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GS50 then HS15, 3 days validity. But if you register another promo with a longer validity, it will follow the longer validity.

Globe Gosurf Promos

Still, some reports say HS15 lasts only 24 hours or 1 day. Will be testing this out. Click here to know more. Validity — 30 days Max Advertised Speed — 50 mbps Finally!

Best Filipino Sim for Tourist 12222 (Easy Guide)

Globe actually created new promos so that the regular consumer has a choice. There are barely any home broadband LTE plans left as Globe has been phasing them out in favor of wired internet services. Just a note, you can extend each promo before they expire with another promo.

Truthfully, a wired internet service is cheaper and more stable. While Smart has the ability to provide good internet speeds, Globe offers good signal area anywhere in the world. Both has also free data for foreigners who has landed in the Philippines and keen in using their sim cards. Both are also user-friendly in terms or navigation on how to avail their services. Sooner or later, more and more budget friendly services and rates will be offered to Filipinos especially when the third telco has been chosen.

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Such advancement in the Philippines will lead for people, both tourists and locals, to enjoy a hassle-free connection and will definitely enjoy conversing with their loved ones. Sa kanila,,,,9 days n po ako d2 SA Saudi e Sana po matulungan nyo ako salamat po. Paano po ako ma activate ang roaming number ko mkatanggap po ako ng text galing philippines pero hinde po ako maka reply sa kanila. Hi po. Currency Convert. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password?

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    Get help. Barcelona You will also be guided on how to top up your sims and the rates of the different postpaid services offered by Globe. Their three-day validity gives users ample time to enjoy the data allowance, as well. Smart recently unveiled their new Signature postpaid plans that give larger data allowance and better call and text offers. Globe and Smart offer standard contracts for each postpaid plans with either a 6- or month lockout. The advantage of having a SIM-only plan is the bigger allowances for data, calls, and texts.


    This type of plan is ideal for those who prefer to keep their old phone or for those who already purchased a brand new device somewhere else. SIM-only plans have a commitment period of six months on both networks. The new Smart Signature plans have been upgraded to have more data allowance and better call and text bundle. If you have to contact peers from other networks, you have an unlimited text service and a generous number of minutes for voice calls.

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    Globe, on the other hand, offers a wider range of choices. Of course, both Globe and Smart also offer their postpaid plans with the latest phones available. The catch is, the plans that come with devices have lower allowances and a longer contract period of 24 months.

    Trust and transparency is important to us.

    Additionally, the bundled device will either come for free or with cashout depending on the cost of the device and the postpaid plan. Smart has bigger data packages except in Plan with a better bundle for calls and texts. You could still message people from other networks with unlimited texts to anyone.

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    Without a doubt, Smart offers the best value postpaid plan today. Thanks to the new Signature plans, Smart gives its subscribers bigger data with the most flexible call and text allowance. The ability to call somebody on any network without the high cost is the game changer here. While we anticipate the arrival of the Redmi K20 Pro or Mi 9T Pro , the former affordable flagship model of Xiaomi gets a new discounted price.

    The Pocophone F1 already had its retail price slashed earlier this year making this price cut a sign that a new model is coming.