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The exchange counter location depends on the store. Click here for more information. There are only two rules for the festival. You have to dance with naruko an item hung at fields to keep birds away wi Other elements, such as dance moves, music, and costumes, are up to each team!! You can swim by Okinawan beaches up until October.

A recommended beach for watching the sunset. A perfect beach to swim, have a barbecue, and take a stroll. The white beach and the park extends for about meters. It has all kinds of marine activities. You can enjoy the white sand, the blue sea as well as an exotic atmosphere. We are introducing some social media-worthy sightseeing spots in stylish Kobe. They are the gods of money and touching them is said to bring you luck with money.

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We recommend you to take photos at night with the townscape in the background. The scene where the entire side of the mountain colored in pink is overwhelming. Kanazawa Hyakumangoku Festival is the largest event in Kanazawa, held in June every year. The large parade departs from Kanazawa Station and takes about four hours to enter the Kanazawa Castle. Every year, a famous actor excite the crowd. The parade is worth seeing for its diversity: the Kaga lion dance which is designated as a cultural property, the fierce Kaga firefighters in a traditional Japanese Happi coat, and the brave warriors.

It goes on for three days from Friday, May 31st to Sunday, June 2nd. In , the festival will be held throughout three seasons: spring, summer, and fall!! After soothing your soul at Huis Ten Bosch, the largest rose town in Japan and one of the largest in Asia, It was my first time to visit Yokohama in August One of their main attraction is the Cup Noodle Museum.

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Upon entering, Kei showed me her phone. She said she could get discounts on our ticket price. This made me realize that Japan can be a lot cheaper to travel around if you know where to get these discount coupons. Perhaps tourists can save a lot of money if they are aware of the companies offering online coupons.

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I quickly checked their page and I was lucky enough to find that they had a deal for Tokyo Tower. The difference in the price was not that big, but even small amounts of savings add up. It means I have more money for food!

Prices are normal. Food courts offer good selection of Japanese and other food Have all the typical retailers that AEON usually has. Our cycle tour group ended up here as impending typhoon Malou put paid to plans for a ride from Naha to a lunch spot. The coach journey took about 45 minute and we were soon oohing and aahing about Okinawa's newest and biggest mall.


I'm not a fan of malls as I find them to be very much alike no matter where in the world you find them. There are the usual high-end fashion outlets and electronic stores that could have been set up with a cookie cutter. However, I'm a fan of any mall with a Uniglo. These are well-made and well-priced garments to suit many budgets. I especially like its Airism and Heatech range of clothing.

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Many items found in Japanese Uniglos are not available in other parts of the world. And the pricing seems to be better in Japan even more so if you can rack up enough purchases to qualify for a tourist tax refund. The other highlight of the mall is the food court and other food outlets. This place sets the standard of how a food outlet should be designed. And the variety. You will have to be an especially picky eater not to find something to your taste. Fairly expensive for both guys and girls, better off going if there's a sale but overall there's every kind of store and every kind of restaurants.

You could walk around for a couple hours and still find something you like. The mall is like Mall USA. There are so many things to see and do. You can spend the entire day there and still miss things. The stores are a mix of Japanese and big name stores like Oakley or Old Navy. There food court is larger than anywhere I have ever been. You will find global cuisine for great prices. My family and I took in this mall the first weekend we were here. There are 5 stories each one with their own food court. It's a decent blend of America and Japanese stores.

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We were there for a few hours and literally only explored one floor. I plan to revisit this mall many more times. Huge mall! Open till late! Beautiful fish tank and most important If you are self driving and if your last stop is in Naha or in the city it will be easier if you load up on your souvenirs in one of these malls in the outskirts, it will be easier for you to pack and load onto the car rather than carrying so many bags and waling around the city. Happy shopping! If you want to find a place to get most of the grocery and foods, it will be your good choice to go here. admin