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All you have to do is activate Honey Gold only available for U. When activating Honey Gold, you cannot use multiple cash back programs at the same time. We also recommend disabling ad-block programs on store checkout pages.

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You can always re-enable them after you've finished checking out. If you'd like to refer Honey to friends , you can find your personalized referral link at JoinHoney. You can refer a maximum of people! Still need help?

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Contact Us Contact Us. What is the Honey extension and how do I get it?

Honey App Review: Saving The Most Money When You Shop Online

The Basics If you haven't signed up for Honey yet, you can click on Sign Up on top right hand corner of our site! You can sign up with Honey in the following ways: 1 With Google 2 With Facebook 3 With your email address and a password After entering the requested information, you will be a part of the Honey community! I kept an open mind and was pleased to see that Honey does what it's supposed to without any gimmicks, tricks or ulterior motives.

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I tested this extension to see how it affected my system see "Are you sure it's not spyware? With regards to the information Honey collects, the FAQ states:. You may also give us access to your information in other services, such as when you link your Facebook or Twitter account. The information we obtain depends on your settings and the privacy policy of these services.

We collect automatically generated information such as log data, cookies, device information, and data about the success or failure of codes applied to your cart, and some other information collected by Google Analytics.

Spyware sucks up resources, slowing down your system and bringing your web browsing to a crawl which is how it always gave itself away like the bad guys in Scooby Doo. While using Honey I saw no popups, toolbars, weird messages or other suspicious behavior either in my browser or on my PC.

The money-saving app you should download before Cyber Monday to save a ton on your online shopping

I analyzed my Windows 7 system and found no trace of anything odd in the program folders, Windows directory, user profile, startup items or system services. As before, Honey is not active on my system. It simply comes into play during the checkout process. I spoke with George Ruan, one of the developers of Honey, to inquire how they came up with the idea. Whether you're a frequent online shopper or not, it doesn't hurt to have Honey installed to see if it can help save a few bucks here and there.

It also lists the latest coupons, along with the number of people who have used each one. You can instantly click "Get Deal" or "Get Code," or you can just start online shopping and let technology do the work when you get to the checkout. The Honey extension finds coupons at checkout that it will try to apply to your purchase. Brenna Opelka. Once you hit "Apply Coupons," Honey will "test" coupon codes for you. If there are any valid coupons, you can apply them to your purchase.

You can test promo codes at checkout to see if you can save money. Keep in mind that Honey isn't giving you extra deals beyond what the website or store offers. However, it really helps when you're dealing with a lot of promotions and a full online shopping cart — especially on days like Cyber Monday when a single website can have an abundance of codes that only apply to particular products. Without Honey, websites often do not prompt you to enter their codes, making it easy to forget.

How to save money on almost everything online with Honey

You can often save a good deal of money. Amazon isn't coupon central, but Honey is still applicable to the major shopping site.

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The extension will notify you when it finds your identical product from another seller for less, which is convenient as Amazon has many vendors with different price points. It only scouts discounts that precisely match your item. Honey Gold is another feature of the extension that acts a bit like a loyalty point system. admin