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Eye-Mart carries the top brands of contacts at affordable prices. Let us help you find the perfect contacts to fit your lifestyle. Eye-Mart has thousands of frames available for men, women and children. Most lenses can be made the same day. We carry eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, bifocals, reading glasses, and safety glasses.

We care about your vision. Learn more about why an exam is important for your overall health. Eye-Mart has 8 locations in Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky. Find the store nearest you to get fast and affordable eye care any time. Play Our Video. Contacts Contact lenses are a convenient alternative to glasses. Eye Wear Eye-Mart has thousands of frames available for men, women and children. Eye Exams We care about your vision. I declined and there was no further discussion. I was seen by the Dr. I have worn contacts for decades but never multi-focal. The examine was pretty typical and he explained that he thought with my vision and age I was a great candidate for multi-focal contacts.

I picked out some frames and sat with the optician. Now I was really on guard; based on the reviews I read, here is where the slimy sales stuff starts. She asked if I wanted single vision or bi-focal glasses.

I asked what the minimum price of bi-focal would be compared to single vision. I told her I only really wear my glasses at night before bed so to watch TV so I don't think I needed bi-focal. She agreed and even wrote down for me the strength for drugstore readers to get so I could use those at night if I needed to read. My son came out of his appt with the Dr. I went back today for a follow up on my multi-focal contacts and order my 1-yr supply and, wait for it, their contacts were cheaper than the ones I priced out online.

And, they will ship them to my home for free. My son got two pairs of glasses and his examine was free. I just don't get all the complaints. Makes me wonder if some people just don't read the fine print and start to make assumptions and then are disappointed when there are charges they didn't expect. I found them to be highly professional, thorough and they went out of their way to make sure I was happy with my purchases.

In the Brick, NJ establishment two weeks ago, a young lady was even kind enough to fix my husband's frame for free while I shopped around for my frames. I have had my share of bad experiences that included incorrect scrips, bifocal lines incorrect and also my share of excellent experiences from high dollar eye physicians and I can say that America's Best is truly reasonable in their product they sell the consumer. I called at and was told that I could get same day service! From start to finish, I received top-notch, friendly and helpful service!

The front desk staff was welcoming, friendly and expeditious! The choices of frames was much better than I was expecting! I found over six styles that were fashionable and reasonably current. He was the BEST eyeglass consultant ever!! She was a young professional with great knowledge, sensitivity and honesty; willing to find the very best options for me regarding future cataract surgery, my prescription, and my current needs as a reluctant "older" patient.

All I did was spend too much money! And if I want the latest Oprah-donned fabulous high styling in frames, I can use my new prescription to order them at a later date when I have a little extra cash. If your pocketbook will only allow their bottom end offerings, they will do their utmost to help you find the very best you can get! I did NOT experience any pressure!

They made it clear to me that I did not have to get glasses there just because I took advantage of the free exam through my Medicare! If only every business was as down-to-earth, friendly, and helpful! For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.

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Purchased glasses several weeks ago, originally delivered with lenses that did not fit the frame. Remake took several weeks, did not meet my timeline so had to travel abroad without vision. Returned from work travel and glasses had been delivered, but these are the wrong frame now, they are a different style and do not fit my face at all.

Called in and they tell me these glasses match their paperwork, so it's on me to come back to start over or get a refund. I leave again for China in two weeks, so no way I get them back before another three weeks out of country.

What store offers the cheapest eye exam + pair of contacts/glasses? : Frugal

WTF is the problem here?! I just want the glasses I paid for. Very nice people. Terrible quality assurance and if the computer conflicts with the customer, the assumption is the computer is right. No offer of compensation, just a half apology and the burden of resolution is placed on the customer.

Bottom line, I've gone way out of my way to project manage this for them, and they haven't gone out of their way for me at all. They still have my money and I still have no resolution. Glasses are only several months old. Two days ago a screw fell out of the lens holder on the pair I was wearing. I started wearing the other pair.

Today one of the nose pads fell off of the 2nd pair. I am back in Illinois so it is not feasible to return to original store for repairs. I am very less than pleased. That stinks!! America's Best Frisco, Texas is horrible! Went in and explained I needed a Dr's note for my work. I was very specific about what the note needed to say. I was told by an older lady at the front desk, "No problem. We can write the note for you and take care of you. I told her the front desk told me she would write the note. She wrote only a generic note.

My work rejected it. The DR, same Indian lady, came out and refused to rewrite or modify the note. I explained what I was told when I made the appointment and paid for an eye exam. She refused to do anything. Clearly she is a terrible, rude and very unprofessional DR. She could care less about her patients.

The lady at the front desk is a liar. I would have never given these people a dime if I would have known I was being lied to and scammed. They should NOT have told me, "No problem. We will write the note. Avoid this location and Dr. Total waste of money and time. I did finally get them but all I got was plastic lenses. No tent. No bifocals and some plastic frames that broke on day two.

