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Soon, only one relic of the early aughts will remain — the iPod Touch. To celebrate the lives of two of our favorite players, we've resurfaced this guide to the best iPods ever made, ranked best to worst.

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If Apple was the one to create the digital music player, it was also the one to kill it. Nowadays the iPod Classic is long-gone, and all that remains is the iPod touch and the portability-focussed Nano and Shuffle. This might be a controversial decision, but in our opinion the best iPod was the fourth generation of the iPod Nano. The fourth generation was where the Nano series found the perfect mix between old and new.

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It had the small form-factor of the Nano, but maintained the classic iPod scroll wheel, and also added an accelerometer so that you could view videos in a landscape format. First released in , the sixth generation of the iPod otherwise known as the iPod Classic , was where the iPod brand stopped being a focus for Apple. But the iPod Classic continued to make a decent argument for its own existence, by increasing capacities up to GB, at which point you could start going all out with massive libraries of lossless music.

It might have been bulky by iPhone standards, but the iPod Classic managed to stick around for seven years until Apple finally ceased production in It will always exist as the archetypal iPod.

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Functionally the third generation of the iPod Nano is almost identical to the rest of the Nano lineup. It had a full color screen, and kept the classic iPod scroll wheel.

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What was interesting however was its shape, which made it look more like a shrunken iPod Classic than a Nano almost all of which are long and thin rather than squat and fat. Down at this end of the list is where we get into serious nostalgia territory.

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The last version of the iPod shuffle is sometimes called the 5th and sometimes 6th generation model, which was released in However, the only difference between the 4th and 5th or 6th generation models are the available colors. Prices very a lot, depending on whether the product is new, used, or refurbished. In addition to the iPod shuffle, NewEgg offers iPod shuffles that have been treated for use underwater.

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The links below go to the iPod shuffle for landlubbers. Check the feedback profile of the seller before you buy.

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Ask questions not just to get answers about the product for sale, but also to get a feel on how the seller handles communications. And make sure you understand the shipping charges. Here are some general tips for using eBay.

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You also might be able to find them at your local store. You can order online and then have it delivered to your nearest Target store for pickup. Roman has covered technology since the early s.

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