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Lexus - Es h Saloon Es h Saloon 2. Toyota - Rav4 2. Lexus - Ct h 5 Door 1. Lexus - Lc Coupe h 2 Door Coupe 3. Lexus - Rc h Coupe 2. Suzuki - Swift 5 Door Hatch 1. Toyota - Corolla Saloon 4 Door Saloon 1. Suzuki - Ignis 5 Door Hatch 1.

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Toyota - Yaris 5 Door 1. Mitsubishi - Outlander Phev Outlander 5 Door 2.

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Honda - Cr-v Estate 5 Door 2. Toyota - Corolla Hatch 5 Door Hatch 1. Land Rover - Range Rover 2. Toyota - C-hr 5 Door 1.

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What Is a Hybrid Vehicle? Self Charging Hybrid Are you concerned about finding somewhere to recharge the battery? Why Should I Lease Hybrid?

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Battery electric vehicles commoly referred to as simply EVs operate on battery power alone and have a range of anything from miles to over miles. A full re-charge can take around five to 12 hours on a 7kW charger with most BEVs taking a fast charge to 80 per cent of battery capability within minutes. The cost savings are huge as are the benefit in kind savings for business drivers, and battery range and charging infrastructure is increasing on a constant basis.

These cars use hydrogen to power an on-board fuel cell, which combines with oxygen in the air to produce electricity.

Top five hybrids for under £250 a month

Fuel cell vehicles produce only water as a by-product and emit no CO2, so are therefore classed as zero-emission cars. The driving experience is similar to an EV, however the range is much greater range: over miles. Despite the advantages there is currently a limited network of hydrogen filling stations.

The initial payment is your first monthly instalment, which will be at a higher rate than your subsequent payments. The initial payment is calculated in multiples of your subsequent monthly payments usually 3, 6, 9 or 12 times the amount of your standard payment. Are you ready for the change to driving an electric car? Because it looks as if drivers are beginning to make the shift to this cleaner form of transport. From kWh and connector types to RPH and cost to charge, our simple guide to electric vehicle terminology will help to keep you right.

With research suggesting that the average commuting distance in the UK is less than 10 miles, this is a journey that should be easily within range for the majoirty of PHEVs and all EVs. The UK's charge point infrastructure is growing by the day. Current estimates put the total number of public charge points at over 21, Zap-Map is a great way to find out what the charging infrastructure is like where you typically drive.

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