This place is nothing but a hard sell. I am older than the person that was trying to sell them to me and I have never paid that kind of money for glasses anywhere and never will again so if you have time to go in for a hard sales go ahead. If I wasn't spending that kind of money you'll be there all day. Not real sure that the exam was even worth it. It was very short probably five minutes. I've never had an eye exam that quick before in my life. Either way, no one tried to rectify the problem. I wasn't even credited a percentage for the poor customer service, not even an apology was given when I picked up the last pair.

Contact lenses are medical devices and right now I am stuck with the wrong ones and cannot get this company to even acknowledge or correct this. The store ordered wrong contacts, were notified immediately, did not cancel wrong order, now unable to get them to fulfill correct order. Ignores emails. The store didn't know the difference between Sofmed 1-Day and Sofmed 1-Day breathable contacts. They entered the latter when the prescription as written by the doctor was for the former - the same lenses I have gotten from America's Best for years The same ones clearly marked by the doctor on the prescription.

I notified the store immediately before leaving. They did not cancel the order. It shipped. I cannot work without contacts so it was not tenable for me to add 2 weeks into delivery time. Instead I simply ordered the correct ones from the site, as the store claimed they corrected the prescription. This is where the horrid customer service from the store transitions into horrid online support.

They held the order as the prescription info was still incorrect. I have in fact never received a response from their online support. The fact that I still have the wrong contacts, was charged for the wrong contacts, was expected to wait unnecessarily and two weeks later cannot even get them to allow me to order the correct ones is outrageous. The wrong box should be refunded, the correct order should be released from its arbitrary hold and shipped immediately. The eye doctor was very rude.

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The glasses I bought were supposed to be scratch resistant - within a week they were scratched by sheetrock dust. I would never buy another pair from them. They charge for every little thing - it's no deal. After a long 10 days wait for the glasses to be ready, the frames and prescription were wrong. Without actually admitting the frame and prescription were wrong, they reordered the glasses with the frame originally chosen with the correct prescription or so I thought!

When I told them I would take these to my dr, they said I had 30 days from time of order to return them. Of course, since it had taken so long to get the glasses in hand, I wanted in writing my deadline date to bring them back. As they were checking into this, I glanced at the documents they had left on the table in front of me. When this was brought to their attention, the glasses were immediately taken to the back to have the actual lens specifications checked.

I just said to cancel the order. Do not recommend this company for eyeglasses. I have to question whether or not the ophthalmologists are even licensed! I was told by one that a miracle had occurred and that the astigmatism that I have had since the age of 9 was gone. Keep in mind I am When I questioned if this was possible I was told that everyday wear of corrective lenses can do just that.

I have been in the medical field myself for 17 yrs but am not a doctor so I questioned no more.

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If I had not already spent the money for their eye club I would have walked out but seriously, no apology to the patient who wasted time. Not to mention now has vision that is way worse after wearing lenses that were nowhere near the right script! I will never recommend this place again. If the deal seems too good to be true IT IS!!

Steer clear of America's Best.

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Especially the Springdale Ohio location. But I just went to an eye doctor here in town because some lands and my one eyeglass keeps on falling out and they told me that it doesn't have anything and it's just a big piece of glass. But my other lens has Progressive and no wonder I've been getting sick my glasses back several times and had the scary place and no one ever told me that it was my left.

What a lousy company. I will never go back and I hope if anyone reads us you will not go back either. I will be calling America's Best Buy and letting them know what I think. Thank you. I recommend only people with very low correction believe this statement! I did purchase a pair of glasses, but could barely afford one pair. I wanted more upgrades, but couldn't afford them.

I spent close to Young kid helped me.

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Very nice, but when I picked up glasses, I didn't like them on my face. I should have taken a friend. Don't depend on their employee's expertise. Now I am the owner of a pair of glasses I don't like to wear outside of my home. I would never go back or recommend this place. Nothing but the old "bait and switch" jazzed up. But they don't tell you a "protection package" is added to each one. If you want transitional lenses, you are charged a package price for each lens.

In short, I would have been much better off to have gone somewhere else This company could certainly use transparency! My first and definitely last visit! Placed on hold greater than 10 mins. Was told they could. Came into store today and was told they couldn't. Don't say yes one minute and no the next.

Waste of my time. I had an eye exam for contact lenses in the beginning of April, they told me my kind of contacts were not available that I have to wait for the trial pair to come in the mail. It's been almost 3 weeks and they still haven't gotten my contacts, not even the trial pair, I even paid extra for the eye care club.

What are they being delivered on a pack mule? In this day in age of express shipping I should not have to wait over a month before I can actually get the product I paid handsomely for! I regret going to America's worst, any other place would have been better. My last two pairs of glasses have been a disaster. The frames are too weak to hold the lenses but they don't tell you that, Pair one, the lens fell out. I don't remember how many times.

A gal in San Pedro had to fix them on one vacation. My newest pair Jan has been back for tightening three times.

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That is s a sign of of garbage materials. Now the left lens has fallen out and I have no idea where they are primarily reading and I hang them from my neck. So tomorrow I'll go back and will get a big long sob story and then go to a different store. I was so disappointed after being examined and receiving my glasses that prescription was wrong; had a second examine by a different doctor and after receiving second pair prescription was, again, wrong.

Only one test was performed to check my eye health - they obviously want you in and out. admin