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Pros: A year-long satisfaction guarantee and great customer service back up this comfortable, durable, top-ranked air mattress. Cons: The higher price tag and pound product weight make this air mattress less than ideal for customers on-the-go or looking for a camping bed. Insta-Bed's Raised Air Mattress may be a bit of a misnomer, only because the main downside to the mattress is its lower height profile.

It's only about a foot off the ground when fully inflated, which could make nights difficult for anyone whose priority is accessibility. Other than height, Insta-Bed nails all the expected features of an inflatable air mattress. The top layer is made of flocked PVC material just like our top pick, providing water resistance, damage resistance, long-term durability , and a soft, comfortable surface for a good night's sleep.

Construction on Insta-Bed's Queen-sized bed includes 35 circular air coils, which is only slightly lower than the SoundAsleep's Beneath the bed, the bottom layer is protected with Sure-Grip texturing so your guests won't slide around their room in the night. Insta-Bed's option is considerably lighter, weighing about 13 pounds and still comes with an easy carrying case.

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The airbed comes in one color and in two sizes: twin and queen. Pros: More affordable without compromising comfort and durability, this air mattress is still guarantee-protected and built to last. Cons: The lower height profile means this airbed is harder to get in and out of, especially for grandparents and anyone with injuries.

The queen size mattress measures 60 x 80 inches, and it does stay pretty low to the ground at It offers the same style of flocked top PVC surface as comparable air mattresses at much higher price points. The integrated electric pump takes the standard four minutes or so to inflate and deflate , and users say that the Intex air mattress stays firm and well-inflated without losing air throughout the night. A nice and unexpected addition to this affordable air mattress is the built-in pillow , which raises the surface of the mattress just slightly where your guests will rest their heads.

Water- and puncture-resistant materials keep the mattress comfortable and clean, and the bed still comes with an easy carrying case despite its serious affordability. Some people find the raised pillow area uncomfortable, including one Wirecutter tester. Almost 3, Amazon reviewers gave it a 3. If price is a concern, you can check for discounts on our coupons page. Pros: Built-in pillows and all the comfort and durability of a name brand air mattress, without the high price tag.

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Cons: Low height profile is less than ideal, and no warranty or customer satisfaction promise mean this air mattress isn't guaranteed to last. It also includes an external pump that comes with a rechargeable battery, which is a fantastic feature for the hike-in camper looking to get a little ways away from the car. It's also made with the rugged outdoors in mind, adding a little extra thickness to help prevent punctures and tears.

Meanwhile, the waterproof flocked top adds another layer of comfort while reducing that horrible squeaking that occurs on many air mattresses when you shift sleeping positions in the middle of the night. SoundAsleep's signature "eco-friendly," or at least non-PVC materials are used in this mattress, so you won't have to deal with any unpleasant plastic smells "off-gassing" while you try to sleep. At 9 pounds with the external pump, this isn't exactly a trek-worthy bed, and if you're after a mattress pad for your trip into the High Sierra, for example, consider a sleeping pad like Klymit's Static V Lightweight Sleeping Pad.

Pros: Sturdy, easy to inflate, rechargeable battery for camping and inflating away from the car. Cons: Not exactly lightweight, may — according to some reviewers — require some break-in time, so inflate days before you use it. Size is the first thing that makes this air mattress perfect for kids: the AeroBed mattress measures 50 by 25 inches.

It's also specifically designed to keep younger children from rolling out of the bed with a 4-inch safety cushion raised around the mattress' perimeter. The heavy-duty PVC material is designed to withstand the ups and downs of energetic youngsters, and the thick, washable mattress pad makes kid-sized messes easier to handle without ruining the mattress itself. The included electric air pump inflates the bed in under a minute, although its much smaller size means that timing shouldn't be compared with the longer inflation times on queen-sized adult beds.

Aerobed includes a handy carrying case, and although the price tag may seem high for a kid-sized mattress, users suggest that their small children and toddlers have slept on the Aerobed Mattress for years without any deflation , damage, or size concerns. Pros: Safety cushion protects younger kids, and durability and comfort last for years, even as kids grow. Cons: Kids will grow out of the smaller size eventually, so it's not the best option unless you start young. With a good tent, you can always feel at home, even when you're actually miles from civilization and a few thousand feet up in the mountains.

