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I found this camp to be a valuable experience for him and it helped him to be more motivated and focused in school. Celebrating its 39th year, Stu Vetter Basketball Camp is sure to please! Coach Vetter has coached camps and clinics all over the world and is at each and every camp week! Coach Stu Vetter and his experienced staff will teach your child the correct fundamentals of the great game of basketball while having fun.

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This camp is committed to getting young players off to a great start and advancing more experienced players to the next level. Camps are designed for boys and girls 6 - 18 years of age and are divided into separate groups for competitive balance when numbers permit. They are grouped together for lectures and fundamental drills. So much to choose from! Create 2-D and 3-D art. Build robots.

Write code. Explore languages and cultures. All camp programs run weekly, beginning June 24th through July 26th; Young Voyagers continue an extra week through Aug. Sign up for one week or come for the whole summer!

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Each week is organized around a theme. Music, creative arts, water play, literature, movement and games, science and technology, and outdoor activities are all part of the fun. Early childhood teachers and assistants work together to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere conducive to learning, working cooperatively and having fun. Curious campers apply what they know to further develop their skills individually or collaborate as a group. Swimming, other sports, and games are part of the program and help Voyagers enjoy some leisure time so they can focus on new friendships.

Join All Pro Gymnastics this summer for a morning, afternoon, or a full day of gymnastics, games, arts and crafts, music and movement, and make some new friends! Here's what your child will learn this summer: An introduction to a healthy lifestyle through Gymnastics. Gymnastic Skills combined with fun and easy exercises to promote development of all muscle groups.

Increased strength, flexibility, self confidence, courage and coordination. Koa Sports has run a flag football league in Bethesda for over 12 seasons and are ready to spice things up in an all-new camp experience. Offered for TWO weeks only - Aug. This means shared playing time and an opportunity to play a number of different positions. The intention is not to groom players for the NFL - it's to give kids from the neighborhood an opportunity to play an extremely fun sport together!

Sign up for one or both weeks and get in on the action this summer! Who do we appreciate!? Get out your pom poms and do a herky for this great deal! This was a very popular camp last summer so act now to get your spot! Campers ages with cheerful attitudes will be trained by professional and collegiate cheerleaders. Each camper will be assigned to a team and will learn tumbling, spirit cheers, and other fundamentals.

As the week progresses, the campers will cheer for basketball games taking place at nZone. Has your preteen or teen tried every summer camp out there, leaving you to ponder, what's next? That's where What's Next Adventures comes in.

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This camp is for boys and girls ages - no sailing experience necessary. Sail the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, as you embark on the ft sailing vessel, the Bahama Star under the direction of Captain Ian Beaumont and a board-certified crew of sailors and camp counselors. An educational experience with an emphasis on fun, campers learn the basics of living aboard a working vessel, including making and sharing meals together.

From raising and lowering sails to following the wind to even steering, campers will engage in life lessons they will remember for many years to come! While most of the time is spent aboard the vessel, campers do enjoy one afternoon ashore, in either Baltimore or Annapolis and a night sleeping on dock. Bunk beds and mattresses are assigned below deck but campers often lay out sleeping bags on deck to sleep under the stars.

But hurry, limited number of spaces available! After extensive renovations, the difference is dramatic! The Fieldhouse is now home to four turf fields, an NBA sized basketball court, and a huge multipurpose room! WJ Basketball Camp is back for its 5th year and they have extended camp for 5 weeks this summer! For boys and girls entering 1st grade through 9th grade, this camp is designed to help players at any level improve their game by enhancing their skills in shooting, passing, ball handling, and defense.

WJ Basketball is run by Mark Karver, a former Division I college basketball player who also played professional basketball in the European League for 11 seasons. He joins former WJ basketball player and current Walter Johnson coach, Chase Rieder, who broke the school record for most wins in a season in Walter Johnson boys basketball team is coming off it's first division title since and reached the regional finals this season. They will be leading their staff of current college and high school coaches to put on an amazing basketball camp this summer!

Basic daily schedule is as follows. Noon-1 p. The 10 and Under Tennis Camp is structured for beginner through intermediate level players. Your child will enjoy playing with tennis balls that bounce lower and slower plus courts specifically made for their age and ability level. QOSTC was the first club in Maryland that designed programs for 36' courts and held the first 36' court tournament. QOSTC also has permanent lined 60' courts and uses the three different compression tennis balls to make rallying more fun for younger players.

