Counterfeit coupon operation busted in phoenix

I should start saving my grocery store savings now so that I can afford to buy groceries in the future without coupons! And again Ms. Where do you get your information from? Again, on a large scale multiple usuage in a short time frame , the manufacturer WILL notice. Do what you do, girl. I was setting out a hypothetical for one side of the argument. With the fast changes occuring in the couponing world it all up in the air right now.

Debating on the issue will occur. You are really not being reasonable. Jill, I think you are getting confused. I use clipping services and will continue to use them but I understand what Kim is saying. I would wonder how they got so many of these free coupons. Make no mistake, these people have taken items and not paid for them. I never order from sites.

I actually got free product coupons from a few companies and they look nothing like the ones in the pictures. My full name was on them. At my family christmas party, my mother-in-laws foster family one of their daughters were there and we began talking about LRWC, she told me that she and her co-workers print the coupons and then they make copies for each other so that they dont each have any of the same barcode numbers. I then shouted at her telling her that is FRAUD, and that this is the reason why ALL the stores are changing the coupon rules so frequently and giving us a harder time using them.

I did raise my voice a couple of times telling her its wrong while she tried to justify herself. So in dollar general they had hangtags for the orange soda recently that would have made them free at most supermarkets. So I started to get my sodas and said to her as she was about to grab another one off the next one I was going to take now I know you are not about to take that without buying it. Her face got so red and she just left. My Husband came around the isle and ask what what was wrong!

Needless to say I only bought 4 as I am assuming she had swiped the rest. Thats like the time someone took all the peelies off the u kotex that were 2. When I went to walmart they were all taken off. I just wanted one to get an actual big box of pads.

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We all pay for coupons if we get the paper. They are part of the purchase price and not free just because they are included. Second of all coupons.

Phoenix counterfeit coupon ringleader sentenced to 2 years in prison

How is that different from buying or trading from a legit source? Why is that not illegal? Yes, it would seem that selling a membership to print better coupons would fall under illegal if it is illegal to buy or sell coupons or the infamous excues for a loophole — cutting, handling and time. Do they say not to do it b. Trading, exchanging, paying someone to clip and mail them to you all fall into the same category. So, you have to be extremely careful of what you are getting. While some people have a pet peeve about ordering from coupon clipping sites, I have a pet peeve about trading internet printed coupons.

They could copy it and sell it on ebay for all you know. Thanks for the clarification on the CIC standing. But if you are paying a site for access to printable coupons, they probably have permission from the manufacturer who provides that coupon to them. All this is just crazy what people do to get rich thinking just about themselves and not the consequences they do to those honest cuponers is so dissapointing and it makes me upset. I just checked the site and what you needed a referenced from some one else in order for you to get coupons from their site and how the coupons are so high.

Cindy you should post one more time of sites we can order from that you thrust because if is good for you is great for us! Hi Cindy: Thanks so much with keeping the Living Rich community up to date with great deals and news like this.

It is great to know that you are a very honest site. This is why I always check your postings. You help us with the great deals. Not the great steals. I know, bad joke Thanks again for the information. Who knows. People who dont do this will always insist that it is. I also never go on the supermarket and get the entire pile of products on sale, if I have extra coupons I would go in different days so to make sure we all get some products… so Annabelle might be right. I agree with Cindy.. I honestly search and cut and never buy or use expired coupons. I save at least half of my grocery bill and am satisfied with that.

The more people do illegal or wrongful couponing…. If you compare to Bernie Madoff and Stanford fraud — this is nothing. This is something because it hurts people like us.. When something like this happens.. Right and one episode a person had a coupon for free 12 pack of toliet paper.. How in the world does that happen????.. I hate that show. It is so unrealistic and gives regular couponers a really bad image. Next show: Hoarders. Gang cutting is not a new term. It means like coupons are stacked and cut at one time. Stores can will and do reject gang cut coupons because the manufacturers will refuse to pay the store for them if they are believed to be gang cut.

IMO based on my education and experience of the law I work in the system but not an attorney I believe there is a reasonable argument for clipping services running or purchasing from to be in violation of the terms stated on most coupons to not sell, purchase or transfer. Doing so makes the coupon void and you would end up with a scrap piece of paper which you then fraudulent present to a store as a valid coupon.

It might be compared to counterfeit money. The store then turns around and submits it to the manufacturer for reimbursement. They will likely be reimbursed as it is not easily detected as a void coupon. But continue as you may. They are selling coupons not a service.

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Which makes them void and ….. Thank you, you said exactly what I meant to. If you contact a manufacturer with some favorable comments a lot of times they will send you coupons for freebies or high value coupons…just saying. July 11, at am. Kathie says:. Nicole says:.

July 11, at pm. Eric in NJ says:. Sobeida says:. Megan says:. CT says:. Leslie says:. Sarah says:. Kim B says:. Matthew says:. Lady J says:. Roslyn A. Jill says:. Jen says:. Terry says:. Colleen says:. Chris says:.

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Brie says:. Lisa says:. Lori M. Ana says:. LN says:. Arielle says:. Jessica says:.

Video Shows Phoenix Police Cursing, Pointing Guns at Couple over Alleged Shoplifting

Sebsa says:. Tina says:. Andrea says:. Elaine says:.

3 Women Arrested in Massive Counterfeit Coupon Ring

Robin says:. Mel says:. Regina says:. Cindy says:. Ann says:. Natali says:. Sandi says:. Dolores says:. Annabelle says:. Gery says:. Olivia M says:. Sheri says:. He states that his wife was arrested at their small south Phoenix home where they run a small dog breeding business. Arthur Johnson states only in the last four months did his wife begin working for Ramirez, sorting and packing coupons once or twice a week in exchange for free coupons.

They were told Ramirez got the coupons through a non-profit organization and they believed the coupons were legitimate. A relative of Amiko Fountain stated she is an honest person that could not have known about this scheme because she never benefited financially. In fact, she is a chiropractor who has been struggling financially and even had to borrow money shortly before her arrest. Phoenix Police say the coupons were actually coming from overseas and Ramirez was selling them online in what has now become the first counterfeiting and forgery case of its kind in the US.

Johnson has secured an attorney and Fountain is waiting to be appointed a public defender. All three women are currently being held at the Estrella County Jail. After conducting an eight week investigation, three people have been arrested: Marilyn Johnson, Robin Ramirez and Amiko Fountain.