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With Fivestars Pay, businesses like Famous Hot Weiner North can turn payment processing and merchant services into automated growth for their business? For Businesses. A man out for money sometimes gets the money, but he seldom gets anything else. Hence, a form is published below. Relatives are requested to fill in the form and mail or bring lt to fae office of The Virginia Beach News, 17th Street, Virginia Beach.

Do not' name ship, station, regiment, post or unit to which service man Is attached. The Office of Censorship has stated that there are no objections to newspapers assembllhg the type of data requested in the form below. W— Wile. Phone S — Sisters. Princess, Anne suffered 77 of the accidents serious enough to require loss of time and compensation payments to workers, during the year.

Princess Anne is expected to send several representatives to participate in the sections devoted to industrial safety, child and home safety, street and highway problems, law en- forcement and transportation. Myers, director of the Conference, report- ed today. I want you to gee out of aw house and stay Said the other: "Bus I tell you it was so dark in the apartment house that I entered the wrong apartment by mistake. In a blackout, how was I to know it was your wife I kiss- ed? Cox, Jr. Alt the family will welcome this pure refreshment.

Buy it from your favorl'e dealer. Me asks the U. The welfare of our troops, our antes and our home front demand that every family with available open ground space must grow Food for freedom. If your garden plot is smaH, grow the vegetables which do not re- quire too much room.

If this is your first year as a Victory Gar- dener, you will be wise to grow only those vegetables which don't take much c o mp e ring. Hie varie- ties which wnl keep your table supplied the longest are the best to grow, too. And be sure to plan enough to can because Winter is sure to come again! Start now to help win the bathe for bushels.

XIX— NO. APRIL This new product of the laboratory of Hercules Powder company is also being sprinkled this spring on dirt roads in several states. On a road so treated surface water will drain off or evaporate rather than seep through. A truck can move over it during or after a rainstorm without churning up mud or form- ing ruts. To this end we pledge our- selves to the utmost, of our ability to produce food. We shall not hesi- tate to work 80 hours a week. Our wives and children will help us to plant and harvest dur crops, to feed and milk our cows. The nation at war need fear no strike by farmers.

The armed services are demanding 1,, men be- fore July 1. Fathers are on the spot. Those not eligible for occupational defer- ments will be called. But draft boards still are lenient in grant- ing occupational deferments to old- er fathers. This is shown by the fact that only , pre-Pearl Harbor fathers had been inducted up to February 1. Jobs for Discharged Veterans For men discharged from any of the United States armed services, a summary of job opportunities in major industrial centers will be placed in nearly every local U.

Employment Service office, the War Manpower Commission an- nounces. These job summaries give information on types of jobs, scheduled hours of work, hourly wage rates, availability of housing, cost of living, and the adequacy of community facilities such as schools, hospitals, and transporta- tion. Rumble on Monday, April Miss Elizabeth Gregory Hill, pre- sident, presided.

The annual election of officers for the ensuing year took place with the re-election of Miss Eliza- beth Gregory Hill as president. In the Princess Anne Gar- den Club was formed as an inde- pendent organization and Miss Hill was elected its first president. She has been president of the garden club since its inception. The, other officers who were elect- ed to serve with Miss Hill are: Mrs. Maclin Simmons, 1st vice- president; Mrs.

George W. Boush, 2nd vice-president; Mrs. Edward Hardy, Recording Secretary; Mrs. Herman Hudgins, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Grey Parker, Trea- surer. Those elected to serve on the Executive Board are: Mrs. Edwin J. Smith, Mrs. Hallie Carlisle Old and Mrs. Ralph Pennoyer. Friebus Mrs. Due to this excellent record the club was presented a citation from the U.

Government for patriotic co-operation in the 4th War Loan Drive. This citation was signed by Henry A. Gazette Flowers in Chapel Under the sponsorship of the new Personal Affairs Branch, beau- tiful flowers are now being fur- nished each week for the decoration of the altar in the Camp Chapel. A group of ladies of the Beach, under the very competant leadership of Mrs. Charles Shuford as chairman, are doing a very splendid job of decorating the altar and great ap- preciation is felt by those who par- ticipate in the services.

Camp Com- mander Lt. Daniel E. Sheehan served as Honorary chairman, with Major Thomas T. Munday, execu- tive chairman. Equally as successful was the drive for the Infantile Paralysis Fund when the contributions from the camp amounted to fifty-three per cent of the total for the entire county of Princess Anne. Gaines, State Chairman. Hill and Mrs. Old, voting delegates, will attend tne annual meeting of the Garden Club of Virginia, to be held in Richmond at the Jefferson Hotel, May 2nd and 3rd. On May 4th Miss Hill and Mrs. Old will attend the unveiling of the por- trait of Mrs.