Basic daily schedule is as follows: a. Spend a summer week creating and painting. Curiosity Zone Science Camps are perfect for your budding young scientist! Whether you are nurturing or developing a passion for S. What makes Curiosity Zone science camps special? Stop by for a tour!

Curiosity Zone is recognized for excellence year after year by both parents and the media. Curiosity Zone has developed and provided youth science programming for the Smithsonian, in addition to appearing in monthly TV science segments for ABC Newschannel 8. Curiosity Zone's proven curriculum has been developed by scientists and educators over 8 years. This is a science camp in a traditional camp setting where your son will enjoy nature, make new friends and discover lots of cool technology!

Watonka offers your son an adventure of a lifetime providing a unique and educational overnight experience. The possibilities are endless! Make lasting friendships with boys from all over the United States and foreign countries. It's a summer of fun designed for boys to learn, grow, and be happy! Camp Watonka is a small ACA accredited camp with 56 summers of experience.

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The WCFC provides a safe and fun learning environment where your child can create, experiment, discover, and grow. With a variety of exciting summer camps to choose from, your child is sure to have a fantastic summer! This camp is a space for children to develop multiple interests. Campers will get to try everything from visual arts to STEM experiments and everything in between. This camp provides a safe and fun learning environment where your children can grow, create, experiment and discover. Students will be split into groups for age appropriate activities.

Your little one can plan the event of their dreams in just five days! They will start off learning the basics of a great event and develop an event plan. Then they'll learn how to stay organized leading up to the event and explore concepts such as scheduling and budget. Next they'll think about invitations, decor, food, etc.

At the end of the week they will host a class event and give a presentation on the experience! Cathay Sports World Camps are designed to get children moving and to promote optimal athletic performance. Young athletes will learn the foundations of healthy fitness routines and enjoy a variety of sports, specifically focusing on cardio, gymnastics and Wushu, a Chinese martial art. Advanced Campers will participate in various cardio based tasks gymnastics and Wushu in order to maintain their athleticism over the summer. Repetition and routine is KEY!

The goal is to teach the proper drills and skills towards accomplishing specific goals. Give your child the confidence to strut their stuff in front of a crowd. Campers will learn about fashion design and illustration, styles and models around the world to gain inspiration, and fashion presentation, and how a designer would choose to present their clothes to the public. This course will culminate in a professional style runway show where students will be able to present what they have worked on and showoff their new skills. Ages Young artists looking to have some creative fun this summer and develop strong artistic skills do not want to miss out on this summer camp!

Students will cover the fundamentals of art - line, shape, color, form, value, texture though the use of different two dimensional media including, but not limited to pencil, oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic painting, and marker. Students will use the knowledge learned, creativity, and imagination to express themselves and develop a wonderful portfolio for all to see. Grades K Younger children are welcome to come experience the fun and creative world of theater.

Your little star will sing, dance, act, and even help with set and props. The experience will culminate in a youth-appropriate stage show for friends and family. The most popular subjects in the STEM industry! Additionally students will be able to develop customized robots using the Lego EV3 curriculum and technology.

Your child will definitely be prepared for the wave of the future! Students will build robots and machines with various mechanical mechanisms and functions and participate in team building activities and problem solving tasks that will promote understanding of powered machines.

Additionally students will begin to explore the basics of Artificial Intelligence and build more sophisticated machines that perform human like funcations. Welcome to the world of web development! Learn about the components that make up contemporary websites. They will walk away with the skills necessary to develop their own unique web development style and skills to maintain their websites far beyond the summer. One of the mostly widely used and fastest growing languages in the programming world, Python is an essential skill for any young programmer to pick up.

Campers will learn the essentials in order to easily code their own graphics, games, programs, and applications. Each day will lead to a progressively more difficult assignment that will give campers essential programming knowledge for the real world! Build your own computer and program your own games! Campers will be engaged with programming, design, and engineering.

Students will participate in a series of activities and games that develop technical skills and approaches and prepare the child for a lifetime of building technology! In the tech savvy world we live in, it is essential that children learn young about how to use technical skills they gain for good.

Through this camp, children will learn the super-human powers of white-hat hacking, using innovative creative ways of creating a better world through technical language. Campers will develop strong awareness and skills regarding cyber security. Students will have the unique opportunity to learn more about planets the galaxy through the lens of this government organization. Your child could be the next Youtube sensation! Students will work with a media professional to learn basic video filming, editing, and production techniques. Then they will also learn special effects in order to enhance their works and piece together an entertaining clip.

