Missing catalina coupon

Even store shelves may have Catalina information when there is a deal on a specific product.

Meijer Catalina Deals Explained

When I see a good Catalina deal, I will post it in the weekly grocery deals post on Wednesdays. I spoke with the folks over at the Catalina company last week to get a little clarification about the best way to find out about these promotions.


Unfortunately, most websites don't usually list the deals. Also, if there is a Catalina deal at Harris Teeter, it does not mean other stores in the area are running the same deal, as well.

Coupon Basics

According to the Catalina employee, it is up to the stores to decide which Catalina promotions they want to offer. Is there a rhyme or reason to which Catalina coupons will print?


You may have already noticed that sometimes you will get a Catalina coupon for a product that is a competitor of a product you just purchased. The coupons are set up to print these competitor Catalinas. What should you do if you do not get a Catalina that should print? Call the Catalina company at: You will need the receipt so you can tell them what you bought, the date and time you bought the items and where you bought the products. They will then send you the coupon that was supposed to print.

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The next time you get a Catalina coupon, make sure you read it before you throw it out. It may be a coupon for something you use or even a coupon for money off your next purchase!

What to Do When a Catalina Coupon Doesn't Print at the Register • Bargains to Bounty

Published: Updated: Tags: coupon , grocery coupons. Catalinas are completely customized, meaning each individual customer will receive coupons that are selected based on the purchase that customer has just made. The coupons and offers that you may receive at the end of a transaction will vary depending on your geographical location, the store you're shopping in, the items that you purchased during that transaction, your previous purchases at that store and any current in-store promotions. It's worth mentioning that some stores require you to spend a certain amount before you will receive a Catalina coupon.

According to Catalina Marketing, the coupons that print for any given customer are selected based on the products and brands that the company anticipates will be the most useful to that customer. This is done by analyzing key data about that customer's purchase. Many participating retailers link their loyalty programs to the Catalina program so that the coupons a customer receives will be directly synced with that customer's store loyalty card. For example, on a recent trip to the grocery store, I purchased cereal and yogurt - along with my other items. The Catalinas I received at checkout were for cereal, milk and cat food.

The reason I received the cereal coupon is obvious, since I had just purchased it.

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The CAT machine deciphered that it was something I frequently purchase and would likely buy cereal again in the near future. The milk coupon was a recommended coupon, since the CAT recognized that I was buying cereal and might need milk as well. The cat food coupon was the result of a purchase I had made the week before, but since I am a loyalty card member with that particular grocery chain, the CAT remembered my previous purchases.

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As with any coupon, it's important to read the fine print. When you use a Catalina, make sure you're meeting the requirements of the coupon before you make your purchase.

How to Coupon in 2017- Lesson 6: Catalina Coupons

Most of these coupons and deals expire within a few weeks after their print date, so be sure to check them so that you don't miss out on a great deal. It's also good to note that even if a store offers Catalinas, not every register is equipped with a CAT machine! Make sure you check for one before you get in line.

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Start paying attention to that mystery wad of paper the next time you're at the register. You'll be surprised at how much more you can save with those Catalina coupons. Mickey Mouse: Hot or Not?