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Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Great product, I recomment. Cons: About the great looking screen, the text is a little small and takes getting use to. If you've never had Chrome OS before it also takes a little getting use to. Conclusion: I definitely recommend it. Feels pretty solid and light at the same time. Google is still working on making the OS more compatible with every ones needs.

However, in the meantime I have linux running on it at the same time.

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  • Toshiba serves up a Chromebook with a full IPS HD screen, partnered with a very tempting price;
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Hit a combination of buttons and you have instant switching between OS's. Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Great every day laptop received this as a gift for christmas and it's everything that i asked for in a laptop. Rated 5 out of 5 by Ted from Very pleasantly surprised My middle-school daughter needed a computer for schoolwork and general-purpose entertainment YouTube, Netflix. A Macbook seemed like overkill and over-investment. My expectations for a Chromebook were modest, to say the least.

But this unit is an extremely pleasant surprise.

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It's fast, the screen is excellent, the keyboard is completely satisfactory, and the trackpad works well. I suppose you could get away with an 11 screen and 2GB, but for the very reasonable extra cost, this computer is well worth it. So far its been great.

Awesome keyboard and trackpad. Amazing screen. I have to figure out how to make the text larger, and stay larger. No high cost of Apple, no frustrating windows problems, Just great computing experience. Its my first computer in quite a while, but I was easily able to create some shipping documents and print labels. I cant wait to get to know this new computing style, that seems very promising.

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Buying from BH was the best online purchase i've done. Duty ,taxes, and shipping all taken care of at the original purchase. The Purolator man just handed me the box and walked away. Love it. If I need a word processor or spreadsheet, I use Google Drive. The Chromebook is fast, a nice, manageable size and has a great display.

I thought there would be a lot of glare with the display but there is not. The resolution allows a lot on the screen which makes everything pretty small but I prefer it over large font revealing less content.

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You can't beat the price of this lightweight, conveniently sized, speedy laptop. I'm currently a Google fan so it meets all of my expectations in a laptop. The differences are simply amazing. The most glaring difference is the screen, which really must be seen to be truly appreciated. It rivals that of a MacBook Retina display. There are only a handful of Chromebooks that are full p HD, this is one of them.

Samsung just came out with a p on their Chromebook 2 model, however they failed to upgrade their screen to an IPS panel. Instead they're using cheaper TN panels which are nowhere nearly as bright or vivid. The resolution on this laptop is incredible. Sharp, clean picture without washed out colors like on my Samsung. The viewing angle is also much wider. I've run it with over a dozen open tabs including Youtube and Netflix, and there's no lag. There are no cooling fans, so it's super quiet.

It does get warmer than my Samsung but you can barely notice it. The Skullcandy speakers are impressive, they have some amazing sound and base to them. Bottom line is, if you're shopping around for a new laptop for browsing, email, watching videos, listening to music, etc Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from Best bang for the buck laptop Best screen on any laptop I've ever used which have been various T- and X-series Thinkpads since the late 90s. The audio is clear and loud. Fast boot time. I briefly tested the webcam via Skype for Linux and it seems fine. Should you be dissatisfied with an order, you have 30 days from date of purchase to make a return with all of the original materials included.

Toshiba Chromebook 2 review

Is it durable? This Chromebook is constructed from sturdy plastic. The system is durable. Answered by: James B. It does not. Answered by: Zev B. I don't buy anything less than an Intel U. If you have money to burn, you can even buy a Chromebook with an Intel i3 or m3, i5 or m5, i7 or m7 CPU -- just expect to pay a lot for them!

Answered by: Alta A. Once again, too, the screen measures 13 inches, although the footprint is slightly smaller than it used to be. Even the port selection is the same: two USB connections one 3. While the two models look similar, though, this one is a bit thinner and lighter, coming in at 2. That's about the same weight as Samsung's Chromebook 2, though the Acer Chromebook 13 comes in at 3. The keyboard also remains unchanged; it's spacious, but the flat buttons don't always register your keystrokes.