Old Speaks on Arrangements Mrs. Old, chairman of flower arrangements spoke on "Fundamental Principles of Flower Arrangement. A white goose and goslins were placed among the camellias. Other exhibits were as follows and all flowers were raised by ex- hibitors. White, Camellias and Azalias; Mrs. Old, Mrs. Wicker- sham and Mrs. Woodhouse exhibited old fashioned arrange- ments and Mrs. Walker had an arrangement of spring flowers. At the conclusioh of the meeting tea was served by the hostess. These articles consisted most- Chaplains has received accounts of the experiences of Chaplain Lonnie W.

Formerly minister of the First Baptist Church, Vir- ginia Beach, Virginia, Chaplain took care of our boys' personal ef- ly of water-soaked New Testa- ments, prayer books, a wallet with pictures of wives, parents, and girl friends. Most wallets contained an identification card and an assort- Meachum has been serving as Regi- [ ment of other things, maybe a few mental Chaplain of Marines in the, coins.

These I took to individuals Pacific Area. The com- mittee in charge of the drive is confident that the small amount lacking to reach the quota will come from some source or other and that Princess Anne County will be able to uphold former reputa- tions of never failing to reaeh a quota for any drive. The subject for the month is "Child Welfare" and Mrs.

Henry C. Myer, chairman of Child Welfare for the Auxiliary, will talk on the welfare work of the unit and give her anrual report of the activities for the year.

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Myer will also read a paper on Chile as Monday is Pan-American time. The terrain obliged us to change our plans - for setting up our field hos- pital. Someone shouted, 'enemy planes overhead. The anti-aircraft guns made it so 'hot' for the planes that they dropped their 'eggs' near a ship and got out as fast as possible. They never grumbled when they had to watt their turn for one of the operating tables.

I remember that one did complain that his helmet was not any good. He had a head lacera- tion, but the holes in the helmet where the bullet had gone through made it apparent that it saved his life. They were courteous and grate- ful for every little attention given them. To a man they responded to questions about their religious life, very often asking for prayer in "The Commander moved his per- 1 their behalf, sonnel along the beach a few nun-.

Each evening Amt aundown j dred yards. As quickly as possible wou , d gQ through the ward tentg we made ready to rece. The area had been so well shelled, bombed, and strafed that the Japs fled inland. However, contact was soon made and a few of our boys were brought in the first day by the corpsman. The surgeon who had seen action on Guadalcanal soon had the situation well in hand. When the first patient was placed on the operating table, he said, 'All right, padre, now your work begins.

That seemed a magic word to wounded day. At the March meeting F. Cox, men. I stood by the operating table, superintendent of the Princess washed mud-caked eyes and lips, Anne County public schools was sometimes giving the wounded man Metropolitan Opera Tenor Artist For Final Concert guest speaker and spoke on the subject, "What are we doing for the children of our community?

Grey, president, will preside and requests a full attend- ance. Tom Connelly, who pio- neered in Boys Club work in Phil- adelphia is now stationed at Camp Pendleton, where he is in charge of Camp athletics. Morgan Lieut. Val W. Morgan was a Navigator on a Liberator Bomber. This concert will conclude the series for the season. The 2,,, tokens was sent out applause which rocked the staid old of the factory in trunks and hamp- house was echoed throughout the ers at a rate of from 40,, to coached by Cpls. His last letter to his wife was dated March 4, and he stated that he had been transferred to New Guina, that he had been on a num- ber of important missions and hoped to have his leave in June.

The Officer is a graduate of the Rocky Mount, N. High School Friends of Charlie G. He is survived by his pa- Charlie Gatuso Improving country as a new opera star climb- ed to the zenith. Jan Peerce never boarded a boat for Europe. He sought out a voice teacher in New York and placed himself in his hands, for better or worse.

It has proven for better. Season tickets are now available for the series of These Anay be secured at the above addresses. This shipping continued daily in the same volume until a late date in February. It is estimated that the total weight of the two billions of tok- ens, which are made of fiber, came to 2,, pounds, or 1, tons, and more than 14, individual bulk shipments were involved in the shipping process. As approxi- mately fully loaded containers can be placed in the average ex- press' car, the movement totaled carloads, or the equivalent of 10 full passenger trains of 14 cars each.

