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Similasan works differently, by using natural active ingredients to stimulate the body's natural defenses and target the root cause so your little one can feel better without harsh chemicals. Added immunity support boosts their natural defenses.

Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, not accepted medical evidence. Not FDA evaluated. Trusted by pharmacists and families in Switzerland for over 35 years, Similasan is a leading Swiss brand of remedies that use active natural ingredients instead of harsh chemicals to keep families healthy.

Our state of the art facility located near the Swiss Alps makes over popular remedies for children and adults: cough and cold, eye care, ear care, nasal allergies and more. A: Yes, Similasan products do not contain acetaminophen or ibuprofen and are okay to use with other medications.

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Q: Do Similasan syrups contain dyes or artificial flavoring? A: No, they contain a natural grape flavor.

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Sign Up Now. Simple Arthritis Exercises. Follow the online trainer to increase strength and improve joint flexibility. See the Gallery. Kid's dosing. Adult dosing.

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Learn why you should only take one medicine at a time containing acetaminophen. Responsible relief. Kids' Wellness Tracker. Gentle on little tummies. Relieve pain and reduce your little one's fever. Pain relief you can count on. See why the 1 doctor recommended brand of pain reliever may be right for you.

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