In particular, I often had to type my digit Google password several times, unless I went out of my way to peck it out v e r y s l o w l y. The touchpad, meanwhile, is mostly functional, but I did occasionally lose control of the cursor. One time, for instance, I meant to click something from a website, but instead ended up opening random links from a different part of the page. Surely there's something Toshiba can do to ensure that gestures like "tap to click" work a bit more precisely.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's jump to the thing you're all most interested in: the display. The difference in sharpness is immediately noticeable, as it is every time you graduate from a regular HD laptop to a full HD one. Those extra pixels came in especially handy for my marathon Netflix and Hulu streaming sessions, though I confess my eyes couldn't always handle the tiny text on regular webpages. In particular, I struggled with things like Gmail and the Spotify web player -- sites where there were just too many lines of text for me to be able to read without squinting.

As you can imagine, I made frequent use of the "Ctrl and plus sign" keyboard shortcut. Even so, regardless of the scaling settings, the low-glare IPS screen allowed me to watch comfortably from all sorts of angles: sitting upright on the couch with the laptop on my legs, and lying down with the machine resting against my knees. The colors are nice too -- vibrant, but not so oversaturated that they look unnatural. Meanwhile, on the audio front, Toshiba recently started using Skullcandy speakers in most of its low-end and mid-range laptops, including the new Chromebook 2. Despite that brand name painted on the chassis, I still managed to be surprised by how good the sound was.

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For one thing, it's loud. Almost uncomfortably loud at times, but still, it's good to know it can crank up that high, when needed. I did notice a bit of distortion at top volume, which is often the case with laptops, but again, because the machine was so loud, there was plenty of leeway to lower the levels and still enjoy both good sound and audible volume. From there, with the volume set comfortably around 50 percent, I had a good time spinning all sorts of music: bluegrass, jazz, electronica, British pop from the '60s, hip-hop and whatever genre we think the Austin Powers theme falls into kidding, Quincy Jones fans!

Toshiba CB35-B3340 Chromebook 2

Despite that extra memory, though, performance seems to fall in line -- if not slightly behind -- competing devices. In the JavaScript benchmarks Google Octane and Mozilla Kraken, its scores more or less match other Celeron-based laptops and actually, its SunSpider score is markedly worse. In real-word use, meanwhile, I recorded a nine-second startup time. That's plenty fast for me, but keep in mind that most Chrome OS devices boot up just as quickly; definitely don't base your purchasing decision on that.

Setting aside those synthetic-test results, the Chromebook 2 was able to keep up with me. Most of the time, anyway. Using the built-in browser, I did a disgusting amount of Black Friday shopping, frequently opening new tabs to browse additional stores or compare prices.

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Throughout, the machine loaded new tabs quickly, and not once in my testing did it crash or fail to load a site. I also spent a good portion of my holiday weekend binge-watching Scandal , streaming from Google Play and Hulu for lord-knows-how-many hours. Video playback was always smooth, no doubt thanks to the upgraded The machine never got hot, exactly, though I could feel the bottom side growing warmer as I rested the laptop on my legs -- and that was through my pants too.

Google getting out of the tablet game was inevitable (and smart)

Really, the only time I felt at all frustrated was when I was listening to Spotify through the app's web player: There were multiple instances when I went to open a new tab and the audio cut out briefly before picking up again. Additionally, I noticed some tiling when resizing windows to full screen, but it always went away after a brief pause.

Toshiba says the Chromebook 2's three-cell, 44Wh battery is good for up to nine hours of runtime, but I never quite reached that milestone. Particularly in our standard video-rundown test -- an admittedly grueling test if ever there was one -- I only got six hours and 34 minutes of continuous HD video playback. You could always drop down to standard definition, in which case you can expect around seven and a half hours. With lighter use -- surfing the web, checking email, streaming music -- you should get closer to the nine-hour mark.

Even so, while the Chromebook 2's battery life is fairly normal compared to most competing devices, it's significantly short relative to other p Chromebooks , specifically. The Samsung Chromebook 2, for instance, can last through nearly 8. I'll keep this section short, just because Chrome OS hasn't seen any major updates recently.

If you've only just started shopping for a Chromebook, though, there are a couple things you should know. Second: Though you can't exactly do everything offline, you can still do a lot more than you used to be able to.