I had set up a shanty about twenty feet in front of the operating tent. It was a makeshift of two or three shelter halves and a poncho or two. There I slept with a foxhole close by litter at the base of a large ti what little sleep I got for days. We would recite to- gether the Apostles Creed. Then I would lead in prayer followed by all praying the Lord's Prayer. I had given out about one thousand New Testa- ments weeks and months previous- ly. I had not counted upon the 1 weeks of rain which ruined these little precious pocket New Testa- ments.

Our Communion wafers moulded. Communion wine ran low. Thank God, we have just re- ceived, upon request from a rear base, a sufficient supply of all, these materials. My two colleagues and I were all over the place. Every man received Chris- tian burial. The last rites and com- fort were given to the men at collecting stations.

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Numerous times we rode the amphibious tractors which brough the wounded and dead out of the jungles. Chaplain Coner- ty in particular visited in the rear of the lines to offer Holy Commun- ion and hear confessions. Thousands of rural girls will learn how to plan, prepare and serve nutritious meals and thereby contribute to the "Food Fights.

This is the tenth year of the activity, which is conducted by the extension service. It is necessary for each person to present his or her old book, in person, in order to secure the new book. Application for exchange of books may be made at the Town Hall each week day from Registrations will close at p.

Famous Hot Weiner North Inc

Those in charge of registrations advise the public to allow ample time as no more books will be exchanged after closing time regardless of how long the person may have been in line. Any one having lost his book or registering for the first time will not register for new book until after June 1st. Morgan of Rocky Mount, N. Three weeks ago Charlie was seriously injured when a train back- ing into Camp Pendleton hit him and completely demolished his car.

Vincent's Hospital. New York — Preliminary re- ports reveal that collections of used household fats for salvage have increased over a hundred per cent in many localities since the rents, Mrs. Tats are needed in the produc- tion of explosives, awdkiam , pro- tective many other invaluable products. One of the results of Japan's conquests was to deprive us of the billion pounds of oils and fast we formerly imported each year from the Orient. Fortunately, enough fats can be recovered in out kitchens to make up our deficit. Clairsville, Ohio, have received paid electric bills as Christmas gifts from the town.

Garrett, Benjamin Gimbert, Army,, Fentress, Frank Lee, Navy 7- Hauser, A. Hauser,, C. Hauser, C. Moore, Paul D. Kindell, Nolan M. Kindell, William H..

NAC, Lovelace, Warren R. Keeling, Vernon L. Morgan, Val. Johnson, Mason W. Hicks, Thomas M.


This concludes the list of and women from Princess Arm County which we have on file. H Per Taar In Adranee Application Obituaries, cards of thanks, resolutions of respect and unso- licited original poems are charged for at the rate of 2c per word each insertion, payable In ad- vance. That's another evi- dence of "independence. No amount of rhetoric those facts. We are all deeply stirred by the attacks of hoodlums in our big cities. But — we can't pass off hoodlumism as just the acts of children. Behind every child there stands an adult, Every act of juvenile delinquency convicts some adult of neglect or indifference amounting to criminal negligence.

Children are not born with a sense of right or wrong. It is the family that has the first chance to civilise the child. The kind of be- haviour a child displays depends upon the kind of adults after whom he has patterned himself. And the adults cannot dodge their respon- sibility or shift it to the schools. The other day I was talking to a truant officer. He said, "There aren't any bad children, but there are a great many bad parents. They ace. They don't realise that sending a child to school isn't enough. They have to condition his attitude towards the school and towards other children.

And they have to see to it that he has. In most of the cases I have to investigate, I find that the par- ents are unwilling to turn out on Sunday to go to Church with theii children. They don't seem to see tbafctabgion is one of the biggest hjtessjtias m a child's life. It's til snek Upon which the vine has to grow. If a child has no standards by which to grow, he is groping in the dark If he learns it is smart to dodge the law, that the only sin is getting caught, h is on th road to crime, If he hears his parents lying, he -sees no reason for the truth.

One of President Roosevelt's closest friends recently left the White Rouse after having dined with President Roosevelt, and he expressed doubt at to whether the President will run again. Wash- ington accepted that statement about the fourth term as of major importance. The belief prevails in Washing- ton that Mr. Roosevelt has an in- tense desire to see things through, from victory in the war to victory in the peace. But, finally, Washing- ton has been discussing the fourth term from a different angle, and there seems to be a general agree- ment that Mr. Roosevelt's physi- cians and family may interfere, and bring to bear final pressure upon him and force him to retire.