By the end of the course they will have unique short films to share and the beginning of a private youtube channel for further development. Over the course of the week students will work on research, personal persuasive pieces, and formal debate procedure. This course will culminate in a final presentation and tournament in front of family and friends. The TED-Ed program helps children claim their voices, share their ideas, and participate in a global conversation. Campers will work together to discuss and celebrate creative ideas.

At the end of the week campers will get to share their final stories in a TED-like presentation. Young leaders gather-round, it's time to start your own business! Campers will learn the foundations of a business including branding, service, distribution, etc. Campers will create their own small-business idea including logo, creative brief, etc. Then they will pitch their business, and work on activities that will help them understand foundations for making it a successful Fortune ! Planning and keeping track of goals and learning to be a competent member of our society has never been more fun!

Through unique activities campers will be able to design their own dream life and set financial goals to work towards their dreams. Team building activities, basic public speaking practice, diversity and cultural understanding are just some of the components of this excellent opportunity for developing tweens and teens to develop into strong leaders. Students will use their skills to develop a mock political campaign that imparts the values they want to share as a leader or promotes a cause they care about.

Makerhub Jr provides a strong foundation for a young maker to see projects, kinetic sculpture, paper structures, etc. This is a hands on, craft making camp for any young student who likes to work with their hands and create! In coordination with Georgetown Makerhub to support STEAM education, older children will explore the design process and various skills used in that process. Additionally because these campers tend of have more developed acuity and dexterity they will use their new skills to complete complex hands on projects.

Artists will walk away with practical skills related to building, sewing, and creating. In this exciting course, campers explore and experiment with the various uses of makeup and accessories to transform their appearance. They wil learn the foundations of applying makeup and compare the styles across industry.

Additionally, they will create their own jewelry to take home.

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A wonderful intensive introduction to the culinary world! Students learn not only how to prepare delicious dishes but proper kitchen etiquette and food service skills. Students will get to tackle new and exciting books and projects in a group setting, allowing them to learn the power of teamwork. This course will encourage students to mindfully learn newfound comprehension skills that will stay with them through their school years and beyond. Young mathematical minds gather round, this is the camp for you!

Begin the session off by solving complex mathematical programs in both group and individual formats. Then use various methods, processes, and alogrithyms to process real life data. Learn how to develop sophisticated insights from the data in various forms and present on your findings. Math education has never been so fun and meaningful! Come experience the fast paced, creative, talent filled world of musical theater! For two weeks your child will work alongside accomplished greater Washington area performing arts professionals in the areas of dancing, singing, acting, and set design.

With props, costumes, performance training, and scene-work, your child's experience will culminate in a full-scale, youth-appropriate main stage show for friends and family. Does your little one fancy herself a Prima Ballerina in the making? Does she have more tu-tus than shoes? Can she zero in on a tiara with laser precision? Well then we've got the camps for her at Bella Ballerina.

Watch your child blossom over the course of the week as they make adorable friendships and become immersed in their camp theme! These specialized camps developed for kids ages are a perfect way to spend the summer! Bella Ballerina camp offers a fun and educational experience like no other. So get out the leotards and start practicing those positions Moms can now feel more secure than ever when they can log in to LIVE stream to see exactly what their kiddos are up to at camp!

There's a camp experience for every performance artist at Studio Bleu in Ashburn this summer! Studio Bleu believes in the development of all dancers. Their highly qualified and experienced teachers take pride in celebrating the unique qualities and skill sets of each dancer, while developing a love for the art of dance.

Dance through the enchantment of featured princess stories like that of Moana, Elisa and Anna of Frozen, Cinderella, and many more! They will explore their creativity through dress up, princess games, and crafts. Ballet shoes only. Just Dance! Your dancer will surely enjoy learning different dance techniques including jazz and hip hop - all while listening to music from their favorite pop sensations while they learn some of the most popular dances seen on TV.

Hip Hop Nonstop Ages , This camp will kick your dance moves into high gear! Each day will consist of a technique class followed by the breakdown and teaching of specific choreography. Boys Hip Hop Ages This is the perfect camp for any boy interested in learning some new moves! Campers should wear comfortable pants, t-shirts, and sneakers. Students will work on flexibility, strength, and basic gymnastic skills to be incorporated in a choreographed routine.

Campers should wear a leotard and convertible tights or jazz pants. Tiny Tumblers Ages This camp will help your little ones get started with their acrobatic skills! Students will work on flexibility and strength while we teach creative movement and muscle and body awareness. Ages This camp will get you ready for Broadway! Each day will consist of a technique class, across the floor exercises, and work on practicing lines and staging.

