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I think ebay is gaining a reputation as a place to buy poor quality knock off items most of which are not fit for purpose. Genuine UK sellers cannot hope to compete with the prices the Chinese manage to sell at as they must buy their rubbish for next to nothing. Unfortunately as soon as ebay see their profits slipping, they immediately start introducing yet more stupid schemes and policies to punish the genuine sellers who are trying to give a good service to their buyers, thinking this will right all the wrongs with ebay.

No wonder many UK sellers are leaving ebay. Skip to main content. Archive Business Seller Board. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

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Showing results for. Search instead for. Do you mean. Reddit asked - Why don't you shop on eBay anymore? Report Inappropriate Content. Message 1 of 19 6, Views. Re: Reddit asked - Why don't you shop on eBay anymore? Message 2 of 19 6, Views. Message 3 of 19 6, Views. Message 4 of 19 6, Views. Whenever I'm spending any amount of money I always check reviews first. Message 5 of 19 6, Views. So what do I get today, when I reload the smartphone app to view the newest listings Message 6 of 19 6, Views.

Message 7 of 19 6, Views. They are making the platform even more uncompetitive. Message 8 of 19 6, Views.


Message 9 of 19 6, Views. Message 10 of 19 6, Views. Message 11 of 19 6, Views. PayPal have very onerous terms and conditions for sellers. This loophole should not exist. They are simply too expensive and with too onerous terms and conditions for me to praise them.

The CS employees are very nice. Whilst the World's biggest e-commerce platform owns a logistics infrastructure to get parcels to people and shares in the work with sellers. The day will come when a price comparison site simply aggregates the price paid at each online marketplace, maybe acts as an introducer, funneling money to the respective marketplace.

Message 12 of 19 6, Views. Message 13 of 19 5, Views. Message 14 of 19 5, Views. Message 15 of 19 5, Views. Comic strip about sysadmin contest story. Since then I have repeatedly tried to use or sell them but since I'm not currently living in the US it wasn't possible for me. My last attempt to sell them was via reddit.

So I thought Bitcoin would be the right choice since the scammer can't just reclaim their money after I gave them the card codes. His usernames are changed for reasons you'll find out later. Since I had nothing to hide I gave them my real identity to build trust. Is it apple store or Itunes? Pm me back with info. For all I know you can be someone who brought this reddit account just a scenario. In either case I am not willing to go first and I have feedback to back me up. This didn't strike me as odd since everyone who has traded on the internet knows that scammers exist and I might be one of them.

But I still wasn't convinced that he is a valid trader. He may have bought the ebay account, which I told him and he responded with:. You can't buy ebay accounts and keep it. They check everything from address to geo ip location and if something changes they lock you out. I am the owner of my eBay account and I can pm you on there to confirm it. He wrote me on ebay Message from the scammer. He then wanted me to ship the cards to him because he said he wanted to use the cards in a store where you need the physical cards.

He gave me a fake address and I sent the cards along the way.

Pictures of the cards As I prepared the cards to ship them to him I sent him photos I uploaded via my open source image hosting service: PictShare. This fact is very important later on. I also sent him the tracking code. The cards have been returned to me after 2 months. The scammer told me he used a random address generator and I stupidly sent it to him without checking. He deleted his account. I now knew without a doubt he was a scammer and the first thing I did was to write him on ebay.

Still trying to be nice, still trying to get the money. I see you have deleted your reddit account. Is the deal still on? Have you ordered the products yet? The hacked then proceeded to access my bank paypal and ebay. So no. I won't send you money for someone else hacking you but I do feel sorry for you. Please do. I will take you to court for defamation and false accusation. I am a college graduate with a law degree and you are just trying to use baseless threat and accusation.

When clearly I have not contacted you and have no idea what you are talking about. You randomly message me about deals and products when this is ebay and you have listed nothing that I have bought or bid on. If you try to keep contacting me and continue to pester me further with threats I will contact my local police office as you have looked up my information and have been baselessly accusing me.

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Scammer confirmed. I knew his account wasn't hacked because after a little google search I found a direct link between the two nick names he used on reddit and ebay because he has used both of them on Steam. He also changed his nickname on ebay right after this message. Scammer changed name on ebay.

Ebay accused of failing its sellers as fraudulent buyers manipulate the system

Thanks to usersearch. One of them was a freelancer job website. Job website of the scammer. On facebook I just entered the username he was using on ebay and I found a post from someone with an anime profile pic, linking the user name of the scammer in a post. Scammer linked. But this friend of the scammer had posted everything public. Hundreds of posts a month.

I scrolled through 4 years of posts until I found something that I now reffer to as the holy grail. Fuck yeah. He made a screenshot of some LoL game he played and had facebook open in the background. You could see all of his online friends.