No one can legitimately object to such moves when they aid the war effort. But when they begin to take on the appearance of a permanent part- nership between industry and gov- ernment, there is cause for alarm. For, in plain English, when indus- try goes into partnership with gov- ernment, the American form of gov- ernment will disappear. Govern- ment will no longer be the umpire — it will be the manager. And once it has control of one or two indus- tries, it will no longer be satisfied to play the umpire for others.

It will inevitably end as the manager of all industry and the employer of all- citizens. Many persons have taken the attitude that this cooperation is the beginning of a new era in which old-fashioned principles of minimum government control will have no place. That idea flowered in Germany. It was thought there that government and industry could go into part- nership without impairing the liber- ties of the people or changing the nature of government. It finally ended in the destruction of German freedom and a second world war.

The structure of our government is designed to protect the people against government oppression. Injecting government into busi- ness in competition with private citizens weakens that structure. It them. The parents may be only care- less or thoughtless — but a child believes what he hears and takes it seriously.

It is from the home that hoodlumism springs and it is in the home it can be and must be stopped. It isn't the child alone that ia delinquent. It is the parents who stand convicted before the bar of public opinion. It isn't just a wave of delinquen- cy among children that 'is sweep- ing the country and causing so much trouble. It is a wave of delinquen- cy among parents. Let's do some- thing about the delinquent parents — and juvenile delinquency will take care of itself!

Jauea Washington, D. C, April — It requires no strain on the memory to recall that the whole American public hoped against hope, less than three years ago, that the United States might keep out of the World War. It is just as easy to remember that all the arguments and private debates "made a quick change" when our Nation was at- tacked at Pearl Harbor.

The two Houses of Congress promptly met, apparently buried the hatchet, and declared war. Under the circumstances all Sen- ators and Representatives, no mat- ter to what party they belong, should be judged by the way they voted in that black December of No citizen, or public official, no editor, or writer for the newspapers, no merchant, doctor, lawyer, beg- garman, and no Tom, Dick or Harry, should be called an isolationist to- day because he tried to keep Ameri- ca out of war before — we were forced into it.

The failures follow- ing the first World War were a warning to avoid another war, if it could be accomplished — and that's why the people were for non-inteT- vention. Senators and Congressmen differ- ed about the embargo, neutrality, and Lend-Lease, because they re- fused to be herded into single file. And that was proper; sensible, be- fore Pearl Harbor.

Lend-Lease is very little under- stood by the best informed civilians, in our country today, and the queer way in which it works can b sur- mised by millionsojfpeople who have headaclurt'anairiti purses on account of their income tax levies. Any group of individuals, even if they happen to be members of the Senate and House, are cer- tain to hold different, honest opin- ions. There is no sense in going back to the incidents before Pearl Harbor to dig up political baloney for a campaigh against any man up for rejection. Men of coraelence and quality — men of intestinal fortitude — should win id the coming election, no matter whether, they are Demo- crats or Republicans.

After all, a first class Senator or Representa- tive is not a "yes man" for a party machine. It is "no fun" to upset the Ad- ministration's tax bills, or disagree with the Chief about the way sol- diers can vote. In former times Mr. If we fail to do this, we admit that we prefer to pass on to the boys at the front not only the risk of life and limb, but the obligation of an unnecessarily high public debt We make no sacrifice in buy- ing interest-bearing bonds which create debt and in perpetuating every boondoggling political pro- ject, while our fighting men sacri- encircling our shallow beachhead fice their lives and opportunities , on the Mediterranean near Rome Danville Register It must irk a man in the posi- tion of General George Marshall, who describes his role as that of "one who has the terrible respon- sibility for the lives of many men," to receive protests from squeamish Americans protesting use of such a standard weapon as the flame- thrower in routing Japs from pill- boxes from which they have shot and killed American snd Austra- lian forces fighting the bitter, bru- tal, ruleless war of the jungles.

These "vehement protests" came to the Chief of Staff even while the War Department releases tell- ing of Jap butchery were still it print. What kind of war do such people expect General Marshall to coun- tenance and the young men in the swamps of the Southern Pacific islands to wage? The Marquis of Queensbury never wrote any rules for warfare outside the boxing ring. The Japanese have shown absolute- ly no inclination to regard inter- national practices concerning war and the treatment of prisoners of vear. The struggle in the Pacific re- solves itself into the elemental de- cision to kill or get killed by any means, fair or foul.