Campers should wear a leotard, tights or jazz pants and ballet or jazz shoes. Pop Star Camp Ages Is your child the next big thing? Come and learn not only how to sing better but how to be a performer on the stage! During this week, each singer will work on solos as well as group numbers to help build them into better performers! Get ready to become a Pop Star! Campers should wear comfortable clothing. If watching the hit show MasterChef Junior has your kids ready to cook up some summer fun, then we've got the camp for you! It's the perfect place for your child to make lasting connections with fellow peers who share a passion for cooking.

Check out this year's culinary curriculum HERE. Additionally, each camp offers loads of fun outside of the kitchen including dance and yoga classes, sports competitions and other outdoor activities. Rest assured, the Camp MasterChef team is filled with energy and passion and will be there to nurture your child every step of the way! Your child's Residential Counselor provides day-to-day support while their Team Captain motivates and guides them during cooking competitions.

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Culinary skills are taught by the Chef Instructor in a small group setting with kids of the same age. This recipe for success will help your child get the most out of their camp experience. So step aside, parents. Your child may leave home a toast-expert but they will return home a well-seasoned chef after this awesome Camp MasterChef experience!

Spark your son's curiosity and interest for the fascinating world of science! Discovery Science Camp is a science teacher-led excursion camp at The Heights School, an independent school for boys with a conveniently located and beautiful acre wooded campus in Potomac, MD. Each camp day is unique - and most days the campers take a teacher-led field trip. For the past 20 years, this camp - staffed exclusively by The Heights School's faculty and administrators - has accomplished more adventure in a few weeks than most camps accomplish in an entire summer.

Here are some examples of past activities and activities planned for this summer: A visit to the NASA Goddard Space Center with a special presentation on the space shuttle. Dissection of a shark and a chance to study Marine Biology at the Baltimore Aquarium. A visit to the U. Naval Observatory Dome Telescope with a presentation on outer space. A trip to Luray Caverns and an opportunity to learn more about how caves form.

The traditional helicopter egg drop engineering contest, model building and a chance to make ice cream as a prize. Construction of giant water balloon catapults as a fun way to learn about Newtonian Physics. Prior to camp, a detailed schedule will be emailed to parents with a description of the activities each day. Offering 5 convenient Loudoun County locations - Award-Winning TopKick Martial Arts and Sports Camps are "Physically Focused" and include their industry leading traditional martial arts training coupled with many of the activities associated with standard summer and day camps.

Camp days are diverse, exciting, and challenging. In addition to great exercise and martial arts, camp days include field trips, constructive games, kid's movies, art and crafts, and character building activities. With TopKick Martial Arts, your child will receive: Martial arts training to increase focus, confidence, strength, and respect. Camp days filled with fun structured physical games that build on critical martial art fundamentals. The perfect mix of conventional sports: soccer, football, basketball, and more. Excursions and Guest Performances.

Trained, professional, and dedicated staff committed to creating an awesome camp experience. A Positive Environment - everything at TopKick starts with positivity! A camp tuition that includes all supplies, trips, activities, and events. By offering convenient early drop off and extended pick up hours, at no extra charge, TopKick camps offer the perfect summer camp solution for parents, too!

A horse, like no other animal, has an almost mystical ability to look at you with their soulful eyes and become fast friends. Getting to know, and care for horses, can be a life-long gift for a child, and Camp Koda is the perfect place to set out on an equestrian adventure! Camp Koda is located at a world class training facility for horses and riders just around the bend from historic Leesburg, Virginia. Camp Koda offers innovative levels of challenge and activities for new and returning campers alike - all built upon the foundation of their world-class equestrian fundamentals.

Their unique "weekly themes" not only spark the imagination of campers, but ignite genuine creative thinking all summer long! Your child is sure to leave camp with all sorts of two and four legged new friends!

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  • Looking for a summer camp packed with high octane fun that will keep your kids on their toes? The search is over. They also offer cutting edge instruction in hip hop, break dance, jazz, tumbling, pom and cheer. Half-day camps run from 9 a. OR p. Full-day camps run from 9 a. Adrenaline Dance Camp Ages So, you think you can dance? Come show us your moves at this camp where you will learn hip-hop, jazz, pom technique. Your child will have fun learning different routines and mastering their favorite dance styles.

