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R 7, R 7, R 9, R 9, R R 1, R 3, R 3, Dual SIM Phones.

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R 2, R 4, R 7, R 8, R 18, R 6, On Promotion. R 17, R 15, R 8, R 5, R 11, R 5, R 2, R 2, R 7, R 4, R 4, R 3, Read More 48 0.

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And more, with the Google Assistant. Read More 44 0. Read More 47 0. Read More 37 0. Read More 40 0. Register now. Take the ISP Survey here. Big Two-Day Giveaway — Win great prizes. Enter here now. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Bradley Prior Start date Apr 2, Apr 2, Joined Oct 16, Messages 1, Joined Sep 4, Messages 6, That looks like a great deal.

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Had to check the date just in case this was posted yesterday. Iamnotageek Expert Member Apr 2, Joined Dec 22, Messages 3, Telkom rocks! Thor Honorary Master Apr 2, Joined Jun 5, Messages 36, I know we all advocated for month to month contracts, but not comfortable porting my number if I can lose it due to Telkom billing errors.

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Zarnicate Well-Known Member Apr 2, Joined May 15, Messages Still wouldn't get it. Telkom service sucks. Try and cancel If you enjoy a nightmare go right ahead.


ThinkCentre Expert Member Apr 2, Joined Mar 8, Messages 2, Telkom seems to be desperate for customers! Is this offer sustainable? Does this package come with the quick termination of contract or is it the long winded one where you have to pay without receiving any service from them?

Joined Dec 21, Messages Personally, I haven't had issues with Telkom Mobile. I have two contracts currently and cancelled one in January and moved it onto prepaid. Also cancelled two land lines end of last year using the online cancellation and that worked just fine, maybe I was lucky, but I haven't had issues using the online cancellation.

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MidnightWizard Expert Member Apr 2, Joined Nov 14, Messages 4, Judging by all the "Extras" I assume this is a mobile phone oriented package? How many people use this type of package -- all the "extras" How useful are they really to say a -- business user? Who would perhaps prefer just 20Gb data -- at a reduced rate? Joined Aug 5, Messages