The General's call for "under- standing of the meaning of our dead at Tarawa" is well timed. It the Germans were mtmm came even as and families to preserve us safe from hardship at' home. Already they have made five assaults. Others, in stronger force are in the making. That is what the men in the fox- holes and the brush are doing, no savings which are essential to in- J matter how much they dislike the dustrial expansion oa a peacetime necessities confronting them.

Cakes 21c 2 Lg. Herbert L. Bonney and daughter, Mrs. John P. Har- per of Manhassett, Long Island, have returned to their home after spending the Easter week end with Mrs. Booney's mother, Mrs. Chapman and sister, Mrs. Sidney Moreeock at their home in Sea Pines. John Frederick Claudy and small son have moved from their apartment in the Jarvis Building and are now living with Mrs. Claudy's parents, Mr. Jarvis on 16th street. Claudy is now serving in the U. Johnston are spending some time in New York. Miss Frances Rudolph, who has been spending the spring holidays with her parents, Mr.

Frank C. The guests numbered ten. Karl Forsberg, Jr. Fors- berg in Cavalier Park. Miss Charlotte Timberlake was hostess at a tea in honor of Miss Kyle on Thursday at her home on th street. Roy C. Deal and Mrs. Deal, Jr. Deal's sister, Mrs. Rebmann, Jr. They will be joined there by Roy C. Booker, Jr. David Pender, Jr. Madolir-e "Jarman, Mrs. Al- verda Zimmer and Mrs.

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O ' Edna A. The vivid story, told against a background of beauty and romance, tells of a young, itinerant musician, Paul Hudson, who, in the guise of El Khobar, makes daring and spectacular efforts to free the downtrodden Riff slave labor from the ruthless oppression of the Nazis. Interwoven into the plot is the beautiful love story of Paul and the lovely Margot, a French cafe singer who loves him for his cour- age and unselfishness.

This is the first vivid drama of America's men of might! The first to land, the first to love and the first to fight They are the men in front of the man behind the guns. This is an exciting romantic drama filled with desperate adventure. Airplane r shoe stamp to lit definitely.

Another good beginning May 1, will be an- nounced toon. Todd and Mrs Todd at their home in Alanton. Russell Land spent the week end in Richmond with his brother Henry Land who recently underwent an operation son, after completing the course at Colgate University. George afcDonough School in Baltimore, Mr. Charles Slingluff on 64th street. Hicks, Jr. Major Todd and Mrs. Todd at their home in Alanton. Garrett Smith have moved to the Ryland home on 83rd street which they recently pur- chased.

Kyle at their home in Alanton. Miss Sara Cobb, a student at St. Agnes School in Alexandria, Va. Chief of Police, Clarence Hobeck, has returned to his home on 26th street, where he is recovering from a minor operation. Brady on 16th street. Mark Oliver has returned to Camp Davis, N. Pdrker Bane and Miss Katha- rine Eaton, in honor of their twen- ty-fifth wedding anniversary. Trueblood had as their guest for the weekend Mr.

Trueblood's sister, Mrs. Herrick has returned home after visiting her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. Swin- dell Pollock, of Trenton, N. Miss Alice Oliver, daughter of Mr.

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Miss Sue Whitehead has return- ed to Georgetown, Del. Four girls are murdered; four times the suspect is alibied, al- ways by a woman, is he guilty? Go to the Roland and find out. The Rev. Good condition. Call Bf. It Town Ban F. Terrace, Etc S. Had it not been for the skillful planning and efficient execution of the ope- ration, the ceme tery would have been much larger. I thank my lucks stars that I am with experienced and seasoned troops who know how to take advantage of the use of oar superb equipment in the den- sity of jangle warfare.

Davia, et al. Maritime Commission shipyards delivered ships of 4,, ginia Beach, Va. Phone Liberty ships continued cial DeLuxe Club Coupe. Maroon to dominate production but there paint. Looks and runs like new. Ashtmrn, p. Taeaaay, May lfta W. Peter Mitchell, Inc. Reuben Spandorfer, pjq, W. Ashbarn and P. Ackim, P-d. Weaweeday, May 17th State Highway Commr.

Widgeon, et ox. State Highway Commr. Saves Iff fuel. Highest type cross gram zinc, grooved. In Vir- ginia Beach, working weekly. Phone Virginia h Thank gailm Reviewed April 16, Got a mail DQ has better burgers. MUCH - And theirs suck! Ask lafoose about Texas Hot Weiner Lunch. Thank lafoose. Travelers who viewed Texas Hot Weiner Lunch also viewed.

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