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Peculiar Pittsburgh Like hockey? You have Pittsburgh to thank for that. What to do this week in Pittsburgh: May June 2, Listen to jazz, learn Tai Chi, sip tea with a drag queen, and get a psychic reading. What to do this week in Pittsburgh: May , Dance the salsa, rock out at KayaFest, and ask a date to adult Prom. Explore the ultimate Pittsburgh bucket list with this new book How many have you checked off? We think you will, too.

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What to do this week in Pittsburgh: May , Write poetry, learn to garden, and party like it's In the Steel City, a blast furnace becomes the setting for Shakespeare It's a "once-in-a-lifetime" show. Siren: Sheetz is debuting a coffee-flavored beer Take that, Wawa.

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The 14 best Pittsburgh apartments for rent in May Larry David artwork, a spiral staircase, a gilded mansion — it's all up for grabs this month. What to do this week in Pittsburgh: May , This week is all about music.

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  7. Is this Pittsburgh pizza actually the best in America? Garen Wintemute , a professor of emergency room medicine and director of UC Davis ' Violence Prevention Research Program, released a study in which held that gun shows are a venue for illegal activity, including straw purchases and unlicensed sales to prohibited individuals. In , economists Mark Duggan and Randi Hjalmarsson at the University of Maryland and Brian Jacob from the University of Michigan released a paper which stated that gun shows do not lead to substantial increases in either gun homicides or gun suicides.

    Seventy nine of the ATF operation plans were known suspects previously under investigation. Regarding the trafficking of firearms from the U. While it is impossible to know how many firearms are illegally smuggled into Mexico in a given year, about 87 percent of firearms seized by Mexican authorities and traced in the last 5 years originated in the United States, according to data from Department of Justice's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives ATF. According to U. Many of these firearms come from gun shops and gun shows in Southwest border states.

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    The GAO report has been corroborated through other sources. House of Representatives subcommittee in March , stating, "Drug traffickers are able to obtain firearms and ammunition more easily in the U.

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    8. Depending on State law, the private sale of firearms at those venues often does not require record keeping or background checks prior to the sale. ATF has analyzed firearms seizures in Mexico from FY —07 and identified the following weapons most commonly used by drug traffickers: 9mm pistols;.

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      According to Raul Benitez, a security expert at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, "Mexico's southern border with Guatemala has long been an entry point for such weapons and today could account for 10 to 15 percent coming through. It is difficult to legally acquire fully automatic firearms at American gun shows as opposed to the semiautomatic-only versions of these firearms that are legal on the U.

      Until in receipt of the tax stamp, the Class III dealer retains control of the fully automatic firearm. In addition, only fully automatic firearms manufactured before the Firearm Owner's Protection Act of are permitted to be transferred. No fully automatic firearms recovered in Mexico have been traced to the United States. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Gunshow disambiguation.

      Main article: Gun show loophole.

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      In Carter, Greg Lee ed. Guns in American Society: G-Q. Department of the Treasury , U. Department of Justice January Retrieved June 27, Department of Justice. June The Atlantic.

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      Retrieved August 1, Smart Gun Laws. Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. August 21, Retrieved January 28, Archived from the original PDF on Injury Prevention. Review of Economics and Statistics.

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      Guns Behind Cartel Killings in Mexico". October 29,

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