    Action Hero Camp Ages Is your child ready to save the world? In this camp, children will participate in creative movement exercises to improve coordination and balance skills; additionally, they will learn tumbling skills and dance combinations to create a Superhero Camp movie trailer starring them and all their newest friends! All Boys Hip-Hop Camp Ages This camp is specifically for boys who want to begin developing their hip-hop style and strength.

    This camp focuses on hip-hop isolations, tricks and breaking. By the end of the week your child will show off a routine incorporating their new tricks and style. Cheer Camp Ages Learn all the fundamentals of cheerleading: cheers, motions, dance, jumps and stunts!

    Your child will gain skills in cheer basics, jump techniques, stunt groups and tumbling. Your child will gain skills in jazz, hip hop, pom, and tumbling. This camp is for you! The tiny dancer will learn dance routines to their favorite songs and more. Your princess will have fun with music, games and crafts all based on their favorite movie. Tumble Camp Ages This camp is perfect for your tumbler. They will perfect the basics, polish their tumbling skills and learn the newest tricks.

    Their Art Squared Summer Camp is an experience unlike any other, exploring application of the arts in the 21st Century! Led by a team of talented, cutting-edge artists, Art Squared camp allows students to problem-solve, experience new and unique art forms, and explore through guided play and question-based learning. Every ArtBlock contains instruction, guided exploration, and time for kids to get creative and work with the art form in their own way.

    Classes are different each session, so students who sign up for multiple sessions get a completely different experience! Every session, there are also two levels of classes - one for students with prior experience in the subject area and one for beginners - ensuring every child is challenged and engaged. The final day of camp gives students the chance to focus on one of their favorite ArtBlock subjects and create something special to take home and share.

    Digital Music - use modern technology to create your own music - from composing on a keyboard, to exploring percussion tracks, audio effects. Upcycling Art - use found or recycled objects in new ways, whether through fashion, engineering, sculpture, or design. Photography - explore the world of photography from staging, shooting, and editing your artistic or realistic photos. Did you hear the news? Kids Elite Sports provides a research-based approach to introducing sports and active play to children. All campers, both novice and experienced young athletes, are exposed to a variety of sports and group games, while developing specific skills and learning rules of the play.

    Campers enjoy sports including basketball, soccer, floor hockey, baseball, badminton, flag football, swimming, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, volleyball, and tennis. Campers also participate in group games and active play including wiffle ball, dodgeball, capture the flag, Yukiball, kickball, steal the bacon, tug of war, and Tchoukball. Each session focuses on fundamental skills that foster speed, agility, fitness, and endurance. Most importantly, each day the counselors and staff emphasize one of five Kids Elite core values: effort, leadership, integrity, teamwork, and excellence.

    Campers are recognized daily for displaying the core values and for reflecting overall sportsmanship. Founder Coach Desmond Dunham a. John's College High School. He takes pride in his thirty-plus years as a student-athlete, an educator, and a coach. More importantly, Coach D is noted for his art of working with kids in a friendly, safe, and fun environment.

    He has assembled an all-star lineup of collegiate and high school student-athletes and current student-athletes that serve as camp counselors and volunteers. Groups are small and personalized. I wish my children could be with you for more than 1 week! I am looking forward to next summer! While he enjoys playing and learning sports, we as parents also like the reading component to the daily schedule. Please keep that as part of the program. All players will develop their technical and tactical abilities throughout the week with each day dedicated to a specific facet of the game, from finishing to passing.

    This camp is a chance for all players to find success in the safest and best soccer environment available. In the afternoon, full-day campers can choose to cool off at American University's Bender Arena indoor swimming pool or play indoor street soccer. Here's a typical day at FourSoccer Camp: - am: Arrival and free play games - am: Different activities based on curriculum - am: Water break, snack and re-application of sunscreen - 12noon: Different activities based on curriculum 12noon - pm: Half-Day campers check out.

    Based on a healthy method of farming called permaculture, Mary's Land Farm aims to educate the community about where their food comes from and how it is raised or grown. They do this through tours, field trips, community events and summer camps. Farm Pals Age Experience all facets of farm life with age-appropriate opportunities.

    Participate in farm chores from grooming the ponies to feeding the chickens. At Mary's Land, they encourage connection with the land and the animals, and provide daily experiences that increase campers' farming knowledge through hands-on, experiential learning. Juniors Age Daily farm life is an adventure in itself to this crew! The perfect fit for active early teens. Farm experiences allow campers to learn about biology and agriculture, horticulture and husbandry through daily electives and experiences.

