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Last edited: Oct 26, Yes read the post again i fixed it lol! Sale ends soon! So if you want a vcube now is the TIME! I can't get both coupons to work at once.

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Did you buy? Then use the v cube coupon. If you have the v cube 7 in your cart, use the seven code from above. If you have the v cube 5 or 6, use that coupon.

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I also only have enough for the V-5 and would have to ask my parents to pay for the 6 and 7 and hold them until Christmas. When does the sale end? I just tried it again. Its better to do one at a time.

Xiaomi Giiker i3s Smart Cube ($) Coupon Price

The v cube seven is 38 dollars with both coupons and I know they work. Free shipping! That's not true. Yea I know it's a good deal I just spent 20 minutes crunching numbers and found a better case for my situation. I'm buying two of each of these cubes and from v-cubes. The deal I found on sarastoystore. Do you know when the sale ends? So you bought 6 cubes? Im jealous. I plan on buying 6 but I haven't bought any because I'm not sure if I'm actually getting the V5, V6, and V7 or just one.

I'm also not sure what my friend wants to get so it really depends on what she wants to do and if my parents will buy the other two cubes for me. There's no way you didn't just see that since it practically smacks you in the face before you even see the first part of the post. You said the the sale is ending soon but how soon?

This weekend? Do you know? Hello, I am not sure when the sale ends. Alrighty, thanks for telling us about this deal it's the best I've seen so far on V-Cubes. In case you require something we don't have yet in stock, don't waver to request it by informing us. We acknowledge that we can make it open for you too.

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