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Miss Greville told MailOnline: 'I'm not the type that would have cosmetic surgery done. I'm not unhappy with my lips. But my friends had lip fillers and they looked good.

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Because it's non-permanent, I saw it like having your hair dyed. The fillers last for between six months and a year, and then dissolve naturally within the body. If a person is unhappy with their fillers, injections of an enzyme hyaluronidase should dissolve the hyaluronic acid within 24 hours. Miss Greville says her lips initially looked 'nice' - but within two months a lump formed on her top lip and another on her bottom lip. When Miss Grenville returned to the clinic two months later, staff injected her with another fluid they claimed would rectify the problem.

Instead, to her horror, her lips started to swell and turn blue. Later, more yellow, painful lumps formed on top of the initial lumps that already protruded from her mouth. She claims the doctor also asked if she had been massaging her mouth every day, an instruction she maintains she had not been given when the fillers done. She said: 'I wasn't told this.

The doctor said "Put a hot compress on your lips and the lumps will massage out". But I knew they wouldn't. It did nothing, just aggravated them. The more I touched them the more inflamed and uncomfortable they became. And she claims staff at the clinic became 'frosty' and refused to help her unless she paid for more injections. Miss Greville moved to Thailand after graduating from university, and works as a teacher in a primary school. After researching online, she discovered she may have granulomas, small areas of inflamed tissue, which are a known complication of silicone lip fillers.

She complained to Groupon, she was given a refund for her original voucher and the advert was taken off the site. But by this point, her swollen lips meant Miss Grenville felt ugly and affected her professionally. In constant pain - and with her confidence in tatters - she contacted another clinic.

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There, a doctor inspected her lips and, alarmingly, declared he believed the clinic had used silicone - a much cheaper substance which is illegal in Thailand. And attracted by the cheap prices for procedures, Miss Grenville is far from the first person to fall victim to cosmetic surgery going dangerously wrong in the country. Miss Greville told MailOnline: 'It has been horrific. I teach primary school children. They say "Teacher what's wrong with your lips?

It has ruined my confidence. The idea of going on a date mortifies me, there's no way I'm doing it until my lips get fixed. I'm so embarrassed.

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I've cried about it so many times. She says she trusted Groupon as a website, and believed she would be safe from harm as she thought the site vetted clinics. The ordeal has affected her professionally, as children at her school as 'Teacher, what's wrong with your lips?

The lumps are pictured soon after forming. Miss Greville said: 'I can't stop myself from licking and biting them. If I touch them they're so sore. She told MailOnline: 'It didn't occur to me they wouldn't background check. In the UK, they are a trusted website. She began fundraising for the money, but after sharing her story with MailOnline, the clinic contacted her and donated most of the cash for the procedure. Writing on her GOFundMe page, she said today: 'The clinic has given me a pretty big chunk of the money I need after I went public with the story.

You're all amazing. She said: 'Not only do I need the surgery to deal with the lack of confidence this ordeal has given me, but also so that I can prove to the Thai authories and the Thai FDA that this clinic is injecting people illegally, and have them prosecuted and shut down permanently.

Until then, she is concerned that other women could be similarly affected.

She said: 'It's a massive worry that other women could be going to that clinic. I saw one woman having filler in her cheeks and lips. Anyone having filler under their eyes, or on their face, they will have scars forever. MailOnline has contacted Groupon's UK press office for a response. Luis Lee is an aesthetic physician at Aesthetics, by Dr. For the past two years, Dr. Luis Lee has become a well-known and respected wound physician in local and regional nursing homes.

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic to Taiwanese parents, Dr. Lee is fluent in English, Chinese, and Spanish. His affinity towards Aesthetics Medicine and his compassion for others led to the decision to help patients feel better about themselves. Lee in Roseville, CA. It is Dr. Lee's goal to provide you with the best care and top-quality results!

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