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Big one! Taylor and Prince had a clear cross country in the Training level debut!!! Thank you hbeventing for all of your love and support! The experience made me believe more in my pony than ever and my ability to make things happen even at a higher level. And make things happen she did, even when Prince was a bit unmotivated in the show jumping phase:. Taylor and Prince will run another Novice at Fresno next to make sure both of their confidence is still in good shape and will look to another Training event after that. For interested parties, there are still some syndicate shares available for this horse — visit Fredericks Equestrian for more information.

Their division best dressage score of Jon Holling and his longtime partner, Downtown Harrison, moved from 10th into third overall with just one time penalty incurred over fences. Kylie Dermody and Lup the Loop. This was the first Intermediate start for this horse, a Thoroughbred mare owned by Gail Opatut. This horse had a great year at the Preliminary level in and has now completed two Intermediate events with top-3 placings. Buck was a successful pilot for the year-old Thoroughbred gelding, finishing second in the division on his dressage score of Photo by Jenni Autry.

In third in the B division are fan favorites Ellen Doughty and Sir Oberon, who are once again aiming at Rolex this spring and were out to stretch their legs this weekend after arriving in Florida. In the Intermediate Horse division, Caroline Martin and Effervescent were the winners, leading from start to finish on their dressage score of Buck Davidson and Approved Power got up for second place, also finishing on their dressage score of Katlyn Hewson and Fernhill Cascum Marco were the big winners of the Intermediate Rider division, their first run of the season.

Jeanie Clarke and Head for More finished in second place in the Rider division with just a few seconds of time on cross country. This pair had a great season at Preliminary last year and picked up their best placing so far in in three starts. Lexi and Charleston VI were tied for sixth following dressage and successfully jumped up a few places thanks to clear jumping rounds.

We are all still reeling from the devastating news of the loss of Atlanta yesterday on course for the Intermediate division. In all, we took a total of five horses for a great day of cross country schooling at Rocking Horse. Right away, Justine put us all at ease we were all riding fairly inexperienced horses, with the exception of one , warming us up over small jumps so that she could gauge our horses and how game they looked to be.

Justine spends a lot of time training with Buck Davidson, and his style is also evident in her own teaching style: positive yet challenging, firm yet encouraging. I was riding my new horse who had only been cross country schooling once before, and this was his first time with me. So I was a bit nervous with that in mind and the additional rust of it being the first school of the season. That said, especially at the lower levels, I feel there is a difference between sitting with a soft, driving seat and giving hands and a hard, forceful seat that is using more coercion than coaxing.

Yes, there is a need for many different positions on any given horse, but the backseat position that Justine encouraged was a soft one with a driving and supporting leg. This position really helped my horse gain confidence as we went. After the first few fences, he was boldly moving up when I asked and cantering gamely away afterward without pulling on me.

My coach incidentally, also another Dutton first rode her nervous OTTB who had only schooled once before and found it to be a bit overwhelming. Justine patiently gave my coach some other tools to try, often citing position as a means of communicating calmness and confidence to your horse — again with the soft but firm backseat position. While all three of us riders have varying levels of experience with our respective horses, Justine was adaptable and able to structure the lesson so that we were all equally challenged without being overfaced.

As someone who needs to build up to being confident, I appreciate a challenge without feeling shaky on the approach from nerves that this will be too big of a question. It was a great and successful day, a perfect way to kick off our season and knock the rust off our boots. Justine was an excellent teacher who utilized her experience and was relatable while giving her instructions. If you have the opportunity to take a lesson or clinic from her, I definitely encourage it — there is a lot to be learned!

Great news, EN! Eric Bull and ETB Construction have signed a contract to build the new, state-of-the-art cross country course in preparation for the Nutrena American Eventing Championships. Eric has become a household name within the sport, constructing courses such as Fair Hill, the Pan American Games, and the Wellington Eventing Showcase, to name just a few. GA, A Advanced dressage will begin Thursday, so there is plenty of room for volunteers, who will receive food and schooling coupons in exchange for their time.

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You can contact Beth Davidson if you have some time to help out! Do you ever find the terminology and processes for neurological testing utterly confusing? We agree. Amy Johnson of the University of Pennsylvania has taken some time to break down the definitions and testing process for many common neurological disorders such as EPM and Lyme.

Meet Thunder, a gray Arabian gelding who has the wherewithall to canter around placidly with thousands of fans screaming and carrying on. Elisa Wallace and her talented mustang, Hwin, competed in the Training Horse division at Rocking Horse Winter I earlier this month and rocked around the cross country course for their first outing of the year. Hwin went double clear across country and finished 14th in her division — and luckily, Elisa donned her helmet cam for the ride.

From the elegance of the dressage to the nail biters of the show jumping and cross country phases, there is a lot to watch and learn from. Check out these links to view playback of the event:.

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Dressage Show Jumping Cross Country. Welcome to our new Enjoy Ocala series! Sally Spickard is spending the colder weeks in Ocala for the first time, so it's only fitting that she attempt all of the cool horse-y things there are to do. When in Ocala, right? Ah, Ocala. Riding horses on the beach has always been a dream of every equestrian, yet not all of us have had the chance to enjoy this before. We searched online for a good beach that was horse friendly, and found a few different options.

Augustine beach was one that seemed like a good choice; unfortunately they require riders to have a permit with a two-week waiting period. On doing another search, we landed on Amelia Island. The Amelia Island State Park is exactly that — a virtually untouched, tourist free beach that allows 15 horses at a time on the beach, free of charge.

As we rode along the surf, I was amazed at the pristine appearance of the beach — a sheer lack of hoofprints and plenty of sand dunes to explore. As I said, we had the beach to ourselves and were able to ride for a good two or three hours without having to turn back. This was hands down one of the best horse related experiences of my life.

Not only did I get to check a bucket list item off, but it could not have been in any more perfect of conditions. The only thing I wished for was for slightly warmer water to perhaps coax my horse further in! If you ever have the opportunity to spend time in Ocala, definitely add Amelia Island to your list. I promise, you will not be disappointed! In fact, it was all French riders at the top of the board, with Spanish rider Albert Hermoso Farras picking up fourth place.

Eventing Showcase. I couldn't have been happier unless,of course, I had won all the money with Boris at the eventingshowcase.

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He's a real…. Really could not be happier with this guy who tried his heart out on his best behavior in Wellington : Thank you so…. Judging from attractiveness level of people out walking this course I am way 2 ugly 2 be out here EventingShowcase pic. Skinnier than a valley girl's latte… EventingShowcase pic.

Love Jennie!

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She's a true horsewoman and I can't wait to see what brings her and the team. Thanks to Doug for posting this awesome perspective! This morning proved to be a total nail biter of a second phase as the leaderboard shuffled to put Boyd Martin and Blackfoot Mystery into the lead. Now we move onto Capt. Mobile TAN. Whois Privacy. Dynamic DNS. Interfaces API.

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Register now! Thank you everybody that has helped me along the way! Every referral, every prayer, every repost, every opportunity no matter how big or small counts.

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Just ipude second year ki vacham. Please don't call the customer care to confirm!!! Buenas tardes!

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