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    There are wave beams which are easily cleaned and maintained. The valve is a 2-in-1 solution, and it has extra-wide openings which make the inflation process quite hassle-free when it comes to it. It works perfectly well with fitted sheets. This is another solution which may turn out to be great for camping if you are sleeping alone. It's an inflatable twin airbed, and it comes with a built-in electric pump. Even though it's suggested for home usage, it's also quite appropriate for camping as it fits snuggly into the duffel bag and it's easy to carry around.

    The entire thing is waterproof and flocked on top. On top of it, there are built-in pillows for added and increased comfort. The electric pump is built-in and quite powerful, making inflation and deflation incredibly convenient. It would take you no more than about 3 minutes to handle it. This is a great blow up mattress which could be used in your house for a myriad of different applications. It comes with a high-powered and built-in electric pump which is going to inflate the inches high bed for no more than 4 minutes.

    This is quite convenient. The top is flocked, and the entire thing is waterproof for additional reliability. The entire thing comes with vinyl beams alongside sturdy construction which is raised 18 inches from the floor, allowing serious comfort and enhanced stability. The outer perimeter is also inflated, and this is going to boost the overall stability. The inflatable bed comes folded in a duffle bag for added convenience.

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    Right off the bat, this particular Intex Mattress is designed to be used at home, so it has a larger profile. It is made out with a fiber-tech construction which adds a lot of convenience to the product. The mattress comes with a built-in and high-powered electric pump which will allow hassle-free inflation and deflation.

    The product is designed to be inflated in no more than 2 minutes to the desired firmness. Additionally, there is no need for you to use a pillow as there are built-in ones around the perimeter. When you're looking for a great airbed, there are a few key things to account for, and the purpose of the mattress is amongst the most important ones.

    There are a few different uses that people commonly find about these types of mattresses, and they include:.

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    With this in mind, it's also important to note that these are portable solutions which allow you to conveniently locate wherever you need to. So, if you will be using the air mattress in a bedroom, you will likely concentrate on which one is the most comfortable.

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    • However, if you will be using it outdoors, it might be a better idea to find one that is also focused on durability, and that's easy to pack. And, of course, if you are looking for a mattress for backpacking, it's obvious that you'd be interested in a solution which is highly portable and very easy to inflate and deflate. The best thing about these kinds of beds are that even the most expensive unit is not really expensive.

      Regardless, accounting for the price is undoubtedly something that you should do in terms of the value that you can expect from the airbed. As obvious as it may sound, this is a category in which price is decisive and the more you spend, the more you're likely to get in terms of quality. Intex is a reliable brand, and there are quite a lot of things that you ought to consider about it. With this in mind, we've taken the liberty of synthesizing the benefits and some of the considerations that you should be aware of.

      Of course, there are quite a lot of other options which are readily available in the market. This is something that you ought to account for. There are specialized cheaper and high-end luxurious and highly expensive options that you can take advantage of, depending on whatever it is that you are looking for. However, we firmly believe that an air mattress is not something that should be very expensive as, for the most parts, it's not a permanent sleeping solution. With this being said, Intex does cover the majority of the range that you might be interested in.

      The company does well against some of its main competitors in the face of Coleman and Aerobed. The former offers mainly outdoor solutions while the latter focuses on those which are usually intended for home usage. Intex, on the other hand, covers a broader spectrum and offers a little bit for everyone. Of course, being able to setup and pack your air mattress is quite important.

      Luckily, Intex is a brand which often supplies the electric air pump, so this shouldn't be a substantial burden. There are air valves conveniently located on the mattress. They are usually on the sides. Make sure to unscrew them and connect the air pump to them. Start the pump and wait for it to get the job done. The air bed is deflated in a few different ways, depending on the model that you've chosen.

      More inexpensive options could easily be deflated by simply letting the air out through the valve. More expensive ones have protections, and this is quite important. You ought to use the pump again but this time to deflate the mattress conveniently. One piece of advice here is to pay attention to the way the blow up mattress is folded when you unpack it — this will help you a lot when you have to put it back together in a packed form. Keep this in mind. The truth is that filling the leak itself is not the challenging part. The harder thing to do is to go ahead and find the leak itself.

      After all, the majority of the air mattresses are regular in terms of size and being able to detect a tiny leak is undoubtedly like finding a needle in a stack. However, there are a few things that you can do. admin