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Mail Me Coupons Newport Cigarettes was written by admin yesterday, more image and video. Free E Cigarette Samples offers the finest free electronic cigarette starter kit to. The sun will drop behind the horizon of the Pacific Ocean at p. That gives everyone extra time to gather flowers, make a prayer, learn to surf, put your mark in the sand or write your wishes on a piece of driftwood and set it free.

Or just relish the long turn into summer as you kick back on the shore with your favorite beverage, fishing rod, kite or all three. Grab a steaming latte from Surf Town Coffee Company on the historic Newport Bayfront to help power you through the longest day of the year. Or better yet, blow your own glass to create a custom creation while glimpsing the inner workings of this magical art form. Walk the docks and check out the hardworking commercial boats. They are catching shrimp and crab right now.

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Go ahead and ask the fishermen questions. Find the perfect spot along the sandy shore to watch the sun when it finally sets on the longest day of the year.

This fourth annual event is weather dependent, first come, first served, children welcome with life vests and accompanying guardian. Sign-ups begin at 11 a.

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Beach fires are usually easy to start and burn nicely with the ocean breeze. A fire can be big on the list of fun for visitors to the beach. Check to make sure a burn ban is not in effect for that beach due to weather. Monitor the media, check with local parks officials and look for posted signs at beach parking areas. Fires should only be started on open sand away from vegetation and driftwood.

Manage your fuel: Use small pieces and never burn logs, which can create large flames or smoulder dangerously even when extinguished with water. Limit the size of the fire. Keep flames no higher than knee height to prevent embers from becomes airborne. Always keep a bucket of water handy to extinguish the fire if necessary. When the fun is over, thoroughly douse the embers with water.

One of the new hot activities is beach bicycling. People tried it on and off for years with regular bikes, and their skinny tires would bog down in the sand.


Then someone slapped big fat tires on their bike, and the rest is history. Miles of sand are available for cruising. Really all you need to do is get your fat bike and pick a beach. Like stand-up paddling, this activity is really catching on. Remember, it has roots in history — the entire coastline was made public and your access was assured decades ago when the beaches of Oregon were designated under the state highway system.

You may just feel the ghost of the old stagecoaches whip past just as they did in the days before Highway Besides the benefit of the fresh salt air, you can stop and check out the marine life in the tidepools or climb a sand dune. At Nye Beach, hop from the sand into downtown and grab lunch. Need help figuring this all out? Bike Newport offers fat bike rentals and group beach tours as well as a diversity of bikes for purchase. Featuring a wealth of knowledge about bikes and where to go, this is your definitive stop for beach biking.

Be a part of the wave. One great ride from the lighthouse to the lighthouse takes you about three miles one way along the sand from the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Nye Beach makes a good midpoint to pause.

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Equipped with a road bicycle instead? Or bicycle the beautiful route along the Yaquina River from Newport to Toledo, Most logging roads are also great for mountain biking, just stay off the ones that are posted and signed as active operation sites. The exhibit is modeled after a subgenre of science fiction, art, technology and fashion inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery: Steampunk. Seapunk: Powered by Imagination shows a whole new perspective on tropical marine life, using a fantastical hands-on and interactive extravaganza of the senses.

In order to survive underwater, Brinker rebuilds the crippled submarine into a modern marvel of engineering by constructing imaginative variations on contraptions one may be familiar with today. Turn a crank to illuminate the cragged teeth of a mechanical angler fish and flip lenses of giant metal goggles to magnify vibrant, schooling fish within. The Helmetoid, an oversized fanciful version of an undersea helmet, inspires awe at first glance; And upon closer inspection, the elaborate apparatus affords views of brain coral teeming with clownfish.

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By pushing buttons, spinning wheels and pushing levers, visitors of all ages activate the bubbles, sparks, light, and sounds of each aquatic exhibit. Seapunk: Powered by Imagination transforms the spectacle of the typical aquarium gallery by merging Steampunk technology with marine exploration. The band, Cascadian Airship, who describe their sound as gypsypunkjazzrockfolksurf, have played venues, events and festivals all over the state since , including last month's Astoria Crab , Seafood and Wine Festival.

The Aquarium will be open every day this summer from 10 a.