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Recently the field has expanded for loans significantly higher than K. When we go one step up from a micro or very small business and move into lower middle market, these firms have bigger needs for capital, perhaps to finance Machinery, or inventory or a building or sales force.

How does a business owner compare the various online lending options now offered by both digital business platforms like Dealstruck , P2Binvestor , TheCreditJunction , InternexCapital and others that are getting into this space with technology first, investors and bank lines, and using the internet to originate deals?

This is not a space that marketplace lenders like On Deck, Lending Club and Prosper play in with SMB because their focus is on automation with no manual underwriting and thus loans under K. Up until recently, besides a small business going through a bank or credit cards , one of the few options was factoring and merchant cash advances.

What makes these new online sites appealing is that compared to a merchant cash advance, a line of credit is a much more affordable option to finance inventory than a MCA. It is interesting to see how each company funds their loans. P2BInvestor lines of credit are funded from balance sheet, then packaged up in a diligence file and offered to their crowd for participation on a private, proprietary lending platform.

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Time: 15 to 20 minutes. Before Dealstruck can make you a final loan offer, a Dealstruck underwriter may need to interview you. Time: 24 hours. After you accept the loan offer, you can get the funds in your bank account within 24 hours, Klein says. Learn More. Compare business loans. Email: teddy nerdwallet. This article originally appeared on NerdWallet. Log in or subscribe to read and leave comments. Contact Us. How much do you need for your business? How soon do you need this loan? It is really a good service for loans.

I'm so satisfied about the customer service. I'd like to recommend it to my friends, family and others. Overall, this might not be the best out there, but it's the best for me. The application process is a bit unfamiliar to me. It's okay though. You have to fill in many information so that they can confirm your identity and protect you.

It's kinda long but has a reason to it.

Loan Rates:

It's way too much privacy policies that are kinda unacceptable. I would hire a help who could explain it to my customers. The online tool is extremely easy to use.

It's nothing like other companies that I've use. Two step sign in and boom, you are done. I'll suggest to go on the website rather than install an app. It was nice. Anytime I needed anything they were always there. And the customer support by phone and online is very easy to use and navigate. I was able to apply on my own. The application wasn't too hard to use and I was able to get it done in a good amount of time.

Was fast and easy I'd say. Some of the rates were a little high but I needed the loan for myself and my family so I had to overlook those things even though I wouldn't have liked it to be lower. The online tools were nice and helpful and very easy to use. I like having that option to go to I'd I need it and to know it won't be too difficult to user. It was good. They wasn't very polite. They took their time.

Dealstruck business loans review

Made me wait on hold for a long time but it was ok. Very straightforward though. Good people. It took a bit to get through.

Dealstruck business loans review June |

They covered every little thing so nothing was a surprise to them. Very reliable, honest, hardworking, manageable people. It was an awesome experience. Very trustworthy people, honest, up front, no hidden fees. They tell you if anything is wrong. No questions. They keep you updated every step of the way. I would recommend to my family and friends and co-workers. It is a trusted company. Very helpful in helping me talk through my business plan in order to get the loan and they communicated through email and phone. Everyone I spoke with seemed interested.

Some of the steps took a lot of detail I wasn't familiar with however customer service was extremely helpful. Overall the process was quicker than I thought and favorable. Given the risk of my business and my previous credit history my rate was not as favorable as I would have liked however I was eventually approved along with able to negotiate a more favorable deal.

The online tools were sufficient. Wish there was more I could do online as in negotiations but for the most part online tools are sufficient.


Some lenders have applications online, others will have you come in and complete an application. I called all of the lenders in my area for interest and fee quotes, and then chose the one I was most comfortable with. I went in and the lender filled out the application and had me sign all of the documents.

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Really good they helped me and gave me good deals and I was really satisfied with the entire experience and I would definitely recommend to other people and it was really good and useful. They had really good terms but there was a lot to read and I liked knowing how easy it was to do and some of the info wasn't specific and it we walls were hope and it was easy.