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It's making me install the couponactivator. I've tried this several times with no luck. I have tried over and over and over to print the coupons and it says I must download the coupon printer and it shows successful and will not print. Help anyone. I would love to use this web site but I am too poor to have internet access and the library will not allow any downloads on their computers so I cannot print out any of the coupons well, none that I have tried so far. Hard for poor people to be frugal I guess.

On the Bricks coupons, when you go to print, check the lower right corner of the screen, there should be a link that says Help. Click on that and it should bring you to a form to fill out with your name and address.

3D Printing: Problems and Solutions, Beginners Guide.

They will send the coupons to you by mail and you should receive them within a few days. Hope this helps! I'm having the same problem now with FF 3. I have been printing fine and then all of the sudden, it is now telling me my print settings aren't compatible. I've tried running it from IE and FF to no avail. I've reinstalled the coupon printer and everything and still won't work. Anyone have any suggestions…I'm assuming this problem got fixed for you since it's been several months.

Can print from smartsource but not coupons. Can also still print from Target. Just doesn't make sense. How do I print Target online coupons? It always says Google Chrome has stopped working. Any ideas on what I can do?

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I use Firefox usually. This is exactly what happened to me and I have tried everything out there that I can find. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it a million times, and using IE or Firefox. Then I found that maybe it was my firefox update that had caused a problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of Firefox, still no solution. It always acts like I haven't installed the coupon printer or I get an error saying there is a problem with my printer ie. I even turned my firewall off and that didn't help.

If you have upgraded to Firefox 4 you need to go back to the 3. That version is available through the firefox website! Hello I could use some help. I'm able to print some of the coupons posted but often get the message about my Java and browser not working together…. I've tried several things and cannot make it work! I'm running FireFox 3. Please enable Java and try printing again.

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For instructions on how to enable Java in your web browser please visit our help page by clicking here. I have an HP Officejet and am going through printer cartridges ever 3 months. When I get the "low ink" light, I even pull them out and shake them to get more use. Would you recommend a different printer? I am having a major problem printing out bricks coupons using firefox on mac! I have so many good coupons I need to print out : I keep getting the message about changing printer setting even after trying out different things. The trick that was working for me until yesterday was to hit the back button when I got the problem with printer setting page, but now that's not even working.

I have never been able to print out bricks coupons using Safari which is actually what I prefer using. Are there any other suggestions? Please help. Yes I would recommend a new printer. We were having the same problem until I bought a new printer with 4 ink cartridges.


One black, one yellow, one blue and one red. You see when you use a color cartridge and lets say you are printing a sunset with lots of yellows…your yellow is going to be used up quickly and your red and blue could very well still be full…therefore telling you you need ink. With the seperate color cartridges you only replace one color at a time…. Hope that helps you!! Carrie, I think this post needs an update. I'm running a nice newer Mac with Safari and Firefox, both, and I can't get most coupons smartsource or coupons.

The error I get is that something is wrong with my printer settings; however, it appears to be something I have no means of changing. The sites claim that I am probably having this problem because my printer is trying to store the coupon image after printing, and that I need to change the printer setting so it doesn't do this.

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Carrie— I too have been having major problems printing coupons lately as well. Bricks in particular. It just keeps acting like it's sending it but never prints. The web address stuff no longer looks anything what you originally posted a few years ago. I did it 2 yrs ago and in the past 2 weeks about 20 times. By the way this same problem is on all of the computers in the house but my husband because i havent tried to print anything from facebook on his laptop and also this has happened also to a friend and her computer exact same problem.

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Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. Let me walk you through a couple of the major browsers: Internet Explorer. Comments I have tried this with Safari and it did not work. Loving your website. Hi Carrie, Thanks for all the work on this! Monica — Which browser are you using? I am having that same problem…. There are a number of things that can cause printing and technical issues, here is a list of things for you to try to correct the problems:.

When one thing is updated, it may affect how something else performs.

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  6. For example, recently there was an update to Firefox. However, I can print them fine using Google Chrome. Until then, I will just use my other browser. NOTE: Having two browsers installed on your computer is a good idea all around. It is free and safe for your computer.

    2. Some store and manufacturer sites also allow you to print coupons from your phone.

    Almost all web pages contain JavaScript which is a programming language that runs on your web browser to make web pages functional for specific purposes. If it somehow became disabled, then the content or the functionality of that web page can be limited or unavailable. You can enable or activate JavaScript for each of your specific browser in about five minutes from here.

    Coupon Printing Problems? Try These Solutions!

    Clearing Your Browser Cookies: Cookies are small data files used by websites to track your internet usage and advertising companies use them to tailor more specific ads to you. This website will help you clear your cookies. Some software applications aka the programs required to print coupons require an internet connection to run properly.

    If your firewall is set to block the files that require an internet connection, you may not be able to use certain software features. Follow the steps below to determine if your firewall is blocking any software files. If you already have antivirus software or spyware removal software on your computer, use those applications to scan your computer for viruses and spyware. If you do not have any antivirus or spyware removal software installed on your computer, you NEED them! You can get spyware and viruses on your computer from visiting common websites or even just checking your email.

    Anti-virus and Anti-spyware software are TWO different things. Some companies offer both services in one combination package. You definitely need to at least look into at least an Anti-Spyware software. They have a FREE and a paid version.