Freebies for dental nurses

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I never received my package for my class room. Do you know how long it takes to come!?!?!?!? Guerra, It will come in February or maybe sooner it depends on when they start to ship them out. I hope that helps. I ordered this for my neices who homeschool and will share with other homeschoolers.

Thank you, this is so awesome! I would like too know if you donation too a group home in Bosnia …a solider from US is stationed there and they go too the group home and help out as much they can….

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They should give similar stuff to people who work with the homeless. I have friends who always try and salvage all they can for the homeless. This winter they were looking for chapsticks, gloves, sanitizers, sanitary pads etc. But we got them at full retail prices and it would have been better if we could get more stuff for same cash, or even more free stuff from corporations like Colgate to help them get through the harsh winters.

I signed up for the first time. When do I expect to get my shipment!

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I am teacher and have signed up for this last fall. I have not received kit yet. Wondering if this is a scam. Hi Mrs. Davis, They usually come at in the middle or at the end of February.

Dentistry for everyone

When they start to ship then out I will be sure to let you know. I hope you have a great weekend!

Valid for educators of kids in grades K Comments I wish i knew sum teachers, i would share this. Received 3 boxes of toothbrushes, toothpaste, and literature Thank you soo much.

I signed up for this. This will be a fantastic addition to our health and wellness study. I always put homeschool teacher for organisation. Can you get this and not be a teacher? Want to get and donate to pre school.

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Got this to take to the outreach in my town. So many kids in need!! My box just came today march 6 and it came UPS. admin