money back guarantee. PureVPN is fantastic for streaming. Although it does get some criticism for not providing the kind of privacy levels that some of the VPNs higher in this list have , the reality is that for most people's streaming needs PureVPN it perfect. What's more, this VPN is extremely cheap. If you are looking for a VPN that will unblock content from all over the world, and provide adequate levels of privacy, with no usage logs this VPN is worth considering. However, do be aware that people do sometimes have problems using the money back guarantee: so be sure to read the stipulations carefully.

If value for money is important to you - this VPN is worth a try! When you visit websites they can automatically see your IP address. That unique address can be used to track you, so that the website knows if you come back to the site.

In addition, your ISP can keep tabs on your web browsing habits. Without a VPN , your ISP can keep records of your web browsing habits and feedback that information to the government.

Nobody likes being tracked; regardless of what they do online. A VPN is the perfect solution because it can help you encrypt your traffic to keep it private. VPN encryption also protects you from hacking. Here are the most important benefits of a VPN:. Although there are many cheap VPN services that have a bad reputation, there are plenty of lousy expensive ones too.

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