    Skills are developed that benefit children all year long, instilling confidence as they learn all about cooperative farming and working together. Teen Team Age The most immersive farm experience. Campers will participate in morning electives each day, then put permaculture agricultural principles to work in the afternoon. Build relationships and discover new strengths and interests as evidenced in the farm surroundings. In each age group, Summer Campers will choose a Morning Elective designed for fun and learning. Activities may include shirt painting, arts and crafts, treasure hunts, and farm chores, like feeding chickens and combing and walking the horses.

    Come for multiple weeks this summer - no two weeks will be the same! Looking for something fun for the kids to do this summer?

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    Check out these great camps from CESummer! Choose from Camp Cardinal weekly camps for ages or Little Cardinals for ages 2. Camp Cardinal Ages prides itself on our small group size, allowing for plenty of individual attention and self-expression of campers who return year after year. Through a variety of interactive experiences, your child will have the opportunity to develop self-discipline, a strong sense of self, and leadership skills.

    In addition, they will have fun and make friends that last a lifetime! Little Cardinals Ages 2. Experienced Early Childhood professionals and college students will engage children in a variety of multi-sensory experiences in a safe and loving environment. Additional support is provided by volunteers to ensure that children get plenty of individualized attention. All staff and volunteers undergo a criminal background check. This week summer program is perfect for your inquisitive child, and combines developmentally appropriate activities with team building and FUN! Kids and parents love our camps because each day is full of non-stop games and non-stop fun!

    Campers play everything from soccer to flag football, ultimate frisbee, floor hockey, dodge ball and beyond! Bubble Ball will take place every Thursday of camp from pm and Laser Tag every Tuesday of camp from pm. Drama Kids International offers a unique and fun-filled summer camp experience to help children develop confidence, speech skills, self-esteem, leadership, teamwork and, of course, acting abilities.

    Drama Kids has been recognized internationally for its creative drama curriculum and teaching methods that are great fun and highly developmental for all children. And the only thing better than watching a whodunit play is being in it! The campers will get to create their own mysteries and act out scripted skits as well.

    Mysteries are a great opportunity to practice improv skills as well—you never know what ending the audience might choose! Full-day campers will perform a mystery skit on the final day. Join us as our campers show off their creativity while they explore the exciting world of fairy tales! Children will play fun theatre games while learning dramatic techniques, such as projection and articulation.

    They will have a ball playing their favorite fairy tale characters! Full-day campers will perform for friends and family on the last day of camp. Our campers will learn how other countries tell stories through theatre arts. The kids will get to act out skits from a variety of cultures, including Native American, African, Chinese, Mexican, Vietnamese, and many more. Full-day campers will perform for family and friends on the last day of camp. In addition to a wide range of our zany drama activities, campers will learn and rehearse improv skills and practice bolster general performing skills, such as projection and articulation.

    Join us on Friday for a fun variety show performed by our full-day campers! Kids get to create their own fantastical skits. They can incorporate their favorite characters, such as Harry Potter and Batman, and create their own fantasy scenes as well. Campers will learn stage speech techniques, stage movement skills, improv, and characterization.

    The emphasis is on imagination for this camp! On Friday, the full-day campers will perform for friends and family! Looking for a camp that will keep your dancers on their toes this summer? Campers get the chance to explore the world of the performing arts and even perform themselves in musical production and movie making. Each session will conclude with a performance presentation.

    Instructed by outstanding guest artists, each 2-week camp session includes instruction in jazz, modern dance, hip hop, tap, drama, art and music. You will hear the crunch as the bears eat crabs, and the sound of their heavy paws along the rocks. This is where you will transfer into your kayak and start your approx. Freedom Cove is a true West-coast sanctuary and inhabits Catherine and Wayne, who live here in the midst of Clayoquot Sound. In 25 years they have lived and worked on their vision of self-sustainable living: the 'Floating Gardens'.

    Once we arrive, join Wayne on a tour through their incredible home, while he will show you the gardens, the different buildings and some awesome tales about the secrets of life ;-. By the time you will have to say goodbye to Catherine and Wayne, the kayaks will be loaded and you can relax on the boat and enjoy the ride home.

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    5. Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii.

    This two-day 'weekend-warrior' kayak adventure leads us through sheltered waters up Browning Passage and through Meares Island is the heart of Clayoquot Sound region, north of Tofino. It is also home to Opitsaht, the main village of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation You want the most adventure possible in two days? We got your back!

    Flores Island is our favorite destination in this kayaking paradise of Clayoquot Sound! We are e Kayak Day Tours 2. Bear's by Kayak!