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Delivery will be next business day. Some manufacturers place restrictions on how details of their products may be communicated. How do I find out the price? A ll rights reserved. Your Personal Data. Fine with Photoshop. It's not as fast as my desktop 8 core AMD Ryzen 7 but it's a great on the go solution and the pen touchscreen is great for editing as well. I'd avoid Dell like the Plague. Depending on how portable you want it to be you can go for an ultrabook or a more standard laptop. Get a good screen out of the gate vs voiding warranties by replacing an inferior component.

You'll be exporting and importing catalogs like crazy and forget any type of online sync with multiple computers on Classic CC. Wow, that is a good deal. Only two downsides are lack of RJ45 for Ethernet, and the webcam points up your nose. Do you know what the H indicates, as for the iH in this model? This model has a GTX , which is great for Bitcoin mining.

I guess it depends on what you compare it to? Compared to the small ultrabooks, that's one thing. On other hand you've got those big gaming laptops. I went to an apple store today and saw the Macbook Pro 15'', and I found that size to be fairly neat. And comparing it to the 13'' version, I find the 13'' screen to be to small to work with.

So watching that, I can live with the size of the Macbook Pro The question about portability vs performance is the nut I'm still trying to crack. I don't really have a sense of how much patience I would have to mount if I'll go with a lightweight laptop! In others having the i9 offers a performance boost, but not what you can get from this processor in a thicker laptosp with a more complex cooling system.

Which of cours begs the question, is the form factor of laptops of the size as the Macbook Pro or XPS 15, by nature such that they can't really take full use of the components they have? Thanks for your reply! A question about this though. Does the added room have advanteges in terms of performance. I was explained by another fellow that a laptop could very well have the same perfornace setup to begin with, but performance would drop when in use to avoid overheating, How much is that a factor?

Wait, I'm confused. With GTX Ti and up included, it's just too hard to have a thin laptop with efficient cooling. I've tested different Acer, HP, Dell, and MSI gaming laptops and came to the conclusion that the ventilation system need to be designed well with enough space to work well. On the , my daughter and I played Overwatch and PUBG for hours on the weekend and the laptops stayed cool the whole time.

That helps with exporting RAWs overnight, too. Depends on your usage. The thin laptop can do well for hours of continuous cranking.

Most photography software won't tax the GPU continuously at max performance in regular use, only when exporting RAW mostly denoising. So if you don't expect to max out the GPU for more than hours, I don't see any problem with a thin laptop. On the other hand, if you will be gaming for hours, the heat build-up will cause problems as I mentioned in a post above. I've only bought the to speed up darktable, didn't know that my daughter hooked me into playing Overwatch for hours.

Be careful! So, if I'll end up with just the laptop and making that my workstation - how much performance do I sacrifice? Will it test my patience "all the time" compared to working on a decent desktop, or will things run generally smooth when doing generell tweaks and brush work in lightroom - and just take longer time when for example stitching panoramas and applying filters and stuff like that?

So having the catalogue on the external hard drive is not a solution in your opinion, even if that would avoid the issue of exporting and importing catalogues? I think your main advantage right now is price at the expense of battery life and the screen so I'd look into that. You are correct, sir. That is one big advantage of buying this gaming laptop instead of a Dell XPS, which usually do not have Ethernet port.

Another big advantage is thermal design, which you point out.

Looks like a lot of hot air can move out the back of this laptop. The only gaming I do on regular basis is an old habit of playing Football Manager. That would assumably have me overheating more than the GPU But it would be nice to be able to run other games once-in-a-while. From what I understand. I have no idea how much that that will strain it.

Dell XPS 15 Specs (Our Test Model Configuration)

Think of it this way: it's just using the GPU to make editing operations appear instantly, so mostly will poke the GPU for a second or two, and you're unlikely to make editing constantly every second, so they're just intermittent load that doesn't build up heat. I think it's mostly long graphic-intensive gaming sessions that you'll have to worry about.

I'm confused about the screen though. Previous reviews indicated that the FHD version covers So both versions should be good for photography works. Near instantaneous in the latest Lightroom in going from Library to Develop and edits in Develop.

HP ZBook 15v Review (Affordable Mobile Workstation)

Photoshop is quite fast as well. Where it can slow down is imports and exports and video editing. It's because the CPU in mine is a dual core and it can only do so much. Compared to my 8 core desktop where you have to work to slow it down. Not too much - they will kick in but the noise is tolerable. Seems to be worse when plugged in but on battery they rarely run. I've been in corporate IT and involved in PC's and such since the early 90's.

Dell has always cut very many corners and, can get quite proprietary. In my experience their laptops have been quite cheap feeling and seem to not hold up well. The company I work for issues "Business class" Dell Latitudes and Inspirons and they fall apart quite quickly. Consumer level service and support may also be hit or miss. I'd never, ever recommend or purchase a Dell anything. There are many other better choices. For me it's not an option as I'd not want to carry a copy of my entire library on an external hard drive.

The drive can get lost, damaged, etc quite easily on the go. I also like to edit on both the desktop and laptop so keeping changes in sync or remembering to move the drive would be problematic. What I do is have my main catalogues on the desktop which is the master copy. That is all backed up to another drive and the cloud. If I want to edit something I do the export to a catalog on an external drive and edit that on the road and reimport when I get home.

For photos on the go I import directly to a catalog on the laptop's hard drive or an external. I cull, edit, etc and when I get home export to an external catalog and import into the desktop.

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It's a pain but does seem to work and keep the main catalog safe. If you get a USB 3. If not, it may be a little slower. I typically don't edit on external drives but when I do they are USB 3. Just chiming in a bit from a different perspective.